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No Love Match - Chapter 16

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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Eventually a still giggling and disheveled looking Jun emerged from the sitting room followed by a slightly shame-faced Nino.

"May I take it that you two are reconciled?" Sho asked with a smirk.

"Our friendship was never in doubt," Jun replied indignantly as he wrapped his arms around his husband's neck.

Nino walked across the kitchen and dropped himself onto Masaki's lap, making him wince at the weight that was suddenly pressed onto him.

Nino instantly picked up on this and began to bounce up and down on his husband's lap causing Masaki to emit a series of breathless gasps.

The other couple immediately decided that it was imperative for them to depart immediately.

"Do not bother to see us out. We are more than capable of finding our own way," Sho said, holding in his laughter at Masaki's discomfiture. Nino's bouncing was obviously having a profound effect upon Masaki's nether regions.


Sho laced his fingers through those of his husband as they carefully made their way back towards the Manor. He was concerned about Jun’s injured knee and the possibility of him losing his footing on the slippery ground. They were studiously avoiding catching each other’s eyes; the memory of Masaki's embarrassment at the hands of Nino was still too fresh in their minds as they tried to contain their laughter.

"Poor Masaki. The look writ upon his face was priceless," Sho snorted.

"I am sure that Nino will see to it that his troubles are cured in a most pleasant way," Jun replied with a suggestive tilt of his eyebrow.

"I am deeply shocked that you think this way," Sho responded with a laugh. "Where has my innocent kitten of yore disappeared to?"

Jun turned to gaze at him with enormously innocent eyes, "I do not know of what you speak?" The effect was ruined somewhat as Jun slipped slightly on the muddy ground, spinning and flailing his arms in an attempt to retain his balance.

Sho immediately leapt forwards, using his solid body to prop Jun up and prevent him from falling. Jun ended up with his back pressed firmly against Sho chest and one of his hands pressing even more firmly against Sho's manhood.

Jun twisted his head and looked back over his shoulder, his wide eyes sparkling with mischief as he gave his husband's member a teasing squeeze. "Oh dear, whatever have I done? I hope I did not cause you any injury when I fell against you," he added as he turned and continued to stroke his fingers against Sho's swelling length.

Sho had to bite back a moan as he attempted to manoeuvre himself out of reach from Jun's slender teasing fingers. "You...call this innocent?"

"I was merely checking for damage. There seems to be some localized swelling in the area," Jun replied coyly before bursting into an uncontrolled fit of giggling.

Sho's breath caught at the sight of Jun; his hair was tousled around his face, his cheeks flushed and his eyes flashed with mischief. In that moment he was stunningly beautiful and Sho could not resist tugging him closer and capturing his plump lips in a searing kiss. He hoped sincerely that Jun was on the way to forgetting about his ordeal, and returning to their peaceful life.

When Sho finally released him, Jun gasped for breath and gazed back at him with a dreamily unfocused gaze. His lips were arousingly red and slightly swollen from being crushed to Sho's own.

This was no longer a game for either of them as desire pooled in their stomachs. "My kitten, do not make me forget myself and take you here and now," Sho said in a deep voice, rendered husky with passion.

"My husband, I wish to feel you inside of me," sighed Jun, his own erect member pressing uncomfortably against his clothing as he rubbed himself sensually against Sho's side.

"Then let us make all haste to return to the house so that I may make it so," Sho replied grasping Jun's hand and hurrying him along the path towards home.


"K-Kazu..." Masaki panted as he thrust fiercely into his husband.

Nino was lying upon the kitchen table with his legs wrapped around Masaki's waist, his body sliding up and down the smooth surface of the table as it was propelled by the force of his husband's movements.

Nino's taunting had caused to him end up in this position, not that he wished complain, as Masaki deftly manhandled him, pulling him into the best position for him to receive maximum pleasure.

"You behaved very badly before our friends and I really should make you regretful of your actions by punishing you," Masaki panted as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

"Y-yes p-please," Nino gasped as stars danced across his vision.


Sho eagerly pulled Jun into the house, hoping to have him up the stairs and in their bed with all haste, but his actions were forestalled by his Estate Manager and the local Mayor wishing to discuss urgent business.

Jun freed himself from Sho’s grip and graciously greeted their guests and offered them refreshments, grateful that the long, loose shirt he was wearing to comfortably accommodate his pregnant belly also served to disguise the obvious bulge in the front of his trousers.

Sho was not so lucky as he delayed the removal of his outer garments, praying that his erection would subside before he was placed in an awkward and humiliating position.

Jun took pity upon his husband's embarrassed state and swept their guests into the study, chatting lightly to them with regards to the health of those in the village and the prospect of spring weather arriving shortly. They were so charmed by him that they did not notice that Sho was lagging behind, delaying his entry to the room until he was decent.

When Sho joined the others a few minutes later, he was most surprised that they were in the midst of a serious discussion regarding the village school and the feasibility of providing luncheon for those children who came from underprivileged families and whose parents were making great sacrifices to allow them an education.

Sho hovered in the doorway listening to Jun speak confidently and intelligently upon the subject offering thoughtful suggestions and offering to investigate the feasibility of support from the Manor after consulting with his husband. He was filled with pride at the way Jun held the older men's attention and the knowledgeable way in which he spoke.

However, once Jun spotted that his husband had arrived and was observing his interaction with their visitors, he blushed and immediately excused himself, almost fleeing from the room, afraid that he had overstepped his boundaries and taken action that was rightfully his husband’s to take.


Sho was greatly relieved when his unexpected visitors finally took their leave. He was sure that he had only heard half of what had been discussed, occupied as he was with visions of Jun waiting expectantly for him in his bedchamber. His vision was not to be realized though; both of their adjoining rooms were currently unoccupied.

“Jun?” Sho called as he walked along the corridor in search of his elusive husband.

“The young master has gone to bathe, sir,” replied a passing servant, who was carrying a bundle of warm fluffy towels in precisely that direction.

“Please allow me,” Sho said, taking them from her arms.

After making his way to the bathroom, Sho paused and knocked upon the door, wishing to surprise his beloved. “Your towels, sir,” he called in an unnaturally high voice.

“Please leave them by the door,” Jun called in reply.

Sho smiled to himself at the prospect of surprising his husband, but he found the door to be firmly locked, as he rattled the doorknob.

"I am sorry; I am unable to allow you entry. Imagine my husband's displeasure if he knew that I allowed a servant to see me whilst I am unclothed," Jun called back, valiantly attempting to supress his laughter.

"Sweetheart, please let me in. Would you see me stranded in the corridor with an arm full of towels?" Sho pouted.

"But I am entirely without clothing," Jun said in a low voice from directly on the other side of the door. "My skin is flushed and droplets of water are beading upon my chest and neck, defining the muscles there as they slowly trickle southwards.”

Sho groaned in response and once again tried the doorknob, overjoyed when it turned allowing him admittance. He immediately dropped the towels and made sure that the door was firmly locked behind him.

Jun was indeed completely naked and still damp from his bath, his hair hanging in moist tendrils around his face.

Sho made to grab him but Jun ducked away. "The water is still pleasantly warm and I would love to wash your back."

Hastily removing his clothing, almost tearing the fastenings in his impatience, Sho was in the bath in moments, sighing in pleasure as the soothingly warm water wrapped gently around his arousal.

Jun was most diligent in his attentions, scrubbing Sho's back and running his long fingers through his hair, gently massaging his scalp as he washed it. Sho was almost purring after Jun's efforts and almost failed to catch the mischievous glint in his eye when his hands slid lower under the scented water.

"And what exactly do you think you are doing?" Sho said as he caught Jun's slender wrist in his hand.

"I just wished to ensure that all of you is quite clean," Jun said as he slid the pile of towels across the floor to kneel upon, not wishing to slow the healing of his injured knee.

Sho wanted to admonish Jun for possibly over exerting himself but once he felt the soft and nimble fingers wrap themselves firmly around his member, he somehow was stripped of the ability to speak.


Every time he made love to Jun, Sho was filled with wonder at the perfect way their bodies fitted together. It was as if they had been expressly made for each other. As Jun's tight heat wrapped around his throbbing member once again Sho could not contain his groan of bliss and perfect satisfaction.

He did not wish to take too long though as Jun was kneeling upon the pile of towels with his head cradled upon his forearms. Considering the size of his belly, the bruises on the base of his spine and the extra weight he was carrying the position could not have been one of comfort, but Jun had insisted that they not wait until returning to their bedchambers.

Sho slid his hand up Jun's smooth back enjoying the feel of his soft skin as he began to thrust into his warm body. Jun groaned in return, pressing back against every snap of Sho's hips, seeking for him to reach as deeply as possible with each movement.

The teasing in the bathtub had worked them up and Sho's strength was still sorely lacking so that they both knew that their coupling would not last long. Sho had still taken a great deal of care whilst gently opening Jun's body in preparation, utilizing the scented bath oil that stood on the vanity, watching in wonder as his fingers were allowed entry to Jun's most intimate place.

Sho only realized that his movements had slowed as he became lost in his thoughts when Jun whined in frustration and wriggled beneath him. "Sho!"

"Sorry, my love," Sho said. "I shall make it up to you with all haste." He added as he gripped Jun's hips firmly and began to set a punishing pace; all the while ensuring that the head of his cock was repeatedly hitting his husband's most pleasure endowing spot.

When he felt Jun tensing as his orgasm approached, Sho released one hand from Jun's hips and took a firm grip upon Jun's cock as he began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Sho's movements stuttered out of sync as his own orgasm came upon him suddenly, hips jerking forwards repeatedly as he released his seed into Jun's trembling body in a series of almost painful spurts.

Jun cried out at the sensation as his insides were filled with splashes of hot liquid, his own seed spilling onto the tiled floor before he collapsed into an exhausted heap upon the floor, Sho's slowly softening cock slipping out of him as he fell. Jun was loath to tell Sho that he still felt anxious at his touch; he hoped that by encouraging intimacy the feelings would soon disappear.

Sho instantly scooped him up into a sitting position, worried by his gasping inability to take a full breath. "Jun, should I send for Masaki?"

"N-no...it is the baby...he is squeezing my lungs upwards...making it harder for me to b-breathe. I shall be fine presently."

Sho sat holding Jun in his arms and rubbing his back until his breathing returned to normal.

"I still think that Masaki should cast his eye over you."

"He warned me that this may happen. It merely means that our sweetling is growing big and strong. It is a positive sign, not an ill one."

Sho was still not entirely happy as after they had both wrapped themselves in robes he wrapped his arm around Jun's waist and assisted him to his bed, not wishing for him to exert himself any further.


Jun was nestled against Sho's side as they snuggled together in bed, his arm laying heavily over Sho's torso as if it was made of lead.

Sho was quite concerned at how exhausted Jun appeared to be after their vigorous lovemaking in the bathroom. He felt guilty for taking him twice in one day whilst he was still recovering from his injuries. Humming softly under his breath he ran his fingers through Jun's soft hair, encouraging him to sleep for a time.

As Jun's breathing slowed, Sho thought back to the easy way in which Jun had conversed upon serious topics with their visitors earlier in the day. He thought that perhaps he had underestimated the contribution that Jun had made to the smooth running of the estate during his extended absence.

As he wrapped his arms tightly around his husband, Sho resolved to further investigate exactly how much Jun had exerted himself upon his behalf whilst he was away. He was beginning to fear that he had until now not shown a full appreciation or offered sufficient thanks for his beloved’s efforts.


“Jun my love, it would please me if you would meet with me in my study whenever you feel able,” Sho said one morning as he dressed himself.

The only response he received was a muffled humming sound issuing from the tangled mess of bedclothes that were piled up in the middle of the bed.

As Masaki had earlier predicted, the latter stages of Jun’s pregnancy were finally beginning to take their toll upon his body, requiring him to sleep for ever longer periods and to rest more frequently.

In between these times of exhaustion though, Jun appeared to be filled with boundless energy, rushing about putting finishing touches to the ongoing nursery preparations and consulting with the gardening staff with regard to the new season and his plans to continue with additional plantings to improve the appearance of the extensive gardens surrounding the house.

Jun was often taking his breakfast whilst still abed, exactly as he had done during the earliest stage of his pregnancy. The servants were constantly bringing him tempting plates of snacks or ensuring that his pillows were plumped. Wherever Jun went, there always seemed to be a watchful figure nearby ready to attend to his slightest whim and make him as comfortable as possible. It was not only his friends and husband who harboured regrets and guilt in their hearts for not protecting Jun as well as they believed they should.


Jun hesitated for a moment before entering his husband’s study, trying to recall anything that he might have said or done that warranted his early morning summons. He was fully aware that such thoughts were foolish, but he could not help feeling as if he was a small child about to be scolded for some transgression.

“My kitten, please cease your hovering in my doorway and make a full entrance,” Sho called out from inside the room, obviously aware of Jun’s pause prior to entering his domain.

“I…I am sorry, my husband,” Jun stuttered as he entered the room, and stood meekly before his husband, twisting his hands nervously, and shuffling his feet in place as he looked at the carpet, unable to take in his surroundings.

“My love, why do you look so guilty?” Sho asked with an amused smile. “I am not your tutor ready to take you to task for unruly behaviour.”

“I am sorry,” Jun replied as a blush spread up his neck, suffusing his face with a soft pink hue. This was the first time since the incident with Toma, that he had entered this room. Even before the attack he had never quite felt at ease in this room and the thought that Sho was displeased with him in some way was suddenly making tears prick at the back of his eyes. “I always feel as if I am intruding upon your own private domain."

Sho was fully aware that Jun might be fearful to return to the very place where Toma had betrayed them all. "My love, there are no part of my lands or property that do not belong to you also."

Jun almost flinched when Sho took his hand and kissed the palm. "Sweetheart, I am aware of the anguish you must be feeling at your return to this place, but I cannot condone you fearing entry to any part of your own home."

Jun shuddered slightly but managed to look up from the carpeted floor and into the warm and loving eyes of his beloved husband.

"My love, nothing will happen, for I am by your side and this is how we shall work together from this day forwards." Sho stepped aside, offering Jun an unimpeded view of the room.

The large mahogany desk that Jun had been forced up against was gone. In its stead were two smaller desks made from oak placed next to each other, each with a beautifully constructed chair to match.

"I...I do not understand. Why do you require two desks?"

"One of them is yours, my kitten. See, the chair has a soft cushion placed upon it for your comfort."

"But this is your own private room."

"Why would I seek privacy from you, my love? You have worked hard for this estate during my absence and even now you do your best for this land and the people who rely upon it for their livelihood. I have been sorely remiss in showing you my gratitude for all of your hard work. Will you please accept this small thing?"

It was all too much for Jun as he held onto Sho as if he never wished to let go as he sobbed with happiness. For the first time he felt as if he was his husband's equal and fully deserving of his love. He was resolved to no longer feel inferior or lacking in any way. He would work alongside Sho, and together they would build a better future for all.


Jun and Nino were partaking of afternoon tea when a servant arrived bearing good tidings from His Majesty King Ohno. A wagon had arrived along with strict instructions that the contents were a surprise gift for Jun from His Majesty and therefore he was not to be permitted to take delivery of the goods personally.

Such news contained enough excitement to cause Nino to consider leaving his buttered and honey soaked crumpet half uneaten so that he might discover the exact nature of the surprise, but he was forestalled by Sho striding into the room declaring, “You two will remain exactly where you are. I do not want either of you impeding the staff whilst the wagon is unloaded. It is not safe for either of you to be present. I shall come and collect you when all is in readiness.”

“But...” Nino began.

“I will hear not one word of protest from either of you. Masaki will never forgive me if something unforeseen were to occur to either of you because of your curiosity,” Sho said quelling the pair with a look before sweeping from the room, snatching up the last of the crumpets on his way; an act which caused synchronized squeaks of anguish to emit from the pregnant duo.


“Step carefully my kitten,” Sho said as he guided his blindfolded husband along the corridor.

“Sho, this is making me feel quite disorientated,” Jun complained as he shuffled along making tiny cautious movements with his feet, fearful that he might lose his balance since his expanded belly had radically shifted his centre of gravity.

“Do not fear my love, I have you safely within my grasp,” Sho replied as he steered Jun to a halt.

“Keep your eyes closed after I remove the blindfold,” Sho said as he suddenly pressed a kiss to Jun’s cheek. This was most happily reminding him of Jun’s birthday trip when his young husband had encountered the sea for the very first time.

“I am not going to be near the sea this time, am I?” Jun laughingly queried, obviously also fondly remembering the very time his pregnancy was confirmed.

When the blindfold was carefully removed by a beaming Sho, Jun could not help but to exclaim in surprise.

They were standing in the nursery and Jun gazed around him with a look of wonder. Jun had made arrangements with the Housekeeper for the room to be thoroughly cleaned and the nursery furniture utilized by Sho when he was growing up to be set up in it. He had been quite disappointed with the dull look of the worn looking furniture, but had not wished to disrespect the memory of Sho’s beloved mother.

But now the furniture had been removed and in its stead stood beautifully hand carved replacements built from a warmly glowing red-coloured timber.

“Oh!” Jun exclaimed, touching the border of the linens in the cradle with the lightest of strokes. They were embroidered with tiny comically leaping fishes in a shade of sapphire blue and the linens in the cot were identically embellished.

Everything was so beautiful that Jun could not decide where to cast his gaze first. But he could not help being drawn to the rocking horse that stood proudly in the corner, ready for the time when the room’s occupant was of an age to ride it. It was a perfect replica of Sho’s stallion and Jun’s own mare Beauty, right down to the flowing steel grey mane and dappling across its rump. The saddle and bridle were stitched from the finest blue leather and decorated with red and purple stitching.

Jun could not begin to find the words of appreciation that he would send in response to such a magnificent gift.

“I…I have done nothing to warrant such generosity,” Jun said, biting his lip to try and halt the quiver that was a precursor to the tears that were welling in his eyes.

“I freely admit that I am more than a mite jealous of your relationship with King Ohno. I have known him for many years, but have never reached the level of intimacy that you have found so easily and rapidly with each other,” Sho said as he came to stand behind Jun and wrap his arms around his waist before continuing, “He feels that your own father was not all he should have been to you whilst you were growing up, and even now. His Majesty hopes that in some small way he is able to bestow a father’s love upon you in his stead.”

“The royal children are so very fortunate to have such a marvellous man as their father. Surely they will grow to be as noble and benevolent as he,” Jun said.

“When His Majesty informed me of the gift he intended for you he stressed that it would be sturdy enough to provide service to this child and to our future ones also.”

“I am barely coping with this pregnancy let alone contemplating future ones,” Jun said with a bemused frown.

“He said to tell you that he has discovered that three children are a joy, but the number that he had in mind for us is perhaps four,” Sho laughed.


"Masaki, how fares Jun and our unborn child?" Sho asked as they each took a seat in Sho's study.

The two couples would dine together later, but presently Jun and Nino were resting together in Jun's bedchamber. Nino's prediction that their pregnant bellies would not both fit upon the bed had so far not proven to be true. They happily dozed together, as always easily slotting their bodies comfortably next to each other in a tangle of limbs. To Nino's disgust, his own belly was almost larger than Jun's even though Jun's child was due at any time whilst Nino still had three months left to endure before the arrival of his twins.

"The baby was kicking strongly whilst I conducted my examination and Jun seems to be coping well, although I hope that you may persuade him to take more rest," Masaki replied as he accepted a small glass of wine from his friend.

"I have tried to keep him indoors, but since we have been recently blessed with this glorious weather he has been most keen to observe the progress of the spring bulbs he requested the gardeners to plant. He is eager to continue to improve upon my dear Mother's plan for the gardens," Sho replied with a fond smile.

"I think that it is time for me to send word to King Ohno's personal healer to make his way here with all haste," Masaki added, watching closely for his friend’s reaction to his news. "I feel that the time for Jun's confinement is almost upon us."

Sho coughed violently as he accidentally inhaled his wine as Masaki made this pronouncement.

Masaki could not help laughing at the shock clearly writ upon his friend’s face as he moved to pat Sho’s back encouragingly. “Surely this cannot be a matter of such surprise for you?”

Still spluttering, Sho replied, “In some abstract fashion I knew that it must occur sooner rather than later, but with the upsets revolving around Toma’s unforgivable act and my need to mend my relationship with Jun, I have somehow lost track of time.”

“I am afraid that your unborn child follows his own schedule, and whether you are prepared or not he will soon make his entrance into the world,” Masaki said as he returned to his seat, reassured that Sho was not going to choke.

“What must I do for my kitten to ensure that things go well? I fear that if I guard him too closely he will react with resentment towards me; he has been quite moody of late.”

“You need not fear, Nino and I will watch over him also. As to his exaggerated emotions; you must understand that his body is surging with hormones as the time for him to give birth nears and he will be experiencing apprehension regarding the delivery itself, since he is so young and this his first child. I am very much afraid to say that this will probably not alter until he has been safely delivered of your firstborn. The best you can do is act consolingly throughout his changes of mood and ensure that he gains sufficient rest.”

"I will watch him most carefully," Sho replied, his stomach fluttering with excitement and nervous anticipation of what was soon to come.

A/N: This chapter was written for the awesome matsupie who needed some Sakumoto fluff. Thanks for your support so far over the course of writing this very long story. Please continue to hold my hand over the last few chapters. Actually that goes for everyone that's reading this too. Heh.
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