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No Love Match - Chapter 12

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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Masaki found himself being bundled unceremoniously from the room as Nino slammed the door closed behind him and turned the key in the lock.

He turned and commenced banging loudly upon the door. "Nino! Let me in! You cannot just dismiss me from your presence when there are important matters to discuss."

Whilst he was yelling, Jun emerged from Sho's bedchamber with a frown etched upon his face. "Masaki, Sho is resting and you will have to answer to me if he is disturbed."

"Jun, I offer you my deepest apologies, but as you can see, Nino and I are in the midst of a minor disagreement," Masaki said ruefully as he rubbed a lump on the side of his head just above his ear.

Nino was obviously listening on the other side of the door as he yelled, "Jun? I require your presence immediately, but do not allow that man to enter. I will not be responsible for my actions if he comes within striking range."

Jun looked at Masaki with astonishment, but the Healer merely rolled his eyes and sighed resignedly as he moved further away from the door.

Once Jun was alone he hesitantly tapped on the door. "Nino, I am entirely alone. Please grant me entry."

The door opened a crack and Nino peered suspiciously out before reaching out and dragging Jun into the room before slamming the door shut behind him.


Nino had a wild look in his eyes as he gripped Jun by the arms and desperately pressed his back against the door. "It is all his fault. Whatever I shall do?"

"Nino, please calm yourself and be seated," Jun said, as he extricated himself from Nino's grasp and pulled him by the hand over to the bed.

When Nino was comfortably situated Jun asked, "What has Masaki done to warrant your ire upon this occasion?"

Nino did not answer immediately. He was once again concentrating on the swirling and fluttering sensations in his belly. The feeling seemed to have increased tenfold since his anguished reaction to Masaki's news. Guilt immediately suffused his body. What if his unborn babies felt as if they were unwanted and unloved?

Jun was astonished when without warning Nino burst into loud hiccupping sobs as he clutched his belly.

"Nino, are you in pain? Should I summon Masaki?" Jun asked as he sat beside Nino and wrapped his arm around his heaving shoulders.

"N-no, I have been given some news that has left me feeling as if I do not whether I am coming or going. My mind is a whirl of confusion."

"May I know what your dilemma is? Perhaps I may be able to set your mind at ease," Jun replied.

"I was plagued with worries that my pregnancy was not a usual one, and Masaki has just confirmed that my instincts were correct," Nino replied in a small voice that trembled with emotion. "Masaki has just informed me that I am carrying twins."


Masaki walked into Sho’s bedchamber with a haunted look in his eyes. Ignoring Sho, who was sitting propped up in the armchair in front of the window, he threw himself dramatically upon the carpeted floor, dragging a cushion from the bed with him. He held the cushion tightly over his face whilst emitting a despairing groan.

“Are you planning on smothering yourself with that?” Sho asked with a laugh.

“I fear that I lack the will to accomplish even that at the moment,” Masaki sighed.

“Are you quarrelling with your future spouse once again?”

I did not even have the chance to speak before I was thrust out of the room. I would hardly describe that as a quarrel,” Masaki complained as he removed the cushion from his face and slid across the floor to sit leaning back against the foot of Sho’s bed with his arms wrapped around his knees.

“If that be the case, what did you say to displease him? We have spoken of this before. You must offer him due consideration for his current condition.”

“It was because of his condition that I was sorely mistreated,” Masaki replied sulkily. “I merely conveyed him some news that I considered to be most wonderful, but I fear that he does not share my great joy.”

Sho looked at Masaki quizzically, his head tilted to one side, encouraging him to speak further.

Masaki could not disguise the pride in his voice as he added, “My Kazu nurtures twins within his belly.”

Sho carefully levered himself out of his chair and walked to Masaki, “My friend, you have excelled yourself. Nino must be delighted at such miraculous events.”

Masaki rose to his feet and accepted Sho’s one armed hug with good grace even as he felt a pang in his heart at Nino’s horrified reaction when given the news.


“This must be resolved at once,” Jun said as he hauled himself up from Nino’s bed.

Nino gazed up at him with swollen eyes and a tear stained face. “What is there to resolve? My fate is sealed. However will I master two children, when I am fearful of raising one?”

“The solution is quite simple; you and Masaki shall marry immediately. Once you are wed, your fears will surely evaporate,” Jun said firmly. “I have only found the courage to be strong because I am assured that my husband will stand by my side, supporting me no matter what the circumstances.”

“What if Masaki doesn’t love me enough?”

“Has he ever provided you with the slightest reason to doubt his love? Does he not endure your harsh treatment of him without the slightest complaint? Has he not pledged his love to you and asked for your hand repeatedly?" Jun said as he paced the floor, impatiently firing questions towards a very confused Nino.

"Yes...but..." Nino replied hesitantly.

"Answer me this one final question," Jun said, as he pinned Nino with a sharp gaze. "Can you imagine a life without Masaki, even if you did not carry his children?”

Nino sat twisting his fingers nervously upon his lap as he imagined an existence without the steadying presence of the kindest, gentlest, most forbearing man he had ever had the pleasure to meet. His entire future had changed irrevocably upon his first meeting with Masaki and he could no longer envisage a life without him.

"My life is inextricably bound to his for as long as we both live," Nino answered with firm conviction.

Jun's answering smile could outshine the sun and moon. "Then so it shall be, as soon as practicable."

"I have spoken with Masaki upon the subject and my wish for little fuss. One of your excellent cakes will suffice to mark the occasion," Nino said with little hope of Jun's agreement.

"Nonsense, we shall celebrate your nuptials and my husband's safe return with dancing and gaiety. I shall invite the people of the village and the servants from the Manor. They love all three of you and it will provide a perfect way to shake off the gloom of winter." Jun replied excitedly.

Nino found himself reluctantly agreeing to Jun's joyful plans. He, like all those who had dealings with Jun, was powerless to resist his charms. It was impossible to deny him anything he desired when he focused his luminously beautiful eyes upon you with a pleading gaze.


"At least leave your bed and try on the clothing I have prepared for you," Jun asked, as he held up a dark silken jacket.

"It will make no difference, I shall still have the appearance of a potato," complained Nino as he pulled the covers up to his neck and glared fiercely at Jun.

It seemed most unfair that Jun was still slender and elegant despite nearing his eighth month of pregnancy. When viewed from behind it was almost impossible to detect his condition; the baby was contained within his smoothly rounded belly and his form had seemingly not altered elsewhere at all.

Nino, on the other hand felt enormous although he was not even five months into his pregnancy. The two babies he nurtured within his body seemed to already be competing for available space, endlessly wriggling and swirling in his ever expanding belly.

"Nino, I shall drag you from that bed by your hair if you do not accede to my wishes," Jun threatened.

With a deep sigh Nino sat up in bed and took up the tray of breakfast that the servants had delivered earlier. The plate was piled high with honey cakes that had been drizzled with copious quantities of butter.

Jun looked at Nino with a raised eyebrow.

"The babies require this. I seem to remember you saying that once when you were consuming handfuls of lemon tarts."

Jun laughed and arrayed himself alongside Nino, helping himself to one of the cakes as he did so.

"As always you have the better of me. I wish Masaki all the luck in the world in handling you in the future. His life will certainly be nothing less than one of variety once his life is bound to yours."


Sho held himself stiffly upright for the duration of the carriage ride to the church, holding Jun's hand tightly for moral support; the jostling movements causing pain to reverberate through his body. He was becoming frustrated with the slow healing of his wounds. The scar was still a livid red, and his strength had still not yet returned to his body. Perhaps it was because of his age or the infection that had almost claimed his life. He had never before felt the distance in years between himself and his beautiful young husband quite as keenly as he had since his return to the Manor.

Jun turned to him and kissed his cheek lightly whilst giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

Sho smiled back, “You are exceedingly beautiful today, my kitten.”

“And you are most spectacularly handsome, my husband,” Jun replied admiringly.

Sho felt quite staid in his dark grey velvet jacket in comparison to his husband whose appearance greatly resembled a jewelled and shimmering butterfly. Jun was attired in a purple silk jacket that reflected a myriad of colours when he moved. The cold had given his cheeks a ruddy glow and his eyes sparkled with excitement.

Nino, who was sitting opposite them, sighed exaggeratedly at their compliments. He knew that Masaki was looking most handsome with his emerald green cravat, but he himself was still feeling more like a dumpling than ever before. The clothing that Jun had provided him with was beautifully fitted and suited him well, but even so it still did little to disguise his expanded waistline. He had never before thought of himself as a vain person, but he felt tears of envy pricking his eyes when he gazed at Jun.

Masaki, sensing Nino’s lack of confidence leant down and whispered, “Nobody shines more beautifully than you, my dearest Kazu, upon this happy and much longed for occasion.”

Nino was about to make a cutting remark in response, but Masaki was looking down at him with such adoration that the words died upon his lips, and instead he snuggled himself against the Healer’s body, leaning his head on his chest as Masaki wrapped his arm lovingly around his shoulders.


It all seemed as if a dream to Nino as he rode back to the Manor in the carriage after the ceremony, comfortably settled upon his new husband's lap.

He remembered walking up the aisle holding on to Masaki's hand nervously with Sho and Jun walking behind. At least Jun had been persuaded to comply with his wish that only the four of them be present for the actual ceremony. After that it was all a disorienting blur within his head as his nerves had overwhelmed him. The only part he remembered clearly was expression of pride radiating from Masaki as he pledged his undying love and slipped a simple silver ring upon his finger. Nino had found his courage only when it was time for him to respond with his own vows, which he delivered in a clear and certain voice, feeling as if he need never fear anything ever again.

Sho stroked the back of Jun's hand before raising it to his lips and placing a kiss his upon his palm. The ceremony had taken him back to their own nuptials, when they met for the very first time. His first glimpse of Jun had taken his breath away; his portrait had not done his enchanting looks justice.

Jun had trembled in fear when Sho kissed him briefly, tears streaking his face as emotion overcame him. He had seemed so young and fragile at that moment that Sho had felt guilt suffuse his entire being. The fearful and painfully shy youngster of that time had gradually been replaced by a self-assured and caring young man, who was universally loved by all who came into contact with him. Even Toma had commented admiringly upon Jun's fortitude when he had awaited Sho's return when wounded. Sho was feeling quite prideful of the fact that his dear friend Toma was filled with such admiration towards his beloved husband.

In an ideal world Sho would have met Jun first, perhaps by lucky happenstance and wooed him until their mutual love was assured. Instead the process had begun only after their arranged match; something that Sho would always be regretful for in a small corner of his heart.

"My husband, why do you gaze at me so? Is there something on my face?" Jun asked, disconcerted by Sho's intense scrutiny.

"Yes," Sho replied playfully. "My lips," he added as he showered Jun with a flurry of kisses.

"Hold hard," Masaki laughed. "We are supposed to be the newly wedded ones in this carriage."


The Manor was ablaze with light when the carriage drew up in front of the entranceway. As the two couples made their way to the ballroom they could already hear the buzz of conversation.

The room was beautifully decorated with boughs of evergreen trees that had been tied with yellow satin ribbons that matched Nino's tie, and many tiny paper lanterns. A group of local musicians sat in a small balcony overlooking the dance floor awaiting their cue to commence.

Conversation ceased as Masaki led Nino into the room followed by Sho and Jun. They were immediately surrounded by well-wishers; there was not one person in that room that did not owe the good health of at least one relation to Masaki's skilful healing. They were delighted that he had found his ultimate happiness with Nino, whom they also adored, even though more than a few of them had suffered the sharp edge of his tongue on more than one occasion.

Jun's wedding cake had pride of place in the middle of a long table that ran up one side of the room and was covered in many different dishes of appetizing foods. Since Nino was unable to decide his food preferences Jun had requested Cook and her assistants to prepare as many different foodstuffs as her imagination allowed, in the hope that something would appeal to Nino's fluctuating appetite.


The dancing was in full swing, the floor crowded with couples, and in the middle of the maelstrom was a calm place, where Masaki held Nino in his arms, barely moving across the floor as they swayed in each other's arms.

Jun sat beside Sho on a love seat that was placed in a quiet corner, allowing them a perfect view of the festivities, but allowed them a modicum of privacy. Sho was not yet sufficiently well enough to withstand the strenuous movements the dancing required and Jun had never been one to take pleasure in crowds, especially not when so heavily pregnant.

Toma approached, immaculately clad in his best dress uniform and bowed politely before the couple, "Perhaps Jun would be permitted to accompany me for the next dance? I believe that it will quite sedate in tempo and it is expected that at least one of the hosts take to the floor."

Jun was preparing a polite refusal when Sho cut in, "I am sure that Jun would be delighted, just take care not to overtax him."

The last place that Jun wished to be at that moment was in Toma's arms, but not wishing to create an uncomfortable scene in front of his husband, he did as he was asked, with as much good grace that he could muster.

Toma wrapped his arm possessively around Jun's waist as he guided him onto the floor. Jun tried to keep as much as distance as possible but with his belly, it was almost an impossible task.

"It is a shame that your husband is not able to accompany you upon the floor, especially when you are looking as captivating as can be, but I fear that is one of the drawbacks of being matched with someone considerably older," Toma said as he looked over to Sho who was sitting stiffly upright, looking across to them with an inscrutable expression.

"My husband's age has little to do with his present infirmity, as well you know," Jun replied as the music drew to a close, "I am fatigued, and wish to return to his side, if you would be so kind as to oblige me."

An almost imperceptible flicker of annoyance passed across Toma's face as he acceded to Jun's request and led him back to Sho's side, before once again bowing before taking his leave.

"I am sorry, my kitten, that I am unable to do more than sit here like some elderly spinster," Sho said as he took Jun's hand into his own. "You looked well with Toma upon the floor."

"All I ask is to remain at your side," Jun replied as he leant against Sho's good shoulder. "I am thankful for every moment spent with you, my beloved husband," he continued, remembering his terror at the thought of possibly losing Sho forever.


Masaki and Nino decided to slip away whilst the festivities were still at their peak. They both longed for the privacy of Masaki's cottage to enjoy their first night as a married couple. They made their way around the edge of the room, not wishing to attract attention.

Sho and Jun were still arrayed upon the love seat, Jun nestled snugly against his husband's side as Sho's arm wrapped around him, holding him close.

"We have come to offer our gratitude to Jun for all of the labour he exerted in creating a most perfect day," Masaki said.

"I am afraid that your thanksgiving must needs be delayed. As you can see, my kitten already slumbers," Sho replied as he lovingly stroked Jun's hair, causing him to stir slightly before snuggling back into Sho's side. "I warned him that he was exceeding his reserves of energy, but he was determined to make this day one of perfection for his dearest friends."

Nino was instantly alert, "Do you require our assistance to bring him to his bed?"

Sho could not help but laugh and shake his head, "Nino, it is your wedding day. Please allow yourself to think only of your needs and those of your new husband. If necessary I shall utilize the assistance of Toma to guide my kitten up to bed."

Nino was worried at that suggestion, remembering his suspicion of Toma's motives, but he could do nothing but accept Masaki's hand and quietly leave the festivities behind, riding to the cottage in the comfort of Sho's carriage.


Jun grumbled as Sho attempted to rouse him, "Sleepy."

"I know, my love. That is why I wish to remove you to our bed, where you will find more comfort," Sho replied, as he gestured toward Toma for assistance.

They each took one of Jun's arms and carefully levered him out of the chair, supporting him between them as he automatically shuffled his feet forwards as they walked him to the stairs.

When they arrived at the bottom step, Jun became aware of the sensation of an unfamiliar pair of hands about his person, which snapped him out of his befuddled state. "I am perfectly capable of ascending the stairs," he protested whilst struggling to remove himself from their supporting arms; an action that almost propelled all three of them to the floor.

"We can all see that is untrue," Sho panted, as they fought to steady themselves.

Eventually the trio made it to the door to Sho's bedchamber, Jun's elbows firmly supported on either side by his two escorts.

"Toma, please accept my gratitude for your assistance. I hope that you will enjoy the remainder of the festivities, and act as host in our stead. If you could ensure that people do not render themselves insensible through drink and that our guests depart safely when the time comes?" Sho asked.

"Of course, my friend; nothing would give me greater pleasure than to fill your shoes," Toma replied whilst glancing at Jun, who leant against his husband's side.


Sho had assisted Jun to remove his finery and slip into his night clothes; a task that had not been made easier by Jun as exhaustion once again overcame him before sliding into bed beside him with a satisfied sigh.

But instead of immediately falling asleep, Jun shifted restlessly as if seeking a comfortable position.

"What disturbs you, my love?" Sho asked.

"I am exhausted, but your child seems to have boundless energy. He will not be still," Jun replied with a wince.

"Perhaps he shall heed his Papa," Sho smiled as he pulled the covers back.

Running his hand soothingly over the bump Sho pressed his face against Jun's belly and spoke softly to his unborn child in a gently chiding tone, “Sweetling, it is time to rest, not to play. Will you be good for Papa and sleep now?"

They both laughed as their baby replied by kicking Sho very firmly in the face.

"I am not sure by what method it is even possible, but our child seems to have inherited his personality from Nino," Sho laughed as he rubbed his cheek and mock pouted whilst Jun giggled at him.


Nino protested most vehemently as Masaki swept him into his arms upon alighting from the carriage and carried him into the cottage. His protests were soon muffled as Masaki placed his lips over his, stilling his words.

There was a fire crackling merrily in the fireplace with two chairs and small table that contained a large hamper of food placed before it. The note attached was from Jun and informed them that this was their breakfast or possibly a late night snack for Nino, something that made him growl in make believe anger at being teased so.

When they entered the bedroom, Jun's touch was evident there as well. The bed was made up with crisp new sheets, embroidered around the edge with tiny yellow roses and the small hearth in the corner was aglow with hot coals, making the temperature in the room pleasantly warm. There were bowls of potpourri placed around the room imparting their sweet fragrance.

Nino felt tears welling as he saw how much effort had been made to create a romantic atmosphere. If only he did not feel so very unattractive at this moment. His pride had made him refuse marriage to Masaki earlier in his pregnancy when he still retained his figure and now that his wedding night had arrived he regretted his stubborn nature.

Masaki stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Nino's waist. "What is wrong my dearest Kazu? Are you overtired?"

"I am enormously fat and surely a sore disappointment to you," Nino mumbled tearily.

"You are my most precious husband and I worship and adore you. I could not ever again find anyone as perfect as you, even if I were to spend the rest of my days searching. You are unique and I love you for it and I intend to spend this night proving to you exactly how much you are loved and desired," Masaki said firmly.


Nino sighed as Masaki gently prepared him for lovemaking, sliding his fingers slowly into his passage as he relaxed his muscles.

Masaki had lovingly undressed Nino one piece of clothing at a time exploring each portion of skin that was slowly revealed. Nino had protested, saying, "I am far from a blushing virgin. You need not treat me as such."

"This is the first time that we make love as a married couple and as such we are both virgins," Masaki replied. "And I do not wish to hear you speak another bad word against yourself for the rest of the evening or I shall be tempted to place you over my knee and spank you."

"Promises, promises," replied Nino lightly, poking out his tongue at Masaki.


Nino lay on his back, his hands on either side of his head. Masaki wove his long fingers into his shorter ones, pressing his hands into the mattress as he slowly pressed into his body.

Masaki paused, allowing Nino time to adjust, as he bent his head, his pillowy lips meeting Nino's thin ones in a playful kiss as their tongues danced together.

Nino wrapped his legs tightly around his husband holding him firmly in place as they continued to kiss; he wished to enjoy the pleasures of this moment for as long as possible.

It took all of Masaki's will not to move as his throbbing cock was engulfed by Nino's tight heat. Nipping at Nino's bottom lip he began to rock slowly against him as if seeking permission to move.

Nino's answering gasp and tight clench around his length was answer enough and so Masaki withdrew a small distance before edging back in again. He kept up these small rutting motions until Nino was almost demented with want and unfulfilled need.

But no matter how much Nino protested Masaki calmly continued his gentle rocking against Nino's jerking pelvis; his firm grip on Nino's fingers preventing any movement in his upper half either.

"M-Masa...please..." Nino whined desperately. Masaki's movements were not fulfilling his need, his cock painfully hard and still untouched.

"No, my Kazu, I want you to come completely untouched. I wish for my cock alone to bring you to your ultimate release. Do you not feel it stroking your insides, increasing your pleasure with each movement of my hips as I possess you utterly?"

As he spoke, Masaki shifted slightly so that the head of his cock rubbed repeatedly against Nino most pleasurable spot with each of his slow and ever deeper thrusts.

Nino whined at the sensation throwing back his head and exposing his neck to Masaki who proceeded to bite down softly, suckling the smooth skin of his neck between nips.

Gazing up at his husband with glazed and lust filled dark eyes Nino unexpectedly felt his orgasm building although they were still barely moving and his cock was only receiving the friction from Masaki's body as he continued to thrust slowly.

"Do you feel it, my Tiger? Your body is responding to the movements of my cock as I claim you as my own. I can feel the tremors running through your body as I fill you again and again."

Masaki punctuated his last words with suddenly forceful snaps of his hips, driving Nino into the mattress. He began to alternate his slow movements with these sharp movements causing Nino to cry out as his prostate was hit repeatedly by the blunt head of Masaki's rock hard cock.

"Please make me come," Nino begged when he could take no more.

"As you wish, my dearest one," Masaki said.

Releasing his hold on Nino's hands, Masaki knelt and pulled Nino's hips up off the mattress and onto his lap. Pulling Nino to him with each thrust, Masaki began to pound into him hard enough to cause the bed to shake.

Nino was so overwhelmed by the sensation he did not even think to touch himself even though his hands were now free. All he could do was clutch the sheets tightly as he cried out in ecstasy as he was jerked to and fro with each forceful snap of Masaki's hips.

With a desperate cry Nino soon found himself coming, his vision blurring at the intense force of his release. Masaki came a moment later, stilling deep inside him as he released his seed with a cry of his own, before they collapsed together onto the crumpled sheets.

Neither could summon the strength to speak for long moments as they struggled to catch their breath. Instead, Masaki pulled Nino into his embrace and kissed his sweaty hair. He felt himself drifting into a light doze until Nino shifted slightly and whispered into his ear, "About that spanking..."
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Aww, Jun really made his friend's wedding perfect! Can Toma just go away? He's becoming more and more daring because Sho is somehow letting him near Jun!!!
Masaki is so sweet to potato-sack-Nino. I can imagine that yes, carrying twins when you have a very small frame can make you look very big. But Nino's still loved by everyone even with his mood swings, nonetheless.

I really like Nino and Masaki's first night as a married pair. Masaki using words while pleasing Nino was too much for my heart! Well... about that spanking...?

Thanks for this.
Jun wanted everything to be perfect for his friends and he certainly succeeded. I think that it was a joy for him to help make a wedding for a love-match after his own forced one.
And yes, even though Nino is grumpy most of the time, everyone knows that deep inside he is a good person.
Thanks so much for reading ☺
Yay! An Update!
Nino's so worried about being a good parent...
Also, I am going to need Jun, Masaki, and Nino to stop dancing around talking about Toma.
I would kill Toma myself.
What part of 'I am not interested.' are you not getting?
And Sho, silly, naive Sho keeps pushing Toma at his husband.
Seriously, will you stop providing oppurtunities for this scum!

Sorry Rant over.
I am displeased with Toma.
You know, perhaps you shouldn't bottle your feelings towards Toma up like that. It would probably be good for your nerves to come right out and tell me how you really feel about him ☺
Thanks for reading 💕💕
PS He will go away quite soon, but under what circumstances? Muwahahahaha
Such a cute chapter with the wedding. I love the relationship between Nino and Masaki - fire and ice! Toma's admiration of Jun is still making me nervous though 😳
They do seem to be made for each other, in a strange way. I think that it takes someone as tolerant and calm as Masaki to cope with Nino.
Sorry about Toma, he really is awful isn't he? *acts innocent as if she didn't make him that way*
Thanks for reading.


November 23 2016, 19:13:06 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 23 2016, 19:14:39 UTC

Masaki's admiration and love towards Nino is so wonderful. It's cute how nervous Nino is and how it's rather his lack of confidence that makes him react so harshly towards Masaki sometimes. I love how mature Jun is by the way. He grew so much <3
The scenes between Jun and Sho were so beautiful. It's sweet how much in love Sho is and how highly he thinks of Jun. I hope he will be fit again soon, so that he can dance with (and make love to :D) his kitten as much as possible. And hopefully he will soon wake up and realize Toma's ambitions. Toma is getting too pushy. I mean, Jun is giving him clear signs, but Toma is obviously ignoring them, although Jun is so clear in his attitude (and even words!) - it has to be such a hard situation for him. I hope Toma doesn't try to do something against Jun's will. And I hope Sho will soon be up his feet to protect his kitten!
Thanks so much for this update! Can't wait for the next <3
Can you see directly into my mind? Your take on this story exactly matches the way I see things when I write it.
Jun is trying to fend off Toma without worrying anyone else, which is probably a bad idea, but he doesn't want to cause Sho any upset while he is still recovering. Plus I think that Toma is wearing down Jun's self-confidence and making him doubt what is actually happening.
Thanks for your always thoughtful comments 💜💜

I really love the beginning and the ending of this update , haha, i really love moody and unpredictable Nino xp

Toma! go away! [again], Sho, pls keep Jun close to you...

thank you for the update love, again you made my day <3
Heh, I'm not sure how much Masaki loves moody Nino...of course a lot :)
Apologies for the lingering Toma.
Thanks for reading <3
Congratulations to Nino and Aiba! Finally they're married. It's really nice to see how grateful they are for what Jun did for both of them. About Nino's low self-esteem, it's unavoidable for him to compare himself with Jun since Jun is the only pregnant people around him and I love that Aiba can handle Nino and assure him that he's always the only one for him.
Sho takes his time to heal but at least he'll stay longer by Jun's side. And Toma.... okay let's not talk about him lols.
True, Jun isn't really like a typical pregnant person, which must annoy Nino as Jun seems to stay slender while Nino is just getting rounder. Nino has to remember that he is much smaller in stature and having twins as well.
Not even going to mention Toma either.
Thanks for reading 💕