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No Love Match - Chapter 6

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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"My husband, I am quite convinced that I do not need to see Masaki," Jun said shakily, as he sat up slightly. "It hurts no longer," he added even whilst unable to disguise another wince, as he felt another twinge of pain low in his belly.

"Jun, you cannot lie to me. I can read the truth on your face and see the pain in your eyes," Sho replied firmly. "I know that you are very afraid, but you must have faith that all is well with out child."

"But what if it is not? It will be all my fault. I did not heed your warnings to be more cautious with my actions."

"My dearest love, you have done nothing wrong. You are just unwell. That is something that you cannot control," Sho said as he worriedly noted the pallor of his husband's cheeks. As Jun dropped his head back to the pillow, his eyes fluttered closed once more.


Sho was so intent upon tracking every fleeting change of expression on Jun's face as he drifted between sleeping and waking, that he was startled almost out of his chair as Masaki bustled into the room without knocking. Nino was trailing a step behind, and he stopped once he was barely through the doorway, as if he hesitated to venture too close to Jun.

Masaki immediately checked Jun's pulse and his temperature, frowning at his findings. "Sho would you please step into the next room whilst I make my examination?"

"No, Masaki, this time I will not. This is my husband, and my child in his belly. I have every right to be here. I will not leave my kitten to face this alone," he replied as he held Jun's hand tightly, rubbing his thumb nervously over the garnet ring on Jun's slender finger.

Masaki carefully examined Jun whilst Sho and Nino looked on worriedly.

They both felt their breath catch in their throats as Masaki asked, "Jun, when did you last feel your baby's movements?"

Jun's eyes widened with fear, "I cannot remember! The whole room has been revolving around my head and I did not think to..." he replied in a panicked voice.

Sho made a move, as if to speak, but Masaki quelled him with a glance. "Jun, if I give you some cold water to drink, do you think that you can keep it down?"

Jun nodded absently, worry etched across his face as he concentrated on his belly, trying to detect the faintest of movements, but all was still.

Nino soon returned with a beaker of water that Jun gulped down as quickly as possible, under Masaki's instructions.

Time seemed to stand still as everyone froze in place awaiting the outcome.

"Masaki, what do you mean to find by this? Why are you not treating my husband? I do not understand why you are wasting time," Sho blustered as fear gnawed at his heart.

Masaki was about to respond, but his words were interrupted by Jun's sudden cry.

"He moves! I can feel the fluttering." Jun said tearfully as he hugged his belly tightly.

"Masaki, what does this mean?" Sho asked gruffly, tears welling in his eyes.

Masaki sighed with relief as he replied, "I believe that Jun is suffering from a fever that is unrelated to his pregnancy. Nino has been unwell for the past few days and I believe that he had already passed it on to Jun before distancing himself."

"But what of Jun's pain?"

"It is his body making adjustments to allow it to accommodate the growth of the new life that he nurtures within. His ligaments and muscles are stretching and giving way as his baby grows. I believe that it is only because he is ill at the same time that he feels it so acutely."

"So my baby is safe?" Jun asked, before bursting into tears that were a mixture of embarrassment and relief.

At the same time, whilst all attention was upon Jun, there was a thud from the far side of the room as Nino collapsed to the floor in a dead faint.


"Let me up!" Nino said as he tried to climb out from under the covers.

"No!" said Masaki as he pushed him gently back down.

"Nino, I am ordering you to remain in this bed. You wouldn't disobey a direct order from me, would you?" Sho said as he glared at him, worried for Nino, but also concerned about the effect all of this fuss was having on Jun.

"Please, Nino," Jun said softly from his position on the other side of the bed. His fever had returned and there were two spots of hectic colour upon his cheeks.

Nino looked at Jun's pleading eyes and suddenly relented, allowing himself to be tucked back under the covers.

Much to his disgust, his pregnancy was now common knowledge and people were already starting to treat him differently. Nino was aware that he was also guilty of treating Jun like a rare and fragile piece of china, but there was no way that he was the same. Just because he carried Masaki's child did not mean that he was suddenly a weakling. He realized that he would have difficulty convincing the others of that after his fainting spell. It had not been his own weakness that had caused his collapse though, rather his relief that Jun's own child was safe.

"You will stay in this bed tonight," Masaki said as he stroked Nino's cheek ,"I cannot be in two places at once and as I must oversee the pair of you it is really for my benefit if you remain here."

Nino sighed, but finally agreed. To be completely truthful he was still feeling exhausted and dizzy after the illness that he had accidentally passed on to Jun, and welcomed the comfort of this warm bed.

Jun smiled, reached and took Nino's hand in his own. "I am so happy for you, and happy that you are here now. You were always my staunchest supporter when I was ill when we were children. I wonder if our own children will be such friends? I think that it would be most wonderful."

Nino said nothing, instead he smiled shyly and snuggled closer to his dearest friend as he felt sleep overtaking him.


The two older men each carried a comfortable chair through from Jun's bedchamber and placed them in Sho's own chamber, far enough away across the room so as to not disturb the sleeping pair in the bed. There was no possibility of sleep for Sho or Masaki though. They were resolved to spend the darkest reaches of the night watching over those whom they loved.

Jun and Nino were curled up together in the middle of Sho's large bed. They were tumbled together like a pair of puppies, cuddled up in a heap, their limbs entwined and Nino's nose pressed firmly to the back of Jun's neck.

"I sometimes feel like a monster," Sho said softly as he gazed at his impossibly beautiful husband.

"Sho, whatever do you mean?" asked Masaki, equally softly, loathe to disturb either of the sleeping pair.

"I thought only of my own selfish desires when I agreed to take Jun as my husband. Not once did I spare a thought for what he might be feeling. Nor did I even consider our difference in ages. I have even made him pregnant whilst he is still at a dangerously young age, something that worries me constantly. Do you not ever suffer the same guilt regarding Nino?"

"The circumstances at the commencement our relationship were completely different. I spoke of my feelings directly to him and he happily accepted. He came to me willingly and with a full understanding of my desires towards him and for conceiving a child with him."

"Whilst I forced myself upon Jun aginst his will," Sho said, as he rubbed his hands tiredly across his face.

"Never! I will not hear of you speak about yourself like that. You were never anything less than a complete gentleman. Nobody could have been more gentle and respectful of Jun's feelings. You did not take him until he freely offered himself to you. How many men in that situation would have been willing to wait?"

"But I agreed to the match without hesitation."

"Your union was decreed by the King, at the behest of Jun's own father. If anyone is to blame for not taking Jun's feelings into account, it is most certainly not you. Did his father speak to you even once before the nuptials? Did he ask you to protect and care for his son? He did not. He simply handed him over to you as if he was trading a calf, or finding a home for an unwanted puppy," Masaki hissed, his eyes flashing with rare anger.

"Thank you, my dear friend. I can always rely upon you to set my mind at ease when I am plagued by doubts. But I am resolved to consult with Jun more in the future. He has the right to make his own decisions, and if they are wrong; to learn from his mistakes."

Their conversation was interrupted as Jun moved restlessly in the bed. He rolled away from Nino's embrace and whimpered in his sleep as if plagued by a bad dream. Sho was immediately at his side, stroking his hair and speaking soothingly to him until he was at peace once again.

As Masaki watched on, he could not even conceive how this kind and loving friend of his could ever imagine himself to be an uncaring monster.


It was still very early when Jun awoke. His bladder was complaining of neglect. The baby was forcing him to go more often now and he knew that he could ignore his need no longer.

Sho and Masaki were both absent from their watching post. He guessed that his husband would be busy preparing for the King's depature. Jun felt terribly guilty for ruining the previous evening for the King and wished that he could apologise in some way before the Monarch's departure, but first he desperately needed the bathroom.

After slowly climbing out of bed and standing wobbly-kneed for a moment to gain his balance, Jun shuffled towards the bathroom, relieved to realize that Sho had exchanged his sweat soaked clothes for a loose nightshirt sometime during the night.

He was about to push open the bathroom door when he heard voices issuing from the other side.

"There, Kazu, my dear, soon you shall feel better, I promise," Masaki said.

His words were followed by the most horrible retching noises. They were obviously issuing from Nino, who groaned between heaves, blaming Masaki for his current predicament.

Jun remembered his own bouts of morning sickness with a shudder, and realized that the pair were likely to be in there for longer than his bladder could hold out.

Driven by urgent need, Jun teetered down the corridor as fast as he could manage, rushing towards the nearest bathroom, when he ran into a solid object. It made a noise like a deflating balloon as it hit the ground but Jun paid it no heed, his need was beyond desperate by now, and his still fevered mind presently lacked the capacity to focus on more than one thing at a time.

When he emerged from the bathroom, feeling much more relaxed but strangely lightheaded, he soon found to his absolute horror exactly whom, rather than what, he had knocked to the ground in his haste.

King Ohno was sitting on the floor laughing and rubbing his elbow where he had cracked it against the wall as Jun bowled him over in his desperate dash. "Once again we meet in rather strange circumstances," His Majesty said breathlessly.

"Oh, whatever have I done to you, Your Majesty?" Jun gasped in horror.

"It merely seems that we are always fated to meet in unusual ways. Do not worry, I am perfectly unharmed. But what of yourself? My man came last evening and told me that the baby was in no danger, but that you had a fever. Should you be walking the corridor alone, whilst so scantily clad?"

It was only then that Jun noticed that he was only in his linen night shirt and that in his haste to relieve his bladder that he had forgotten his robe entirely.

"I apologise Your Majesty. I seem quite unable to accomplish anything without it becoming a disaster," Jun said, finding himself perilously close to tears at the thought of letting Sho down once again.

"My dear young friend, please do not upset yourself. It seems that any time I am near you, I end up inducing your tears. I am starting to feel like the most insensitive bully."

"N-no, you are, if anything, too kind to a foolish one such as I," Jun replied, "You are always so patient. "

"With three children of my own, who are almost of an age with you, I have had much experience with handling the ups and downs of youthful emotions. Although none of them have blessed me with grandchildren yet, I can only hope that when that time comes they will each have a strong marriage and faithful friends as a support such as you do."

As they talked, Ohno took Jun's elbow and walked him slowly back to his bedchamber. He did not like the sight of beads of sweat forming on the young man's brow, taking it as a sign that Jun's fever was making a resurgence.

"Jun, do you understand that I have need of your husband's services?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, when I was in the kitchens I heard talk of rebel troops amassing on the border. I fear that my Father's lands are in danger, but when the servants realized that I was present they refused to speak further on the subject. I arranged for my desserts to be supplied to your men and I intended to speak to them last evening to draw out further information when I went to retrieve the serving platters, but my illness intervened."

"You are craftier than I gave you credit for," Ohno said admiringly, "I thought that you might ask me to spare your husband from this duty, taking your condition into consideration."

"At first I did think of it, but our talk about duty and responsibility yesterday made me realize that if I did so it would be most selfish of me to ask that of you; not just because it is my own Father and homeland that is in danger. Sho would never forgive me if I went behind his back and prevented him from doing what he must for you and for our country."

"I thank you for your forbearance and I promise you that I shall keep him away from you for as little time as possible," Ohno replied as they neared the doorway to Sho's bedchamber, "I shall give Sho two further weeks with you before he must join me. I had originally intended to take him with me today when I depart, but your illness makes me loathe to take him from your arms whilst you are still so obviously unwell."

Jun was indeed flagging just from the short walk up the corridor to the bathroom and back. The room had begun to spin once again and his legs seemed to lack the strength to support his weight as he heard a buzzing noise in his ears. If not for the support of Ohno he would surely have fallen.

They had almost reached their goal when an agitated Sho craned his head around the doorframe, "Jun, what on earth do you think you are doing? Who said that you could leave your bed? I had no idea where -" Sho's words dried up as it finally came to his notice that Jun was not alone, and also the identity of Jun's companion, "Your Majesty?"

"Lord Sakurai," Ohno said with a regal inclination of his head. The effect was somewhat spoiled by Jun clinging to his arm, his thin night shirt exposing his well-shaped legs to the view of all. "I think perhaps you should retrieve this stray that I found wandering the corridors. Please join me in your study when convenient? I must make my departure before midday. "

Sho took Jun into his arms and returned him to the bed, pulling the blankets up and tucking them tightly under his chin, "You should not have left this room. You still have a fever. It is not safe for you to walk unaided."

Jun blinked up at him innocently, "I urgently needed to empty my bladder. The baby is squeezing it."

"Where is Masaki? And Nino? They should have assisted you."

"Nino is indisposed, and Masaki is caring for him in the bathroom. I was forced to find another with all speed," Jun said a second before Masaki emerged from that very room, carrying Nino in his arms.

"Put me down immediately," Nino said as he punched Masaki weakly in the chest with his fist.

"I will put you down in the bed and nowhere else," Masaki said as he tossed Nino none too gently upon the mattress.

Nino was looking almost as ill as Jun was. His morning sickness had finally struck him with full force and when combined with the fever which had returned to him it had rendered him almost helpless. It was only his stubborn nature that was preventing his total surrender to Masaki's fussing.

"I must meet with the King and he has requested Masaki's presence as well. Will you two promise to behave whilst we are gone?" Sho asked, his arms crossed as he glared at Jun and Nino.

"You are only permitted to venture to the bathroom, but I would prefer it if you both could wait for our return," Masaki said as he placed a damp cloth on each of their foreheads.

"But..." Jun looked uncomfortable at the prospect, feeling the baby fluttering in his belly.

"I think that our child may have other ideas, and that Jun may need to relieve himself before then," Sho said quietly to Masaki.

"Aah," Masaki said, "Jun, you may use the bathroom if you must, but please move very cautiously."

"What about me?" Nino piped up.

" You must stay where you are," Masaki said with a scowl as he left the room with Sho.


"I did not know that Masaki could be so masterful," giggled Jun, the fever making him feel more than a little lightheaded.

"You should see him in bed," Nino replied with a snicker. He too was more than a little dizzy as well.

The fever was loosening their tongues in a very strange way.

"He cannot possibly compare to my Sho."

"So I was not far off when I compared him to his stallion?"

"Perhaps not."

"So is he about this big?" Nino asked as held his hands a certain distance apart.

Jun giggled again and shook his head.

"This?" Nino said as he moved his hands a little further. "Please give me a small hint?"

With a cheeky smile, Jun reached over and pulled Nino's hands quite a distance farther apart.

"That is impressive to the extreme," Nino said, "But what of his girth?"

Jun formed a circle with his hands indicating how he held them when he pleasured Sho.

Nino blinked in admiration as he formed a picture in his mind of exactly what Jun was describing.

"And your Masaki?" Jun asked curiously.

"His is not as large, but he knows how to use it well. I am never short of pleasure."

"Do you ever think of how it must have been for them when they were with each other?" Jun asked. "Sometimes I wonder if I am enough to keep Sho satisfied, since I have no other experience except with him."

"I had a wealth of experience with both sexes before Masaki asked me to become his lover, and yet when we make love I feel things much more intensely than I had with anyone before him. I therefore believe that because you and your husband love each other deeply, your body must give him more satisfaction than any of his previous lovers whether you are experienced or not."

Jun's cheeks became even more flushed as he dared to ask, "Has Masaki ever pleasured you solely with his mouth?"

"Of course. He is most skilled. I also love to return the favour to Masaki. Do you not enjoy it?"

"Sho often takes me into his mouth when he prepares me, to help me to relax. I will not tell you any more than that. Some things must remain private between my husband and I." Even in Jun's fevered state, he did not wish to tell Nino of the time that Sho had lowered himself to knees for him. "I have played with his cock with my tongue but never had him in fully in my mouth when he is erect. His size scares me. What if I cannot breathe? What if I cannot swallow all of his seed and it causes me to choke?"

"But with lips like yours, you were obviously born to give a man pleasure with your mouth," Nino mumbled as he eyelids seem to grow heavier, "Perhaps one day you should pluck up the courage to try. There is no wrong way to do it. Your husband will appreciate any attempts that you make. Masaki, for instance, loves it when it take his cockhead in my mouth and..."

"Nino?" Jun asked, wishing to hear the rest of Nino's advice. Unfortunately Nino was already once again asleep. Jun soon fell asleep also, fuzzily wondering what Nino had meant about his lips.


"Your Majesty, this is Aiba Masaki, the Healer that you requested to meet. He has been caring for Jun throughout his pregnancy," Sho said, as he pushed a slightly over awed Masaki closer to the Monarch.

"Ah, Aiba, I have a special mission for you, it it pleases you. I am unconsionably fond of Sho's young husband and would wish for him to be well cared for during Sho's absence. It would please me greatly if you could send regular reports to me regarding his welfare. I am sure that Sho would be more at ease and able to concentrate upon his duties if his fears are allayed also."

"Of course Your Majesty. I shall care for him most diligently. He means a great deal to us all, not just his besotted husband."

"I would also wish to send my own personal Healers to assist you when the time for Jun's confinement approaches. They assisted my dear wife with each of our children, so you have my personal assurance of their competency," Ohno said with a warm smile.

"I thank you for your most generous offer, Your Majesty. Taking Jun's youth into account I would appreciate any assistance from true experts when the time comes."

"Do not look so woried, Lord Sakurai," Ohno said, "I am quite sure that Jun will cope well with the birth. It is merely a precaution aimed solely at putting all of our minds at ease."

Sho had not realized that his fears were writ so clearly upon his face. He had been trying not to think that far ahead, as far as Jun's pregnancy was concerned. It was as much as he could cope with at the moment just to be reconciled with the fact that his youthful husband was pregnant, without thinking of all of the pitfalls of the actual birth itself.

After Masaki took his leave, Sho and the King discussed the upcoming campaign and the length of Sho's expected absence.

"I must apologize, Lord Sakurai. I have taken the liberty to already discuss this matter with your enchanting husband, and he has most kindly given me his blessing to steal you from his side for as long as necessary. He is a most courageous and gracious young man, and it pains me to be the one to take you from him precisely when his need for you is at its greatest."

Sho could hardly believe that Jun had taken the news so calmly and with such maturity. His heart swelled with pride at the thought of his husband discussing such matters with the King. Jun's self confidence had grown so much since they had first been wed.

It gave Sho hope that Jun, with the support of Masaki and Nino, would be able to cope with his pregnancy and the smooth running of the household even throughout his enforced absence


After sleeping for several hours Nino had recovered sufficiently enough to make him whine and complain until he was allowed to leave the bed and return to his own room nearby.

It was more for Jun's benefit rather than Nino's since Jun was still feverish and Nino's frustrated tossing and turning and exaggerated sighing was distressing him.

After leaving a supply of medicine on the bedside table for Sho to dose Jun with, Masaki gathered up his equipment and went to join his lover.

"Nino, I wish you to join me at my cottage, so that I may keep a closer watch over you and our child," Masaki said as he entered Nino's room. "Pack your clothing and whatever necessities you cannot live without for the next few days and I will carry your bag back to the cottage."

"Did you just issue me with an order as if I am your possession?"

"Of course not, Kazu, I know well that the only part of you that I possess is your heart," Masaki replied, trying to stave off the inevitable.

"I would not be so sure of that either," Nino snarled as he flung the closest thing that came to hand at Masaki's head.

Masaki managed to dodge the hairbrush that almost took out his eye and dashed in to grab Nino's hands to prevent any more potential damage.

Holding Nino's wrists together between their bodies Masaki said "I am merely worried for you dear-heart. When there was the prospect of Jun losing his baby I could not prevent myself from wondering how I would feel if it was our child that was in danger. I do not believe that my heart could cope with the prospect of losing either you or our baby."

"But there is no such danger," Nino said, as he stopped trying to pull away from Masaki's grasp "I am perfectly safe and so is our child. Please allow me to fulfill my duty and care for Jun as best I can. Once Sho departs we will be Jun's only source of support."

"Nino, Sho has not yet left this place. Do you not think that we must allow them space to spend time together without our interference? If the situation was reversed you would wish to have your privacy, would you not?"

"But Jun...the baby," Nino's voice broke as he relived his fear that Jun could have been about to miscarry.

Masaki picked up on it, instantly understanding why Nino was being so stubbornly overprotective towards Jun, "Nino, Jun's baby is fine, and so is ours. With you as its father our baby could be nothing less than utterly stubborn and full of fight."

"Masa, why do you have the ability to see into my heart?" Nino asked as he allowed himself to be drawn into Masaki's comforting arms.

"Because I know your heart as well as I know my own. Are our heartbeats not synchronized even now?" Masaki asked as he lifted one of Nino's hands to his chest whilst he pressed the other to his own.

Nino buried his face in Masaki's chest and cried the tears that he had supressed since the King's man had pounded upon the door of the cottage and informed them that Jun had collapsed.

When he had no more tears to cry, he placed some of his clothing into a small bag and allowed Masaki to take him by the hand and lead him to the cosy cottage that would one day soon become his home.


Jun stretched his limbs and smiled. He had been in bed for far too many days now, and he longed for fresh air and exercise. His fever was gone and after taking Masaki's medicine faithfully for the past week, he was feeling completely well again. The knowledge that he only had one week left to spend with Sho before his departure made him even more determined to be well.

Since his illness, they had been unable to make love and he was determined to change that as soon as possible. He had been having increasingly erotic dreams over the past few days, and had even come in his sleep during the night. He tossed the soiled nightwear onto the floor and picked up one of his husband's shirts instead, slipping it on over his head as he headed towards his own room. Sho had slept there over the past few evenings, after coming to bed in the small hours, looking quite exhausted.

Sho was woken in the most pleasant way possible as a pair of soft lips were pressed to his own.

Jun was standing beside the bed, barefooted and wearing nothing but one of Sho's own shirts. It was far too large for Jun's slim frame and the neck hole had slipped over one of his shoulders, fetchingly exposing smooth skin and his delectable collarbone.

Sho could see that his husband was fully restored to health. Jun's cheeks were slightly pink and his eyes were shining with desire.

Sho reached out for Jun as his husband slowly allowed the shirt to slip off his other shoulder and slide to the floor.

But Sho's hand stilled in midair as Jun's body was fully revealed, "Jun! Your belly!"

Jun immediately tensed and moved his hands to hug his midriff, his eyes opening wide with surprise at what he felt there. He spun around to face the looking glass, gasping at the sight. Seemingly overnight his belly had changed from softly swollen to a distinctly rounded bump. Masaki had warned him of this, and at first he was excited that after almost nineteen weeks he finally looked pregnant and not just as if he had gained weight.

But soon self-doubt filled his mind and Jun immediately snatched up the discarded shirt and clutched it protectively in front of his body as he hunched down into a small ball on the floor, utterly convinced that his husband could no longer possibly find him to be attractive.
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