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No Love Match - Chapter 4

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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When Nino pushed open the door to Jun's chamber he was surprised to see that he was already sitting up in bed with a disgruntled look upon his face.

Ignoring the glare that was being aimed his direction Nino placed the tray he was carrying down on the small writing desk in the corner so that he could draw back the curtains, flooding the bright and airy room with light.

Sho had insisted upon Jun sleeping in the beautiful room that had once been his mother's since their return from Jun's birthday journey. Of course they were still making love in Sho's large bed, but every evening when it was time to sleep Sho would escort Jun back to his own chamber and tuck him under the covers, watching over him until he slumbered. Since he was beginning his days at dawn he wished not to disturb Jun when he awoke and hastily dressed before heading to his duties as he would do if Jun was in his bed with him. Jun was having little enough sleep as it was due to his frequent bouts of nausea.

"Good morning. I have brought you the omelette you asked Cook last evening to prepare for your breakfast today," Nino chirped, trying to lighten the gloomy atmosphere a little.

"Why is it that both my husband and Masaki insist upon me taking my morning meal in my bed chamber?" Jun asked sulkily.

"Because you are still emptying your stomach after eating in the morning and they do not wish you to suffer any embarrassment.”

"Nonsense. I have not been ill for almost a week now," Jun pouted as he swallowed a huge bite of his eggs, as if trying to prove his point.

Unfortunately, he did himself no favours by eating so quickly and soon he was forced to run to the bathroom to be violently ill almost as soon as he finished.

As Nino assisted him back to his bed he wailed in frustration. "Why are things still this way? Masaki promised that as my belly swelled the symptoms of nausea would lessen."

Nino looked at the slight thickening around Jun's waist and did not know how best to reply. Since he had been so unwell upon taking most foods despite Masaki and Nino's best efforts he had rather lost weight rather than gained during these first months of his pregnancy. Jun's belly was gently rounded, but at this stage only the keenest of observers would be able to tell that he was carrying a child. Instead he handed Jun a beaker of herbal tea and a crust of fresh bread to try and relieve his nausea, being that Masaki's supply of the tonic that Jun had been taking was exhausted.

"Drink this and you will soon feel better. Masaki will be brewing a new batch of your tonic today. He said that he will teach me how it is done as long as I am free to assist him.

As Nino helped Jun to dress, his younger charge sighed deeply. "Sho does not allow me to disturb him when he is occupied with his affairs, nor will he permit me to continue my exercises with him. I had hoped that you would keep me company again today instead, but it appears that you and Masaki have plans of your own." Jun said, feeling as if he was the only one without purpose. "That sounds most interesting though. May I join you?" Jun asked with almost a look of desperation. It seemed that everyone else had something important to do while all he was allowed to do was lounge around uselessly and incubate his baby.

Nino could refuse Jun nothing and so he agreed even though he feared that Masaki would have other ideas upon the subject.


The look on Masaki's face said it all when Jun followed Nino into the cottage saying "Pay me no mind. Pretend that I am not even here. I just wish to observe," as he gazed wonderingly around. He had never before been given the opportunity to enter the Healer's cottage whilst he was at work.

Masaki bade Jun to sit in the most comfortable chair that he possessed before he dragged Nino out of the room on the pretext of searching for a missing ingredient.

Once they were safely out of earshot Masaki hissed "Why did you permit him to accompany you here?"

"Because he is lonely and needs company. I cannot stand by and watch him feel as if he has been abandoned by those who love him," Nino replied defiantly.

"But the fumes from our brewing may be harmful for him. I would not wish to make him feel unwell."

"Then I will ensure that he remains at a safe distance from our work. I doubt if he is deeply interested in what we are doing. He merely wishes for company. I will not go against his wishes and neither will you. If this makes him happy, then so be it," Nino said firmly.

Masaki had to laugh at the determined set to his lover's jaw. "Yes my tiger, I dare not disobey your direct instructions."

At first Jun sat quietly watching them, but he soon began to pepper them with questions to which Masaki and Nino replied as best they could in a slightly distracted manner as they tried to concentrate on their work.

Masaki left the tonic in Nino's care while he went to the village briefly to bring some medicine to a poorly grandmother at the urgent request of her family.

Sensing that Nino was not really paying him any attention Jun soon became bored and walked around the room examining the various bunches of herbs that were hung from the ceiling to dry, sniffing their fragrance and feeling the different textures of their foliage.

Jun did not know how it happened, but suddenly the string let go and the bundles tumbled to the floor. He tried to make a grab for them, but only succeeded in knocking a large jar of ointment to the floor where it shattered on the tiles.

Nino immediately ceased stirring the batch of tonic that rested in a large pot over the fire, to come to Jun's aid as he tried to pick up the shards of glass.

"Stop. You will only make matters worse," Nino chided as he brushed Jun's hands away from the mess.

Jun could see by the look that he was trying to disguise that Nino was angry at his destructive fumbling.

"These herbs are useless now," Nino said with a scowl as he looked at the messy pile of glass, ointment and leaves that he had swept together. "Masaki will need to spend days searching for their replacements."

Jun had not heard Nino speak to him with that tone since they were small children together. For the first time Jun could see that Nino cared for someone more than he cared for him. It was a shock as white hot jealously seared through his chest.

When Masaki returned, Nino and he exchanged a look that spoke volumes as they realized that the batch of tonic was ruined also, because Nino had stopped stirring it when he went to Jun's aid.

Feeling deeply embarrassed at pushing in where he was clearly not wanted and interfering with Masaki and Nino's precious time together Jun chose to flee before he made even more of a fool of himself.

"It is almost time for luncheon. I should seek my husband out and see if he is free to dine with me. I apologize for ruining your hard work. I shall leave before I destroy anything else," Jun babbled as he fled the cottage without awaiting their reply, his cheeks still burning a fiery red.

Nino and Masaki did not want him, and Sho was occupied with more important matters than his pathetic neediness; so when Jun made a conscious decision to walk into the woods rather than return to his home, he told himself that he was not running away, he was just giving people some peace from his constant selfish demands.


Nino tried to chase after Jun, but he had already disappeared by the time he had wiped his hands clean and run out the front door in pursuit.

"Masaki, I must go after him," Nino said, anxiously looking up the path where he assumed Jun had gone.

"I suggest you leave him be. He is feeling left out because he is at a loose end. Perhaps it will help him to come to terms with the fact that you have a life of your own and that he must find his own way also."

"But he is upset."

"He will recover from it. Kazu, soon he will be a parent and he must learn to bear responsibility with more maturity or else how will he cope?" Masaki replied as he took Nino by the hand and drew him back into his cottage.


Blinking against the sudden bright light, Jun finally emerged from the thick trees into a more open patch of grass that led down to a rapidly flowing stream. Jun had no idea how long he had been walking for and he was unable to recognize any landmarks as he struggled onwards.

Loathe as he was to admit it, Jun was lost, but at least he could quell his thirst at the stream he could see up ahead as he considered his options.

He was more fatigued than he would have expected; the baby had obviously stripped away some of his stamina. His head was buzzing and his vision seemed to blur, but he still saw the figure of a man loom in front of him, rising up from beside the stream. Jun tried to run, but his body refused to obey, instead he saw the ground rising up to meet him as he collapsed in a heap and his world turned dark.


"Please take some of this water. I think that it shall revive you at least a little."

Jun struggled weakly against the hands that were holding his head upright while his back was propped against a sturdy tree. "Please let me go. I wish to leave."

"I would like to see you try," said a calm voice. "I have seen new born foals with more strength in their legs than you possess at this moment."

It was hard to see the face of the man who spoke, shaded as it was by a hat with a large floppy brim, but his voice was strangely reassuring. Jun decided to cease his struggles and accept the beaker of water that was being proffered to him.

"You are obviously with child. Are you unwell? Should I seek help?"

"Those are the words I have come to dread hearing the most," Jun said, unable to stop himself from bursting into tears. "Why does everyone treat me as if I am feeble?"

"Because they care for you, and because your child is a precious gift that must be protected," the stranger replied.

"But people have babies all the time. Why does everyone around me fuss so?"

"I take it that this is your first baby?"

Jun nodded as he tried to still his sobs.

"When my wife was carrying our first I think that I almost drove her to almost wish to dissolve our marriage. She is my world and our son is my future and I was demented with fear over those months, worrying about all that could go wrong."

As he spoke the man looked back towards the stream where there was a row of fishing poles driven into the soft soil of the bank.

"If you are feeling well enough would be you like to help me fish? We could catch some dinner for ourselves. I fear that you have not eaten properly thus far today."

"I must confess that I missed my midday meal."

"And your morning meal also?" the stranger said with a knowing smile.

Jun was so happy that someone was not treating him like an invalid for the first time in weeks that he did not question who this man was or why he was trespassing on his husband's domain, instead he allowed himself to be assisted over to the fishing gear and receive a lesson in angling.


"What do I do now?" Jun shrieked as the weight of the fish almost tore the rod from his grasp.

"You must pull it in closer to the bank so that I may capture it within this net."

Jun did not think that he had ever been more proud of himself than when the fish was resting safely on the bank.

"You did well. I think that you have the knack."

Jun sat down to regain his breath as he watched a pair of skilled tanned hands with long and graceful fingers work to prepare the fish ready for grilling.

"We must hurry and eat so that I may return you to your home before nightfall."

Jun looked around startled at the words; he had somehow forgotten about home and the fact that surely his absence might have caused panic by now.

"My husband will be angry with me."

"He loves you, does he not?"

"With all of his heart, as I love him in return."

"Then he will not be angry. He will instead be most relieved to have you back in his arms."

"He will think me childish and forbid me to leave his sight," Jun pouted.

"It shows his love for you and the child that you nurture within your body. You should be pleased to be so well esteemed."

"I suppose that I have proven him right by my impetuous actions today," Jun said, looking chastened.

"I believe that you two may find a middle way that will give you more freedom. You just have to find the courage within yourself to speak to your husband from your heart."

"I am a useless ornament, and not fit for anything," Jun sighed as the older man swiftly prepared the fish and lit a small fire. There was no way that he was capable of doing anything remotely that useful.

"You just need to find you own niche; and once you do I believe that you will blossom."

Jun could only hope that the kind man's words proved to be true.


The fish proved to be delicious and Jun ate heartily, for the first time fully realizing how much trouble he could have been in if not for his saviour.

After carefully packing his fishing gear the man retrieved an enormously tall jet black horse from its tethering spot and led it into the clearing.

"My horse is named Storm, he may be huge but he will be gentle with you. My children and my dear wife, have ridden with me before and he treated each of them with the utmost care and respect," the man said as he assisted Jun into the saddle before he climbed up behind him.

It seemed like a very long way down to the ground to Jun but the stallion moved very carefully across the uneven ground. It was more than passing strange that such a poorly dressed and scruffy looking fellow possessed such a magnificent beast, but by its demeanour it clearly belonged to him and no other.

It seemed to be but the work of a moment for them to arrive back within sight of the Manor. The huge horse seemed to eat up the ground with his long strides.

"Please allow my husband to repay you for your kindness," Jun said as he was carefully lifted to the ground. "If you will but spare the time to accompany me to the house."

"I am sorry, but I am needed elsewhere this evening or I would gladly join you and your husband. Perhaps it is for the best if you do not mention meeting me? You would only give your husband yet another reason to be overly concerned."

"I suppose you are right, but at least tell me your name before you leave."

"Do not worry; you will learn my name when next we meet. You see, I am a close friend of your husband," the man declared as he pressed his heels to his stallion that immediately bounded away, back into the woods.

Feeling quite bemused and also apprehensive about the reception that was in store for him, Jun began to reluctantly trudge up the driveway towards the house.


Sho had been kept away from the house by his agent for most of the day. He had been unable to make it back in time for lunch with Jun, but he relied upon Nino to have made sure that his husband ate well.

As he rode past Masaki's cottage, he was surprised to see Nino emerge carrying a satchel filled with bottles of Jun's tonic. He had expected him to have spent the day keeping Jun company rather than training with the Healer.

"Nino, did Jun eat properly at midday? I asked Cook to prepare him some easily digested foods, even though all he seems to want to eat lately is meat."

"I am sorry, my Lord. Jun accompanied me here this morning, but he returned to the Manor to dine with you. Did you not speak with him yourself?"

"I have not been home yet. Could you please check on him for me whilst I discuss something with Masaki?"

"Certainly Lord Sakurai," Nino said, feeling guilty once again for abiding by Masaki's wishes and not following Jun earlier.

To Nino's distress one of the servants informed him that Jun had not returned to the house since leaving with him that morning.

"He must be in his room, he must have snuck past when you weren't paying attention, or drinking with the Cook," Nino snarked as he pushed past the startled man and ran upstairs to Jun's chamber.

The bed had been neatly made up by the maid and there was no sign that Jun had been there since morning.

Nino's stomach churned with anxiety as he raced out of the house in the direction of the Healer's cottage. Sho and Masaki were strolling up the path leading Sho's stallion between them as they talked.

Sho looked up and caught Nino's eye and the expression that he saw there made him drop the reins and run towards him.

"He has not returned to the house since this morning. Where can he be?" Nino cried.

"Why would he go off alone?" Sho asked.

Masaki and Nino looked uncomfortable as they wracked their brains, trying to think where Jun could have been for all of these hours after he left the cottage.

Nino was about to confess when out of the corner of his eye he spotted a lone figure trudging tiredly up the drive.


Jun stopped and waved, bracing himself for the onslaught that would surely come.

He had soon found himself being bustled into the house and pressed down onto the love seat in the drawing room as the other three stood and glared down at him.

"Where have you been?"

"What were you doing?"

"Did you not think that we would worry?"

"Did you have no thoughts upon the welfare of our unborn child?"

"What if something unforeseen occurred?"

There were too many questions to answer all at once, and remembering the words of his new mysterious friend that he should learn to stand up for himself he replied. "I merely went for a walk and lost track of the time. I wish you all would cease to treat me as if I was an invalid. I am sorry to have concerned you and I apologize for that. But since you all were so busy I simply decided to seek amusement by myself for once. Surely I am safe enough on our own lands?"

The other three looked at him with a mixture of anger and relief as he appeared to be unharmed by his adventure.

Pleased that he had managed to deflect their concerns without being forced to confess to his earlier fainting spell, Jun rose from his seat before adding "I will go and bathe and then perhaps we can all dine together this evening? The fresh air has given me quite the appetite."

The effect of assured calm he was aiming for was ruined when he stood up and began to say "And before you ask the baby is -" as the words froze in his throat he pressed his hand to his midriff.

"My love, what is wrong?" Sho asked as he took him by the shoulders and sat him back down as Masaki rushed to examine Jun.

"Do you feel any pain?" Masaki asked as he gently felt Jun's belly.

Nino was standing frozen in place, hardly daring to breathe.

"It feels...peculiar. Like a butterfly flapping its wings or the bubbles in a glass of cider fizzing inside my body," Jun replied, his eyes wide, as he tried to decipher what he was feeling.

To Sho's great anger Masaki merely laughed and stood up, returning to his place beside Nino who looked as if he needed someone to lean on before his legs gave way.

"Masaki, what do you mean by this?" Sho asked, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Fear not, this is good news, nothing bad. Jun, you are feeling your baby's movements for the first time." Masaki said as his face split into a wide grin.

Sho and Jun exchanged a look of sheer wonder before Sho knelt before Jun and pressed his lips to the bump that held his unborn child murmuring "My clever kitten."

"We shall celebrate tonight," Sho declared as helped Jun to his feet. But first my dusty kitten needs a bath," he said as he ignored Jun's squeak of embarrassment.


"Do you think that I would cope as well as Jun?" Nino asked as he led Masaki up to his room.

"With being married?"

"With being pregnant," Nino said as he rubbed his stomach contemplatively.

"Does this mean that you are coming around to my way of thinking?" Masaki asked as he took Nino into his arms.

"Would you be overprotective like Sho? Or allow me to carry on as normal?"

"Kazu, my dear, I dare not tell you what to do even now. I certainly would not be so foolish as to attempt it if you were overflowing with hormones at the same time."

"Once again there needs to be more kissing and less talking," Nino said as he pictured himself swollen with Masaki's child and for the first time the idea did not fill him with fear.


Sho helped Jun to step into the tub filled with steaming scented water before climbing in after him.

"Are you comfortable my love?" Sho asked as he settled Jun on his lap.

"Perfectly," Jun replied dreamily, still in a daze after feeling the baby move. If he closed his eyes he could still recall the sensation.

"And today?"

"I needed some time to think. I need to find something to do that gives me a sense of achievement that I can do until our child is born."

"You know that you need not do anything. Is not creating a child enough? I worry about your welfare constantly when you are out of my sight. I fear that you do not know your limits and think that youth mends all."

"It is a matter of want, rather than need," Jun said as he relaxed back against his husband, jiggling his bottom until he found the most comfortable position.

"Speaking of wanting and needing..." Sho groaned at the sensation as his cock ended up being squeezed between Jun's buttocks.

Jun giggled and turned around to face his husband, causing their cocks to rub lightly together. With a cheeky grin he leant in to whisper in his husband's ear "Remember when you swam in the lake?"

"How could I possibly forget?" Sho breathed back as he reached down and took Jun's half hard length into his hand, enjoying the familiar weight and velvety skin.

"My husband, your very touch drives me wild," Jun moaned against the side of Sho's neck.

"Please return the favour, my kitten," Sho gasped in return, before he captured his husband's plump lips.

With mutual sighs of pleasure they began to slowly run their hands along each other’s lengths. The warm water and steamy scented air made their movements languid and relaxed as they slowly brought each other to an almost simultaneous release; their lips not parting the entire time as they tenderly kissed.


“ Masa, fill me with your seed, make me yours," Nino moaned.

Masaki was more than happy to oblige as he lifted Nino's left leg over his shoulder and began to thrust even faster. “You are mine, always," he groaned as he felt Nino clench tightly around him.

"Yes," Nino cried, as he came over his stomach and Masaki's.

Masaki smiled as he pumped his seed deeply into Nino's writhing body. He stayed inside Nino for as long as possible, before his softening cock forced him to withdraw. Every time they made love his fondest wish was that Nino might hopefully soon know exactly what it felt like to be pregnant with his child and he was doing all that he could to maximize their chances of success.


It was a red faced Jun and a Nino who looked as if his lips were slightly swollen who carefully took their places around the dining table a short while later.

Sho and Jun both decided not to mention that Nino was wearing different clothing to earlier and that Masaki's vest was inside out, considering their own activities before dinner.

"So Jun will be able to feel the baby's movements from now onwards?" Sho asked with interest as Jun piled his plate high with rare roast beef.

"It is unusual to feel the "quickening" as it is called so early in a first pregnancy, but Jun is quite thin so it makes it more likely,” Masaki replied.

Sho hummed absently in response whilst attempting to add some peas and carrots to Jun's plate in addition to the beef. It did not appear that he was going to be successful as each morsel of vegetable matter was soon scraped over to his own plate.

"Jun, you must start eating more than just meat," Sho grumbled as he surrendered to the inevitable and concentrated on his own plate. "Did your Mother not tell you that you would not be allowed dessert if you did not finish your vegetables?"

Jun looked at him with his cheeks bulging with food and shook his head. After he swallowed he looked down at his belly and stroked it softly. "The baby likes meat. He just moved again and I choose to take that as a sign of approval," he said with a smug smile. "And Cook never prepares dessert for us anyway, although I would love something sweetly tart right at this moment." Jun felt his mouth watering at the thought and his baby seemed to agree as it gave an extra flutter as a vision of creamy lemony curd floated through his vision.

"Masaki, I need your help. My cheeky husband is going to use our child as an excuse for not doing anything that he does not wish to if you don't nip things in the bud right now."

But Masaki was barely listening to the married couple’s bickering. He was staring intently at Nino who was pushing his food around the plate still untasted.

"Kazu? Is something amiss?" Masaki murmured under his breath.

Nino was staring across the table as if entranced as he softly replied "They look so much in love. This future child seems set to make their happiness complete."

"As will ours one day soon. This I promise," Masaki replied as he squeezed Nino's hand under the table.


A week later Jun was already up and dressed when Nino slumped his way into the bed chamber carrying his breakfast. His face was pale and his hair uncombed. Jun on the other hand was shiny eyed and eager to begin the day.

"Whatever you have brought me for breakfast, I do not want it," Jun said as he lifted the cover and looked at the porridge disdainfully. "I feel like eating lemon posset this morning and I am about to go and satisfy myself that Cook knows how best to prepare it. And don't even try to tell me that it is dessert and not a breakfast foodstuff. "

Instead of arguing Nino merely sighed and made as if to pick up the tray and leave again without speaking a word.

"Nino?" Jun asked as he grabbed his arm to prevent him leaving. "You do not appear to be at all well. Hand me the tray and immediately return to your bed."

Jun reached up and pressed his hand to Nino's forehead, frowning as it felt slightly too warm under his touch.

"But think of your position and you should not carry things in your condition,” Nino argued weakly.

"A small tray is not going to cause me distress and I am on my way to the kitchens anyway." Jun said in a tone that brooked no argument. "Do you wish me to send for Masaki?"

"That will not be necessary. I am sure that I will recover after some more sleep."

Jun nodded and took the tray from his hands before saying firmly "I expect you to remain in your room for the rest of the day. I will make arrangements for a light lunch to be brought up to you at the appropriate time."

Once again Nino merely nodded meekly and shuffled in the direction of his room. It must have been the game soup that Masaki prepared for the dinner the previous evening that had disagreed with his digestion.


When Sho returned to the Manor for his midday meal a letter was waiting for him in his study. The contents made him snap to full alert as he called a meeting with all of his heads of staff. He wished to pass the news on to Jun but his husband was nowhere to be found about the house. Sho was no longer quite so nervous to leave Jun alone since the smooth progression of his pregnancy, so was content to wait to tell him his news over their meal.

Jun rushed into the dining room directly behind the servants carrying the trays of foodstuffs. His face was slightly flushed and there was a smudge of some white substance upon the tip of his nose.

"I am sorry to be late, my husband. I was downstairs in the kitchens and lost all track of time," Jun apologized breathlessly.

"You are not late sweetheart, but you do look slightly tired. You have not been over taxing yourself I trust?"

"I can assure you that we are perfectly well," Jun replied as he stroked his belly lovingly. It still was not very large but the Healer had assured him that quite soon it would become more prominent, especially since he was now eating more. "I cannot say the same for Nino though; he appeared to be quite poorly this morning. I shall visit him after lunch to see how he is faring."

"Oh no you will not, my kitten. I do not wish for you to sicken for it as well if he is contagious. I will send Masaki to him."


"No buts. Your health and that of our child comes first."

Jun glared but he could also see the sense of his husband's argument and so he backed down and began to eat instead.

"My love? Are those vegetables that I see on your plate? Why have you not taken any meat?" Sho asked in confusion as he looked at the untouched platter of chicken resting in the centre of the table.

"You told me that if I do not eat my vegetables I may not be allowed dessert," Jun said as he forced down a tiny piece of potato. "And now that is done I shall wait for the dessert course."

Sho wanted dearly to argue with his young husband, but he could tell by the eager look upon his face that there was something special about this particular dessert and he did not wish to spoil his fun. He was slightly surprised that Jun had managed to persuade Cook to prepare it; obviously he was not the only one who could not resist Jun’s pleading eyes.

As soon as their empty plates were cleared away a large bowl of a creamy looking dessert replaced them.

Sho did not recognize what the substance was but it smelled of fresh and tangy lemons.

"It is a lemon posset. When I awoke this morning all I craved was this so I went down to the kitchens to arrange its making," Jun said as he happily spooned a large portion into his bowl. As he took the first spoonful he began to make the sort of noises that were usually reserved solely for their bedroom, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, exposing his long white neck to Sho's gaze as he moaned softly.

Sho tried to think calming thoughts as he watched Jun lick the creamy dessert off the back of his spoon with the tip of a very pink tongue. It did not help his predicament when Jun picked up a droplet that clung to the edge of his bowl on a fingertip and drew it into his mouth, sucking his finger clean.

Sho was most glad that the servants had taken their leave as he abruptly stood and grasped Jun by the wrist as he growled "Bedroom. Now."

"But Sho. What of the dessert?" Jun asked, his voice faltering when he spied the large bulge in the front of his husband's trousers.

"Bring it with you. I find its effects upon you to be most stimulating," Sho replied as he hustled him towards the door.


"S-sho," Jun groaned as his husband thrust into him; the half empty bowl of pudding abandoned on the floor.

They had only made it as far as Jun's chamber before Sho could no longer restrain himself. Jun was standing bent forwards, gripping the brass framework of the bedstead to stop himself from falling as his husband took him hard and fast from behind.

"You. Are. Such. A. Tease." Sho grunted, punctuating each word with a sharp snap of his hips as he jerked his hand along Jun's cock in time with his thrusts.

"Yes, just there," Jun wailed as the blunt head of Sho's cock pounded his most pleasurable spot.

"I need you to come now, my kitten," Sho gasped, unable to withhold his orgasm any longer. With a low moan he jerked forwards, his body convulsing as he filled Jun's body to overflowing with his cum even as he felt Jun's own seed release hotly over his hand and spill onto the floor.


Meanwhile, further up the hallway Nino lay on his bed curled into a small ball with a blanket over his head trying to convince himself that he was suffering from an intestinal complaint - not what he actually feared was the cause of his illness.

Masaki had attempted to examine him but he had sent him away; taking the proffered medicine from his hand before unceremoniously shoving him out of the door. As much as he loved him, he was the last person he wished to speak to at this moment. He would speak privately with Jun in the morning instead.


As they lay in Jun's bed together in a sated tangle of limbs whilst finishing the last of the posset, Jun asked "Did you enjoy it, my beloved?"

"I always enjoy our lovemaking, my kitten. Why do you suddenly ask this of me now? Was I too forceful? Did you not feel the same pleasure?"

"I was not speaking of our lovemaking," Jun said with a pout. "I spoke of the dessert. Please tell me your opinion."

Sho had been surprised by its delicious taste. Normally he did not request desserts to be served since his kitchen staff seemed to be less than skilled in that area. "It was truly delicious. It must have been your good influence upon our staff."

Jun's smile could have illuminated the whole house as he hugged Sho tightly enough around the neck as to cut off his blood supply. "It was I who made it," he announced proudly. "When I awoke this morning I desired to eat this very dessert, but when I went downstairs I found that not one of our staff knew how to make it. I remembered my nursery maid preparing it for me when I was small, so tried to recreate it myself. It took me six attempts but I finally replicated it exactly."

Sho was going to chide Jun for spending too much time in the servant's domain, but the look of sheer joy and accomplishment upon his husband's face was hard to deny. "That is wonderful my love. I am glad that you found something to keep you occupied and make you happy."

"Cook said that tomorrow she may teach me to make lemon biscuits if I wish, as long as I have your permission."

"My kitten, you do not need my permission. You are fully in charge of the domestic arrangements of this household and must run things as you see fit. Just promise me to take your condition into consideration and do not overtire yourself." Sho said as he stroked his thumb across Jun's cheek.

This earned Sho a flurry of kisses and another too tight hug that made spots dance across his eyes. After he peeled his laughing husband off his neck he said breathlessly. "I almost forgot that I have news for you as well my love. The King is coming pay us a visit in two days’ time."
Tags: c: aiba masaki, c: matsumoto jun, c: ninomiya kazunari, c: sakurai sho, g: au, g: m-preg, g: romance, l: chaptered, p: aimiya, p: sakumoto, r: nc-17, t: no love match
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