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No Love Match - Chapter 13

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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Due to the inhospitable weather conditions and Nino's advancing pregnancy, a honeymoon trip had been deemed out of the question by an increasingly protective Masaki. Nino was secretly pleased as he had no desire to venture far from Jun's side. And if he was to be perfectly honest with himself the thought of being jostled about in the back of a carriage whilst the twins made sport inside his belly held even less appeal.

It was therefore, decided, that they would spend a week in the isolation of Masaki's cottage pretending that they were alone together in a far off and exotic location known only to them.

Jun's arrangements were once again more than satisfactory and left the pair overwhelmed by his love and thoughtfulness. The cottage was stocked with every foodstuff that Nino might possibly desire and enough firewood to keep it toasty warm, no matter the weather.

There was a soft, warm bathrobe also for each; bright emerald green for Masaki and a muted golden yellow for Nino, to keep them warm if they managed to venture from their bed, which Jun personally doubted.

When Nino awoke, exceedingly late the next morning, he instantly thought of Jun and whether he had recovered from overtaxing himself with the wedding arrangements and whether he should go to him.

Masaki well knew the worried crease between Nino's brows, and immediately drew him into his arms. He kissed him and caressed his soft skin until he relaxed into his body with a sigh, all else but the two of them and their cocoon of love forgotten.


Jun snuggled against his husband, wondering vaguely what the hour might be. The heavy curtains were still closed, blocking whatever light there may be and making guessing the time near to impossible.

His stomach seemed to be fully aware of the hour though, complaining mightily at missing breakfast and possibly luncheon also.

“I am sorry my sweetling, I did not mean to starve you,” he said as he felt his baby kicking him as if in protest.

The actions of organizing the wedding had seemingly taken a much greater toll than he had anticipated. Sho was looking quite pale also and Jun wondered if the carriage ride to the church had been too much for him.

Sho stirred sleepily beside him, “My kitten, did you speak?”

“I was conversing with your son, it seems that he is cross with me for neglecting his needs,” Jun said as his stomach rumbled once again.

“We cannot possibly allow that,” Sho said with a smile as he dragged himself from the bed.

As was their habit by now, the servants had left a tray of breakfast in Jun’s bedchamber, anticipating that the couple would not wish to be disturbed.

“Here my love,” Sho said, holding out a small piece of honey dipped bread towards Jun.

Instead of taking it with his fingers, Jun moved forwards, darting out his tongue and drawing it into his mouth. The excess honey dripped from Jun’s lips and left a trail upon his chin.

Sho was powerless to stop himself from gently taking a hold of Jun’s cheeks, holding him still as he licked the sticky substance from his lips.

Jun made a noise in the back of his throat that made Sho’s member show immediate interest. Intrigued to see if he could replicate the sound he took up the honey pot and slicked some onto his finger, offering it to Jun who obediently opened his mouth allowing Sho to insert his finger.

This time Sho could not restrain his own moans as Jun sucked upon his digit whilst looking up at him with eyes full of innocence.

It was but the work of a moment for Sho to remove both of their night garments, before he lay Jun back onto the mattress.

Once again picking up the honey Sho dipped his fingers into the pot and using his fingertip he smeared the substance liberally over Jun’s nipples, causing them to instantly harden.

As Sho bent and began to lick the honey, Jun gasped and once again took Sho’s hand, sensually sucking upon his sweet tasting finger.

Whilst Sho continued to tease and bite upon Jun’s erect nipples, he reached beside the bed for the bottle of oil with his free hand. As Jun arched back with pleasure at Sho’s constant attention upon his nipples, he spread his legs automatically allowing his husband’s lubricated finger access.

As he began to carefully loosen Jun’s entrance Sho poured yet more of the honey onto his moaning husband’s semi-hard cock, enjoying immensely the combination of sweet and bitter flavour as he licked along its length from base to tip.

Before long Jun was impatiently pressing back against the three fingers that Sho now had moving easily within his body so Sho assisted him into a more comfortable position. Since Jun’s belly had grown larger their choices were becoming more limited, but Sho was determined to make things as perfect for Jun as possible.

He assisted Jun to kneel upon the mattress, turning to face the massive carved wooden headboard and grasp it as a support. As Sho moved away to slick lubrication upon his throbbing cock he could not help but to pause and admire the beautiful curve of Jun’s back and the rounded cheeks of his buttocks. Sho continued to stroke himself, laughing as Jun wiggled impatiently, turning to glare over his shoulder.

“If you do not join me this instant, I shall start without you,” Jun pouted as he reached for his own erect cock, swiping a drop of clear fluid from its tip and licking it off with every sign of enjoyment.

Sho’s eyes darkened, moving swiftly over to kneel behind Jun who was bent forward enough to allow him easy access. With a growl, he thrust in halfway in one go, causing Jun to cry out and arch back towards him, clutching tightly enough to the headboard to make his knuckles turn white with the strain.

Sho paused, worried that his action had been too much for his lover, but Jun whimpered, “More,” begging for Sho to fill him completely.

With a snap of his hips Sho willingly obliged, barely pausing before he began to thrust hard and fast into Jun’s trembling body. He bit down on the back of Jun’s neck, eliciting filthy sounds from the younger man who began to rock back against Sho as he continued to pound into him with speed and precision.

“Do you enjoy my cock like this? Answering to your needy body? Making you whine and writhe in pleasure as you feel your orgasm nearing?” Sho asked as he began to stroke Jun’s cock in time with his rapid thrusts.

As always when Sho began to speak like this Jun felt his body responding immediately, the dark sultry tones of Sho’s voice driving him rapidly towards his peak.

Jun, feeling particularly daring at this moment began to respond in kind, wondering if his words could work upon his husband just as well.

“Please, Sho, I want to you own me, to bring me to ecstasy, to fill me with your cock over and over until I can take no more. I need to you fill me with your seed, to mark me as yours. Please make me come from just your length thrusting hard into my body.”

As Jun spoke, Sho ceased stroking his cock. Instead he gripped Jun’s hips as he began to thrust into him with long strokes, unrelentingly hitting against his prostate with every snap of his hips.

Soon Jun could speak no more, unintelligible noises of lust spilling from his mouth as he felt his release approaching as his body was rocked forwards with each thrust of Sho’s pelvis.

“Does this fulfil your wishes, my kitten?” Sho panted into Jun’s ear, sweat flowing from his face and running down Jun’s neck. “Will you come for me, so that I may fill you in return?”

“S-Sho!” Jun screamed as thick ropes of his cum spurted in pulses against the headboard as Sho continued to thrust into him without pause.

Reaching around, Sho began to pump Jun’s twitching cock once again in time to his thrusts, using Jun’s own seed as further lubrication, causing his husband to whine weakly as his legs threatened to give way under him. “I shall paint your insides with my own cum soon. And you shall come again whilst I do, for you cannot get enough of my cock can you?” He was happy to feel Jun’s cock once again growing heavy as is lay within his hand.

Jun soon once again found himself rocking back to meet Sho thrust for thrust, all rational thoughts replace by the need to once again find his second release.

Sho could not contain himself for much longer, thrusting one last time as he came so hard that it was almost painful. Hot pulses of fluid filling Jun as he too came once more with a drawn out cry, collapsing onto his elbows as Sho continued to jerk into him, small dribbles of cum still releasing into him as Sho rode out his orgasm.

Sho supported Jun’s hips as he tried to catch his breath, carefully withdrawing his spent cock from Jun’s slightly abused looking hole.

“I am sorry, my love. I did not mean to be quite so forceful,” Sho said as he helped a happily exhausted Jun to lie back down upon the bed.

“It was perfect,” Jun replied, his eyes still blown wide with lust. ““You are perfect,” he continued, drawing Sho into a kiss as his stomach once again complained most vigorously.

They both laughed and Sho patted Jun's rounded belly as if to placate their hungry child. "I had best allow you to finish what is left of your breakfast," Sho said as he ruefully surveyed the crumb coated sheets, that were spattered with a sticky mixture of bodily fluids and honey.

Jun grimaced as he shook his head. "I shall wait for luncheon, I think."

With a wince Jun shifted slightly on the bed, instantly causing Sho to feel guilty. "I have hurt you, haven't I?"

"It is nothing that the soothing salve that Nino gave me will not fix," Jun said.

"Perhaps we should adjourn to your room so that I may cleanse the sticky mess off our bodies and ease your pain, before you take further rest until luncheon is served," Sho said, swaying slightly upon his own feet as he bent to assist Jun to stand.

Jun did not like the pale appearance of his husband's visage, and feared that he had exceeded the limits of his endurance with their vigorous bout of lovemaking. "I will do so only as long as you agree to join me in my rest. I will be sorely upset if you abandon me now," He said offering his proud husband a perfect reason to take further rest.

Sho looked relieved as he readily acquiesced to Jun's request. It was true that he was feeling as if he needed to lie down for a very long time to recover his strength.


In the corridor directly outside the door to Sho's bedchamber Toma was standing with a stunned expression upon his face and a throbbing erection tenting out the front of his trousers. He had been about to consult with Sho on estate business when he had heard the noises of their lovemaking issuing from beyond the door.

He had stood transfixed by the noises that Sho was wringing out of Jun as he obviously fucked him to two successive orgasms, almost coming in his undergarments as he heard Jun's screams of pleasure, picturing himself pounding into the tight ass in Sho's stead.

Abruptly he turned and headed towards the nearest bathroom to seek relief whilst he could still recall the exact noises that Jun made when he came.


"Jun, is all well with you?" Nino asked with concern. He was sorely troubled by the dark circles beneath his friend's eyes and the pallor of his skin that had developed over the past two weeks.

"Sho has been restless when he slumbers so I have been watching over him whilst he sleeps. I sometimes fear that he is reliving the time after his injury when fever wracked his body and he was at the end of his strength. I cannot sleep easy whilst he suffers so," Jun replied with a frown. "I also think that his injury pains him more than he is willing to admit, but he refuses to rest."

"Is not Sir Toma's continuing presence at the Manor meant to relieve him of his burden whilst he regains his former strength?"

"Yes, but Toma often comes to him seeking advice or offering an opinion on how he believes improvements could be made," Jun replied with a frown. “Whenever I wish to speak with my husband it seems that Toma is already there and Sho, not wishing to appear weak before him, is easily persuaded to join him upon walks around the grounds or to the stables to confirm these matters for himself.”

“Why have you not warned Toma to desist from bothering your husband in such a fashion?” Nino asked indignantly. “If you feel unable, then I will surely not be shy in the telling.”

Jun did not wish Nino to know that he was studiously attempting to avoid being within Toma’s presence without any other company. Toma always maintained a most courteous demeanour when Sho was present, but if he encountered Jun whilst he was unaccompanied he seemed to always press a touch too close for comfort. Just this morning at breakfast he had pulled Jun’s chair out in a gentlemanly fashion to assist him to sit, but as he pushed it in, Toma had run his and across the back of Jun’s shoulders. It was done so fleetingly and whilst Toma continued to chat lightly with Sho, who displayed no visible reaction, which it caused Jun to think that perhaps it was just a trick of his imagination.

“That will not be necessary,” Jun eventually replied to Nino. “I shall inform him myself at the next available opportunity.”

Nino was still not convinced by Jun’s vacillating tone and wished that he could take charge of the matter, but he knew it is was something that must be resolved by Jun, as Sho’s husband.

That very evening Sho was struck down by a sudden headache that was severe enough to make him nauseous. Masaki was immediately summoned to his side. He prescribed a mix of herbs that would not only reduce Sho’s pain, but allow him a restful night’s sleep.

Jun was now even more convinced of the necessity of speaking whenever practicable to Toma regarding his husband’s health. If he did not know better he could almost have thought that Toma was deliberately trying to debilitate Sho in order to prolong his stay within their company. But he soon disavowed such a foolish notion; no matter what his personal feelings, this man was his husband’s long-time friend and deserved all respect due to him as such.


Sho still slumbered soundly when Jun awoke the next morning. After breakfasting in his own bedchamber he busied himself throughout the morning speaking with the housekeeper regarding arrangements for the nursery. He had been so occupied with caring for Sho after his return and the wedding arrangements for Nino and Masaki, that thoughts of the impending birth of his child had been pushed to the back of his mind. In approximately two month’s their much-loved baby would finally join them and he wished for all to be in perfect readiness for his son’s arrival.

Nino teased him constantly regarding his steadfast belief that the baby nestled within his belly was a boy. But just as he had felt Sho’s distress deep in his heart when he was so deathly ill, he could feel right to the marrow of his bones that he carried a strong son to carry forward Sho’s legacy.

The thought of the actual birth itself filled him with fear. He was not afraid of the pain, but of lacking the strength when the fragile life he nurtured within needed him the most. Even if his own life was to be forfeit, he would do all within his power to ensure the survival of his precious child.


After venturing upstairs to check upon Sho, Jun was relieved to discover that he was still asleep when the hour for luncheon arrived. He therefore made arrangements with Cook for a tray of light food to be delivered upstairs for his husband to consume upon awakening.

Masaki and Nino were otherwise occupied in the village, checking up upon a mother and her newly delivered baby. Nino had proved to most reluctant when Masaki had requested his assistance and had offered a wide range of excuses to avoid the possibility of holding an actual infant in his arms. They were however expected to return within a short space of time. Nino’s ever demanding twins soon made their presence felt if he was late to partake of regular sustenance.

As Jun entered the dining room to partake of his own midday meal, he noticed that Toma was not yet present. When the servants were questioned they hesitantly replied that he was in Sho’s study and had taken a flagon of Sho’s best wine with him.

It was quite obvious from only the most cursory glances that Toma had already consumed the larger portion of the wine by the time Jun joined him to seek an explanation for his behaviour. Sho’s study was his own private domain, no one was to enter without first seeking permission; even Jun had hesitated at the doorway, seeking permission to enter when they were first wed.

“Sir Toma, has something occurred to give you cause for distress?” Jun asked, worried by Toma’s slightly dishevelled appearance. “I do not quite fathom why you are alone in my husband’s private chamber and have taken such a quantity of drink at such an early hour.”

Toma rose unsteadily to his feet swaying slightly as he turned to gaze at Jun with a slightly unfocused gaze.

"I have received word that I must take my leave before tomorrow's nightfall," Toma said. He was standing too near to Jun, his breath reeking of alcohol, causing him to edge away slightly as the fumes made him feel lightheaded.

"His Majesty has requested that I once again serve him," Toma added, with deeply regretful sigh.

"It has been most gracious of you to remain here and attend to my husband's business whilst he began his recovery. I am sure that you will miss his companionship as he will miss yours," Jun replied.

Toma's revelation came as a great relief to Jun, who had steadily been made to feel more uncomfortable with every passing day by the unwanted attention that had been lavished upon him. This would also remove his need to speak with Toma regarding his overstressing of Sho’s fragile state of health.

“It is not your husband whom I shall miss dearly, but you,” Toma replied bluntly, backing Jun into the corner of the room. “I have drunk enough wine to allow me to finally find the courage to tell you that I have been bewitched by you, and your delicate beauty from the moment I first laid eyes upon you. And now there is no longer any need for you to hide the fact that my feelings are reciprocated within your heart. When I take my leave tomorrow, you shall accompany me to a new life.”

“I am most touched by the regard that you hold me in, but I am perfectly content with my lot,” Jun responded, hoping to placate the drunken man as he sought a means of escape.

"I cannot stand by any longer only to see you wasting your youth and beauty upon a man twice your years. You deserve a younger and more vital man such as me. I can assure you most wholeheartedly, Sho will not mind his loss once we despatch the child that you carry back to him to raise," Toma said, taking another swig from his almost empty wine glass.

Jun whimpered and held his hands tightly to his belly, almost swooning at Toma's words. He felt all the strength in his body being leached from him as Toma's chilling words sank into his consciousness.

Toma tossed his empty glass to the floor, causing the remaining wine it contained to drip out and stain the carpet blood red where it fell.

"Do not fret, my beauty," Toma said as he quickly moved forward to pounce upon Jun as he attempted to flee, gripping him tightly around the waist and spinning him around so that he was pressed hard up against the edge of Sho's desk. "Once you have birthed Sho's child I shall impregnate you with my own seed, so you will not even notice the loss of his whelp."

"I would never desert my husband or firstborn child. If you leave my presence immediately I will prescribe your words to your drunken state and not tell anyone of this foolishness," Jun replied, stalling for time as he prepared to fight to protect his baby and his honour.

In response Toma gripped him even tighter and ran his hand over the crotch of Jun's trousers, squeezing his manhood tightly through the fabric causing Jun to cry out in pain. "Do not pretend that you do not desire me as I desire you. I am risking all for you and I am determined to take you and make you mine. Once you have tasted my cock and the pleasure it may bring you will soon forget Sho."

Jun made to scream for help as he realized that he could not combat Toma's drunken strength, but Toma was alert enough to press his hand tightly over his mouth and nose, making breathing near to impossible. Jun felt his knees weaken as dark motes floated across his vision as his lungs screamed for air.

"Are you quite sure that you would wish to make any noise? I know this because if you scream, your husband will surely hear and come running to your aid. You will then have to attempt to explain away being caught in such a compromising position," Toma snarled as he bent Jun backwards over the desk with one hand whist trying to unfasten Jun's trousers with the other. "And whom do you think he will believe? His long-time friend and comrade, or a mere teenager he has barely known for over a year?" he continued as he thrust his erection hard up against Jun's hip, eliciting another whimper of fear from his victim.

Jun reached blindly across the surface of the desk that was digging painfully into his spine, his hand alighting upon the heavy tome that Sho was reading in the evenings.

Taking it into his trembling hand he swung it at Toma's face with as much force as he could muster, his fear lending him extra strength.

There was a crunching noise and Toma screamed with pain, clutching his nose as he reeled unsteadily around the room.

Jun did not dare hesitate, slipping past him and pushing the doors to the garden open. As he ran into the courtyard he slipped upon a patch of melting ice, landing heavily upon his right knee. As he struggled to regain his footing he heard footsteps behind him and he whimpered, fearing Toma was in pursuit of him.


Toma could hardly see, as tears of pain clouded his vision, but he managed to pull himself upright and start to follow Jun with the aim of revenging himself upon him, when an authoritative voice issued from behind.

"Hold your movements Toma, or my men will take great pleasure in cutting you down." King Ohno strode into the room, his entire being vibrating with rage. He was flanked by two of his men at arms who had already drawn their weapons and were brandishing them threateningly in Toma's direction as if they longed for him to move.

"It was not as it seemed. Jun's attack was unprovoked. Perhaps his pregnancy hormones..." Toma began, as he attempted to stem the flow of blood from his painful nose.

"Oh I think that is was exactly what I believe it to be," Ohno replied coldly. "My men will accompany you to your quarters whilst you pack your belongings. You will make an immediate return to your own lands under the close watch of my guards. And you should consider yourself fortunate that I shall prescribe your punishment and not leave you at the mercy of Jun's husband."

With Toma safely dealt with for the present, Ohno ran to the courtyard in pursuit of Jun, his heavy grey cloak trailing behind him.


Ohno rushed across the slippery courtyard where Jun was kneeling in the melting snow, his body still shaking with fear. Jun crouched down, hugging his belly as if to shield his baby from harm as he turned his head towards Ohno. His expression of frozen fear barely changed even as he recognized that it was the King and not Toma who had caught up with him.

"Little One, you are quite safe now," Ohno said as he assisted Jun to stand shakily upon his feet.

Jun looked at him with such a wordless expression of sheer terror and distress, that all that the King could think to do was pull him into his arms. As he held Jun as tightly to his chest as closely as Jun's pregnant belly allowed he could feel the younger man's heart racing uncontrollably as his chest moved rapidly in time with his shallow gasping breaths.

"I am here now and you have my word that he shall never harm you again," Ohno said as he stroked Jun's hair and rubbed his back soothingly, greatly relieved when he felt Jun's breathing steady slightly.


When Sho was awoken by a noise issuing from downstairs he saw that his husband had already arisen. It appeared that Jun had taken his headache from the previous evening into account and decided to allow him to gain further rest. The room spun slightly, creating a feeling of nausea in his stomach. The bedchamber felt unconscionably hot, and Sho felt beads of sweat forming upon his brow. After unsteadily making his way along the corridor to his bathroom he decided it best to open the window and allow the crisp air to clear his slightly befuddled mind.

After opening the window and taking some deep cleansing breaths, Sho stood squinting down into the courtyard, his eyes dazzled by the midday sun. Rage filled his body and mind as he saw his husband being held in a close embrace by a shabbily dressed stranger. Due to the voluminous cloak the man wore Sho could not make out his features, but by the intimate way that he was touching his husband it was clear that they were familiar with each other.

With all speed he returned to his bedchamber and whilst hastily pulling on whatever clothing came to hand Sho vowed to immediately confront his husband with regard to his treachery.
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