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No Love Match - Chapter 11

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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"Jun, I am sure that you will find more comfort in your own bed," Masaki said.

Jun was sharing Sho's enormous bed, but he had placed a line of cushions down the centre to protect Sho's wounds. Jun had been sleeping restlessly and he did not wish to accidentally injure his husband any further with a misplaced flailing arm during the night.

"I shall remain by his side until he himself is well enough to tell me to leave. Nothing else shall remove me from his side," Jun replied stubbornly.

Jun had indeed but briefly left his husband's side throughout this time, despite the best efforts of his friends. He left the room only to quickly bathe and take care of his bodily functions. All of his meals were eaten from a tray whilst sitting at Sho's small writing desk. The remainder of his waking time was spent holding Sho's hand and chatting brightly to him of happenings at the Manor and of the progress of his unborn child. The fact that he did not even once receive a response did not deter Jun in the slightest.

Nino was angry at fate and frustrated that he could do nothing to remedy the situation.

It was Masaki who stoically bore the brunt of Nino's anger, quietly caring for his lover and the baby that Nino carried, in a loving and gentle way. Without resorting to nagging or lecturing, he ensured that Nino ate properly and rested often. When Nino cried helpless tears of frustration at his inability to make Jun do anything different, Masaki pressed him tightly to his chest and murmured words of love and comfort into Nino's soft hair.


Jun was now beginning the seventh month of his pregnancy and the baby was kicking him with a vengeance, perhaps picking up upon his own unsettled feelings.

As he sat beside the bed watching over Sho, he received a particularly hard kick directly under his ribs, which practically forced all of the air from his lungs. Involuntarily he exclaimed out loud in pain at the sensation.

"Ow! My sweetling, why do you treat me so? Whatever will your Papa think?" Jun winced as he rubbed his belly.

"My kitten? Are you in pain?" Sho's voice issued weakly from the bed.

Jun wondered if he was dreaming. "Sho?" Jun asked faintly, as he realized that a familiar pair of large round eyes was gazing worriedly up at him.

"I heard you exclaim in pain, I must..." Sho gasped, as he struggled to drag himself to a sitting position.

Jun carefully pressed him back down, "Do not try to move, my beloved. You are so very weak, and I am perfectly fine."

Jun wanted to run and fetch the others, but he was terrified that if he left now Sho would have lapsed back into unconsciousness once more before his return. Instead he resolved to sit and speak with his husband as if all was perfectly normal, until either Masaki or Nino appeared.

"My kitten, why am I abed whilst the sun is so high?"

"Because you have been a little unwell, and needed to take your rest, but rest assured, you will soon be restored to full health."

Sho once again tried to pull himself upright, wincing at the sharp pain in his left shoulder. He remembered being wounded and the beginning of his journey home, but then everything turned hazy. He only knew that it had been imperative that he return to his husband's side.

Sho closed his eyes whist he tried to better understand what had happened to him. He had the feeling that a large portion of time was missing from his memory.

Jun perched carefully on the bed beside him, gazing lovingly into his eyes as he said, "We shall talk properly later, for now please just rest, my beloved."

To Sho, Jun's appearance was somehow different. Worryingly he seemed to be very tired, with dark circles of exhaustion beneath his eyes and pallor to his skin, as if he had spent too long a time indoors. But the most obvious alteration to his appearance was the healthy expansion of his belly. As Sho tentatively reached out a hand to touch Jun, he found himself lacking the strength to lift his hand high enough.

With a proud and loving smile, Jun caught up Sho's wavering hand with his own and pressed it to his belly.

As if in response, the baby kicked hard at that very spot; Sho's eyes widened in wonder as he felt his child's movement for the first time.

"It is miraculous," Sho breathed, overwhelmed by the sensation.

"You will be able to hold him in your arms in another three months or so, according to Masaki," Jun replied, sliding Sho's hand further over, where a tiny fist was punching, causing Jun to laugh and wince simultaneously.

Sho smiled proudly, even as his eyes fluttered closed as he reached the limits of his strength for the moment.

"Sleep, my love," Jun murmured, carefully tucking Sho's hand under the covers. "We shall still be here waiting for you when you wake."


When Masaki and Nino entered the room a short time after, Jun was sitting on the side of the bed wearing a smile that shone brighter than the very sun.

"What has happened?" Masaki asked nervously, concerned by Jun's sudden change of mood.

"He has returned to us," Jun said jubilantly. "He has regained his senses and now he sleeps peacefully."

Whilst Masaki moved to examine Sho, Jun stood and rubbed his aching back. At this stage of pregnancy, sitting in one place for too long proved to be most uncomfortable.

Nino, upon witnessing this, insisted that he draw Jun a bath and massage some soothing salve into his back afterwards.

Jun, who was reluctant to leave Sho for even a moment in case he awoke and required him, finally allowed himself to be coaxed into the warm, scented water.

The bath proved to be most effective at easing Jun's aches, and the feeling of Nino massaging his back afterwards was one of bliss.

As he felt Nino's hands moving firmly across the muscles in his back, Jun recalled the feeling of Sho's hand pressing against his belly. The expression of wonder and love on Sho's face would remain with him forever.

Jun, who had been holding himself together over the past few weeks through sheer willpower, finally succumbed to his suppressed emotions.

With a cry, he turned and collapsed into Nino's arms as they both abruptly sat down on the floor of the bathroom. Jun could contain his tears no longer. Nino cradled him in his arms, rocking him rhythmically as he joined in with Jun's tears of relief.

When Masaki sought them out a short while later they were still wrapped in each other's arms on the floor. Nino hastily flung a towel over Jun's body to hide his nakedness as he and Jun both tearily laughed at Masaki's bewildered expression.


Snow drifted down outside the window, landing softly upon the window ledge, creating a sparkling landscape that glistened under the light of the full moon, but the couple inside the room was oblivious to the landscape outside.

Nino moaned loudly as he felt Masaki's hard cock begin to press slowly into his body. It was slightly painful and yet comforting at the same time.

Masaki was being extremely gentle, making sure that he did not rest too much weight upon Nino's belly as he pushed the rest of his length into his lover's warm body.

But Nino wished to feel the welcome weight of Masaki pressing him firmly into the mattress. With a grumble of dissatisfaction he wrapped his legs around Masaki's waist, drawing him ever deeper and pressing their bodies more firmly together. "Harder," he ordered.

"K-Kazu, I cannot possibly," Masaki panted.

With a glare Nino clenched tightly around Masaki's cock when his body was once again filled as his lover thrust his hips forward.

After such provocation Masaki could no longer contain himself and he began to thrust with enough force to cause Nino to cry out with satisfaction. Nino clung tightly to Masaki’s back, his nails cutting into the soft skin as he felt his orgasm approaching. Masaki winced at the stinging pain, urged on by it to go harder and faster.

At such a pace it did not take long before they both found their release and collapsed in a sated heap of tangled limbs.

Masaki was experienced enough with Nino’s ever-changing moods by now to know when something was unsettling him. “Do not fret, my dearest Kazu, I have safely returned to your side and have no intention of leaving you again until our child is safely in the world.”

“What makes you think that I cannot cope without you?” Nino asked, as an angry flush spread up his neck. “Do you think me so weak?” He was embarrassed that his feelings were so transparent to his future husband; it was as if the Healer was able to read his mind.

“Since I missed you so keenly, I was probably projecting my own feelings onto you,” Masaki said, hoping to soothe Nino’s ruffled feathers. “I love you so much that our short separation seemed like a lifetime.”

“Hmmph, do not think that I am so easily appeased by flattery,” Nino grumped and turned his back to Masaki, even as the tips of his ears turned pink with pleasure.

But Masaki was not to be deterred. “Do you not love me then, my tiger?” he asked in a sad voice. In truth, Nino had missed Masaki more than he was willing to admit to anyone least of all himself. He envied Jun and Sho their strong marriage and wished for nothing less for his own union with the older man.

“Of course I love you, you stupid man,” Nino said as he flounced back over to face Masaki, grabbing his ears and pulling him close enough to be able to pepper his face with kisses.

“Now who speaks silver tongued words of flattery?” Masaki laughed as he responded with kisses of his own.


Jun met the servant at the top of the stairs and relieved him of his burden. He had made most specific requests regarding meals for his husband, but was wise enough to ask others to do the heaviest work for him. He was spending much less time in the kitchens than earlier in his pregnancy. His cravings had receded, leaving him free to eat as much nourishing food as possible, wishing for his child to have the best possible start in life upon his arrival.

Although the others had warned him against his unshakeable belief that the child he carried was a boy, he remained convinced it was so. It was his greatest wish to be able to present Sho with the strong heir that he deserved. Jun knew in his heart that Sho was not like his father and he would love his son come what may, but deep down he still bore the scars of his own upbringing and would not wish it upon anyone, least of all his own offspring.

Walking carefully so as to not spill the bowl of beef broth that rested in the middle of the tray Jun slowly made his way towards Sho’s bed chamber. As he reached the doorway he almost collided with a figure emerging from the room whilst speaking over his shoulder.

Toma, who was occupied with speaking to Sho only noticed Jun at the very last moment. He swooped and took the tray from his hands before its contents overbalanced and spilled.

“Please, allow me” Toma said cheerfully, as he handed the tray back to a very relieved Jun. “And nary a drop spilt.”

“Thank you, Sir Toma,” Jun replied, blushing. The way Toma looked at him with such an intense gaze made Jun’s skin feel hot every time they met.


Sho was sitting in bed propped up upon a pile of pillows when Jun entered. His colour was much healthier, but his overall weakness remained. He had been forbidden to rise from the bed or to engage in any strenuous physical activities by a particularly stern Masaki. Sho had instantly understood which activities Masaki referred to, but it did not mean that he was in complete agreement.

“Sir Toma was keeping you company?” Jun asked curiously; he had hoped that Toma would have been recalled to the King’s service by now.

“I have asked him to oversee the running of my lands whilst I am still recovering. I need someone who can ensure that things are done as I would do so,” Sho replied.

“Was I so useless in your absence that you do not trust me to continue under your direction?” Jun asked resentfully as he placed the tray down with more force than absolutely necessary.

“I did not mean to belittle your sterling efforts whilst I was absent,” Sho began, realizing that Jun was sounding quite offended by his words.

“But obviously I lack the ability to continue to do so,” Jun replied, angry that he could not keep the hurt from showing in his voice. “I had hoped to make you proud of me, but obviously I once again failed, since you appoint a man who lacks an intimate knowledge of your domain to take my place.”

“That is not so, my love. I have never been more proud of you. It is just that I do not wish you to overstrain yourself as you progress with your pregnancy,” Sho replied, beginning to feel out of his depth.

Jun looked at his husband resentfully and refused to speak further upon the subject. They had never before quarrelled and he had no wish to begin now. Sho was still under the influence the medicines that Masaki was treating him with and of the ongoing pain from his slow to heal wounds. It was possible that his personal uneasiness that Toma evoked in him was colouring his view on his capability for standing in for Sho until he healed. So he turned his back upon Sho and fussed with the foodstuffs on the tray to allow himself time to think to prevent himself making a rash response to his husband.

“My kitten, look at me,” Sho commanded, worried by the slight shaking of Jun’s shoulders.

“I am fixing your luncheon. It is in complete disarray,” Jun mumbled, hoping to hide the tears that despite his best efforts were leaking from his eyes.

"If you do not join me immediately, then I will be forced to come to you," Sho said as he made as if to climb from the bed.

Jun immediately let the tray be, and edged towards the bed, surreptitiously wiping his eyes as he went.

"Jun my love, I did not mean to belittle your achievements. I meant it when I said that I am very proud of you and the way that you cared for the Manor and our tenants whilst I was absent," Sho said as he held out his hand towards him.

Jun joined hands with Sho and allowed himself to be drawn down onto the mattress beside his husband.

Sho reached out and softly ran his hand over Jun's belly, "My beloved kitten, you worked most bravely, but now I would prefer you to stay by my side. It may be selfish of me, but I have already missed too much of your pregnancy and I am loathe to miss any moment of the remaining few months until our child joins us."

The baby seemed to agree with Sho's sentiments as he felt an answering kick against the palm of his hand.

It was impossible for Jun to deny Sho's wishes when his own child seemed to be against him also. "I too wish to spend the majority of my time with you, my husband. My life lost its colour when you were no longer by my side."

Jun snuggled up against Sho's side, his resentment forgotten as he allowed himself to be drawn into his embrace. He reached up to stroke Sho's cheek, but his husband caught up his hand and pressed a kiss to his palm.

Sho turned Jun's hand over and admired the pair of rings that glittered on his finger. "It looks perfect on you, my love."

"Your gift bestowed a strength upon me during your absence that I otherwise would have lacked. I felt your love and support every time I saw it upon my finger. It is very beautiful."

"Its beauty pales in comparison to yours, my kitten," Sho said as he drew Jun in for a lingering kiss.

Jun rubbed himself up against Sho's uninjured side as he tried to get as close as possible. Wishing to enjoy the comforting warmth of his husband's body, he lay on his side with his leg draped across Sho’s hips.

Sho shifted uncomfortably as he felt his cock begin to swell at the sensation. He knew that he was not healed enough to be able to make love to Jun without possibility reopening his wounds. Unfortunately this knowledge was not enough to prevent his body's natural response to being in such an intimate situation with his desirable young husband after a lengthy enforced separation.

Jun could not help but to notice the stiffening of his husband’s member as it pressed against his inner thigh. It was also impossible to resist reaching down and stroke it teasingly, enjoying the feeling of it growing under his hand as it expanded to full hardness under his ministrations.

“J-Jun, please do not tease me so,” Sho groaned. “I cannot make love to you as I would wish. My injuries prevent me.”

“Then I shall make love to you,” Jun replied with a cheeky smile, remembering Nino’s remarks about him pleasuring his husband with his mouth.

‘My kitten, I do not understand…” Sho began, but his words trailed off as Jun manoeuvred himself further down the bed and freed his cock from his sleepwear.

Jun looked up at him with wide-eyed innocence as he licked his shaft from base to tip before sucking the head into his mouth. He pulled away slightly and began to teasingly swirl the tip of his tongue around the swollen tip. Sho was so thick that it was hard for Jun to take much more than a third of his length into his mouth, so he worked his hand along the shaft to compensate, using his saliva and Sho’s own precome that was flowing from the tip as lubricant.

Jun’s movements were unskilled, but the look in his eyes and the fact that for the first time he was pleasuring Sho in this way, more than compensated for any deficiencies in his technique.

It took only a few minutes more before Sho could feel his orgasm rapidly nearing. His hand was resting in Jun’s soft hair as his head bobbed up and down his shaft, so he tugged lightly upon the strands to attract Jun’s notice and try and pull his head away, “My love, I am near to coming.”

Jun’s jaw was aching, but he was determined to follow the act through to completion. He sucked as hard as he could as he felt Sho’s cock twitch. A moment later his husband groaned loudly as his cum spurted into Jun’s willing mouth. He tried to swallow as much as he could, trying to ignore the bitter taste of his husband’s seed whilst the remainder of Sho’s cum flowed down the outside of his shaft and pooled on his pelvis.

By the time Jun wriggled back up beside Sho, his husband’s eyes were already drooping with exhaustion.

“My kitten, that was so wonderful,” Sho said sleepily. “I am so sorry that I cannot satisfy you in return.”

“My sole aim was to please you. I expect nothing in return,” Jun replied, pressing a kiss to Sho’s eyelids. “Sleep well, my beloved.”

By the time Jun retrieved a cloth from the side table and wiped Sho clean before rearranging his clothing, his husband was already deeply asleep, his uneaten luncheon completely forgotten.


Wherever Jun went, Toma seemed to either already be present or would soon arrive shortly afterwards. He was never anything less than courteous, but he always seemed to stand slightly too close when they spoke. At the dinner table their fingertips would brush when serving platters of food or the salt was passed.

Not wishing to disturb his husband whilst he was still recovering Jun chose not to mention any of this to Sho. Instead he pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary and treated Toma in a coldly formal fashion which seemed to do little to discourage him.

Wishing to gain a little fresh air and enjoy the snow, Jun had walked in the walled garden that morning, imagining what could be accomplished to improve it when Spring arrived. He was thinking of what he should discuss with the head gardener when his foot slipped on a patch of ice. Before he could regain his balance he was caught in mid-air and set safely back on his feet. To his embarrassment, it was Toma who once again pressed him to his chest as he ensured that Jun could support himself.

Jun had mumbled words of thanks before fleeing back indoors and shutting himself in the bathroom.

Jun would have spoken to Nino about it but he seemed to be quite out of sorts lately. He did not seem to be faring well with his pregnancy and appeared to lack his usual self-confident attitude.

Jun wrapped his robe tightly around his waist and exited the bathroom, feeling relaxed and more than eager to join his husband in bed.

But as he entered Sho's bedchamber he could sense a strange atmosphere emanating from his husband as he sat in bed with a disgruntled expression upon his face.

"Sho, is something wrong? You appear to be preoccupied. Are you feeling quite well?"

"I am frustrated to still be abed. I should be the one catching you when you fall," Sho replied with a hint of anger. "Toma prevented you from hurting yourself earlier and you did not think to tell me?"

"Toma told you?"

"Should he have not? Do you not wish for me to know that you were in his arms?" Sho asked sternly.

"It was not like that. I merely slipped slightly. I would have been able to regain my balance before I fell."

"That is not how Toma described it. Perhaps you enjoyed being in his arms?" Sho could not prevent the words from exiting his mouth. In his head he knew that Jun could not betray him and that Toma was a married man, but his heart could not help feeling a stab of jealousy.

"Of course I took no pleasure in being touched by him," Jun protested. He wanted so badly to speak to Sho about the way Toma seemed to almost be harassing him, but he feared for his husband's health if he did. "I long only for you and the feeling of you moving within my body as you hold me close."

Even though Sho had been at home for two weeks now, he had still been unable to make love to Jun. Although Jun had greatly enjoyed pleasuring his husband, he could feel his own frustration and desire rising unchecked within his own body.

Sho swallowed visibly at Jun's words and the open want in his eyes. "Come to me, my kitten and lay beside me," he said in a low voice.

Jun immediately obeyed, arranging himself beside his husband. A shiver passed through him as Sho slowly untied the robe allowing it to fall open and expose his pale body.

"How I have missed the taste and fragrance of your skin," Sho murmured as he nibbled his way down Jun's neck.

Jun whined and arched his head back to allow Sho even more access. It did not take long before their breathing quickened as they caressed each other, slowly reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies.

"Masaki will be most cross with me if you suffer a setback,” Jun gasped as Sho slid two fingers slowly into his body. The feeling was quite uncomfortable but he knew that soon it would change to one of pleasure.

Sho's left arm was still virtually useless, making it hard for him to do more than stay in place whilst Jun wound himself around him. "I am afraid that I must allow you to do all the work," he said when he felt that Jun was fully prepared.

Jun straddled his husband's hips. Taking Sho's cock into his hand he could not hold back a groan of discomfort at the stretching sensation as the thick blunt head penetrated him as he carefully lowered himself down until he met Sho's pelvis.

"My kitten, I am sorry if I am hurting you," Sho said as he ran his good hand soothingly down Jun's back.

"It does not hurt, my husband. I am merely too impatient to have you fill me to wait for my body to adjust to your size," Jun gasped as he began to make tentative rocking movements.

Gradually Jun increased the scope of his movements as Sho gripped his hand, doing all he could to assist him to maintain his balance as their bodies rocked together in a familiar and well-remembered rhythm.

Jun had missed this feeling more than he had even realized, not just the sexual release, but the feeling of closeness and harmony with his loving husband.

Sho's thick shaft was hitting repeatedly against Jun's most pleasurable spot, causing white sparks to dance in front of his eyes as they moved together; Sho's hips arching upwards to meet each downwards movement of Jun's body.

Jun began to make a keening noise as he increased his speed as he repeatedly impaled himself on Sho's rock hard cock. He could feel trickles of fluid already issuing from the tip of his own member as his driving need to reach orgasm spurred him on.

"My love, I cannot hold on any longer," Sho moaned as he felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder, caused by the shaking of the bed.

Jun's entire body arched backwards as Sho released his hot seed into his tight passage. The overwhelming sensation of being marked as Sho's own, caused him to come also without even being touched, his own seed coating his swollen belly and Sho's stomach.

After carefully manoeuvring himself off Sho's softening cock Jun stiffly crawled up the bed to lay down and slot himself into a comfortable position against Sho's sweaty body.

Jun winced at the pain in his hips and lower back whilst Sho shifted uncomfortably, groaning as his wounded shoulder throbbed in protest.

They looked at each other and could not help laughing at their shared predicament.

Even after their lovemaking Sho could not quite erase his earlier feelings of jealousy. "You are my kitten, and mine only, for as long as we both shall live," he said, turning Jun to face him so he could look into the depths of his eyes.

Jun gazed back at him adoringly, trust and love shining in his eyes as Sho captured his lips in a possessive kiss.


“Nino?” Masaki enquired as he took Nino by the arm and turned him around to face him. “You have a most odd expression upon your face. Is everything well with you and our child?”

Nino had been walking in front of Masaki as they made their way to Sho’s bedchamber to check on their patient when he came to a sudden halt, causing Masaki to almost run up the back of his heels.

"I think that perhaps I can...no, it is too early," Nino muttered under his breath.

"My dear, please tell me what concerns you, else I shall worry myself all day."

"I thought that I could feel our child move. There is the most peculiar swirling sensation down low in my belly," Nino said as he poked himself with curious finger. "But it is too early, is it not?"

By Masaki's calculations, Nino was only sixteen weeks pregnant. Jun had been able to feel the movement of his child early due to his slender frame, but Nino had already gained much more weight by this stage than his friend had.

Masaki took Nino by the hand and pulled him, protesting the entire way, toward his old room. "Come, I shall examine you."

"But, Sho..."

"Sho is healing, and Jun is with him. In the two weeks since his return he has regained much of his strength. A short delay to his treatment will do him no harm. You are my priority at this very moment."

Nino, who was feeling a little faint and quite nauseous, found himself being gently pushed into the room and steered over to the bed. It seemed as if his morning sickness would never leave him. Amidst his cravings he would occasionally be struck with terrible bouts of sickness that left him feeling limp. He also seemed to be endlessly tired, which was particularly galling since Jun who was seven months pregnant seemed to have boundless energy since the return of his husband.

Masaki gently pressed Nino's belly and attempted to sense the spark of life within his body. Although he still seemed to have difficulty sensing Nino's state of being, he hoped to be able to garner some feeling from his unborn child.

He did indeed feel something, but what he felt was not what he expected.

Masaki's heart was thudding loudly as he asked, "Kazu, have there ever been twins in your family?"
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First of all thank you hon!
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This chapter was much happier for all concerned after quite a stressful time.
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November 15 2016, 19:53:09 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 15 2016, 19:53:55 UTC

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It all feels mich calmer now that Sho and his kitten are together again. (It was really hard to write the chapters while Sho was away.)
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The little secret love making was so hot. And also Jun pleasuring Sho ♥ I still find Jun's feelings towards his upbringing so sad. I hope Sho can help him find closure at one point.
Wait a moment...twins!? Nino will NOT be amused I guess.
Thanks so much for this update!

Sho doesn't mean to be nasty to Jun, it's just that he is frustrated at being so weak and incapable when his kitten needs him the most.
The problem is that Jun doesn't want to burden anyone with his worries about Toma, since they are all occupied with their own problems.
Jun's father has a lot to answer for. It is lucky that Ohno is ready to be a surrogate father to Jun.
And yep, Nino has two little bundles of joy on the way. I pity Masaki if they take after Nino :)
Thanks for reading.


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TWINSSSS???!!!!! Nino will have twinss??? Kyaaaaa~ can't wait.congratulations, AiMiya~ ( > < )
It's really great that Sho back again to jun. Uwahh~ I'm scared Toma's presence will make something bad between them. Ugh! When Toma will get away from Jun-Sho's live?!
Will wait for next chapter too ^ - ^

Yes, it's true, Nino is having twins. Spare a thought for everyone else involved. I don't think he is going to take it very well.
Thank you for reading. As always the next chapter will be posted at the same time next week.
I was thinking deeply if I have ever commented on this. But I think I have not *waves shyly*. Hi!

Mpreg isn't really a situation that I often read but this one is really good. And the archaic English also makes me giggle (I really like it how Shakespearean everyone talked!). And of course, each chapter never failed to make me swoon when reading. The love between Sho and Jun is too much, too much I tell you!!

*clears throat* sooo anyway, about this chapter. I am glad that Sho finally woke up. At least that made Jun a little happy. Toma is a nuisance, I bet he'll do something that will initiate drama. Sho even showed signs of jealousy!! And of course, my favorite couple will have twins! Awesome! They need to get married!!!

Thanks for this!
I can't remember if you've commented before or not either. I have been writing this for so long now, everything is just a blur.
So, hi there *waves back* and thank you for visiting.
I have to admit that it is hard to keep the language style consistent over the chapters so I appreciate you noticing.
As to this chapter -
Jun and Sho are finally together again, and are able to show their love for each other.
Masaki is trying his hardest to pin Nino down, but Nino is so good at finding excuses to get out of being married.
I'm afraid that Toma isn't ready to leave them alone just yet.
The fact that you took the time to write me such nice comments makes me very happy.
Thanks for reading 💕


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Toma... Is he homeless or is his wife doesn't want him to go back to their house because of some affair? He's always there. Why?! :/ that time when Toma told Sho falsely about Jun's action, I was like WTF. I fucking hate this guy. Why does Sho believe in his best friend but not his husband? But at least it ends well XD

Ah i can't wait for Nino's reaction about them having twins! It might be troublesome for Nino with 2 little ones on his belly TwT I hope he's okay in the future.

Yay, you did it! That was an epic effort.
Toma is still there because he is "helping" Jun while Sho is still recovering :/
Nino will take this news with his usual level of considered calm. Masaki had better practice ducking.
Thanks for making the effort to read all of my ramblings ❤


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Toma please go away already. Jun is your best friend's husband!!

I hope sho would just send toma away until he recovered and Jun delivered.
Toma is supposed to be looking out for the estate while Sho is injured. Sho seems to not realize that Jun was perfectly capable while he was left alone.
I'm sorry but he is not going anywhere for a while 😯
Thanks for reading 💕

Wahhhh Nino and Aiba get twins??? How cute ❤❤❤  I love that idea. ❤

Oh my, Sho is jealous? I really understand him though, I think I would feel same. But Jun loves Sho so much, they just fit together. ❤❤❤

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Love the love making even if I fear for Sho's well-being XD Sho being jealous and possessive! Kinda hot to read but he should be since Toma is getting bolder. He even told Sho about him helping Jun. What for? Sho should send him away asap lols.
I'm sure that Masaki will handle the twins (or will he freak out because they are his own?) Not sure about Nino though.
Toma didn't mean to let that slip to Sho; he is still trying to fly under the radar.
Thanks for reading ❤