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No Love Match - Chapter 3

Pairing: Sakumoto (main), Aimiya

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, m-preg, au

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi, only these words.

Summary: Jun is given in an arranged marriage to Lord Sakurai Sho. Against the odds, love blossoms.

A/N: I never meant for this to happen but this has now turned into my first chaptered fic. I have no idea where this is going or where it will end but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

Previously: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Jun looked at his husband, eagerly awaiting his reaction to the news. He was certainly not expecting Sho to pull his hand from within his grasp and abruptly stand up and leave the room without speaking a single word.

Jun could hear Masaki calling out to Sho as he swept by him on his way out of the cottage but the fleeing man paid him no mind, slamming the door on his way out.

Nino rushed back into the bedroom where Jun was lying on his side facing away from the door, curled up into a tiny ball of misery as his body heaved with wracking sobs.

Curling up on the bed behind Jun, Nino wrapped his arms tightly around him, humming tunelessly as if attempting to soothe a small child.


Once Masaki was reassured that Nino was caring for Jun, he rushed out of the cottage in pursuit of Sho who was striding along the beach as if attempting to put as much distance between himself and Jun as possible.

“Sho! Stop right there,” Masaki yelled as he ran across the sand, “You will stop and speak with me or believe me I will make you.”

Sho walked on as if in a trance, ignoring Masaki completely.

Masaki ran and caught up to Sho, grabbing his shoulder and forcing him to spin around and face him.

Sho’s face was as expressionless as if it was carved from stone.

“How could you behave so badly towards Jun? I do not understand,” Masaki said, struggling to hold Sho in place.

“No, it is I who does not understand,” replied Sho in a strangled voice, as if he was struggling to get the words out.

“Sho, what on earth do you mean?” asked Masaki in a much gentler tone.

“How could this happen? How can Jun be pregnant?”

“But Sho, you understood that he was a Carrier when you married him. I thought you were pleased at the prospect of him bearing your children.”

“Not yet. Not so soon. He is too young. His body is still immature. What if something goes wrong? What if I lose him?” Sho replied desperately, his eyes brimming with unshed tears, “If something was to happen to him I don’t know what I would do.”

Sho dropped to his hands and knees on the sand as he struggled for breath. It seemed as if there was an iron band squeezing tightly around his lungs making it impossible for him to breathe normally.

Masaki joined him on his knees and pulled Sho more upright as he said in a calming voice “Sho – look at me and breathe slowly.”

Eventually Sho calmed down and sat back on his heels on the sand, looking at Masaki with despair, “How can I possibly protect him when I am so obviously weak?”

 “Sho, you are the strongest person that I know. The duties that you have performed for our King on the field of battle testify to your courage and loyalty. Before Jun came into your life you were quick to anger and feared to demonstrate your feelings. When we were together I was never lucky enough to penetrate the barrier you built around your heart. But now you are able to laugh freely and to love with that same ease. Never speak of yourself in that fashion again.”

Sho took a deep breath, expanding his lungs to their full capacity as he stiffened his spine. “Masaki, please speak truthfully. Will Jun be able to cope with this pregnancy? He has seemed to be struggling over these past few weeks already and I fear for the future. If he was to miscarry the infant…”

 “If he passes these early months safely I believe his pregnancy will be successful. His symptoms are common to the early stages of most pregnancies but since male pregnancy takes longer than those of females there is still far to go. Because of this I can offer you no guarantees, but although Jun sometimes appears to be fragile, I believe his will is made of iron. His character must be strong, as he has managed to tame you when so many before him have failed.”

With a sudden jolt Sho finally came clearly to his senses. He had deserted his beloved immediately after Jun had told him his news, abandoning him when he was still faint from his collapse on the beach. “Masaki, what have I done? Jun will never forgive me. What if I have lost his love?”

‘It is not Jun that you need fear. He must be sorely hurt, but he has enough love and understanding within his heart to forgive you. I fear that it is Nino that you must be wary of. He will be like a tiger protecting his cub when you try and reconcile with your husband.”


Jun had finally ceased to cry, his breathing regulating as he fell into an uneasy sleep, all without yet speaking a single word.

Nino carefully pulled his numb arm out from beneath Jun’s body and he pulled the covers up and tucked them around his shoulders. Jun’s eyes were puffy and the lids were red. Nino knew that Masaki kept a compound within his satchel that would relieve the symptoms. As he stretched his cramped limbs and made a move to go and retrieve the necessary items he heard the front door to the cottage open and close.  Heavy footsteps headed towards Jun’s room and a Nino peeked around the corner of the open doorway he saw that it was Sho himself who was heading towards his master.

A deep and burning anger filled Nino's chest as he stepped out of the bedroom and closed the door quietly behind him. He stood with his feet set wide apart and his arms crossed firmly in front of his chest blocking Sho's access.

"Nino please stand aside. I must speak with my husband," Sho said tiredly.

"I am sorry, Lord Sakurai but I cannot allow you to disturb him at this time. He has been deeply distressed by your reaction to his news."

"Nino, I do not have the patience to argue with you. If you do not step aside I will be forced to take action."

"I know that by defying you I have sealed my fate and I will most likely be dismissed and banished from your household but I must speak my mind." Nino said bravely.

Sho glared at him with dangerously narrowed eyes but made no move to prevent Nino from continuing to speak.

"When Jun was given in marriage to you he was terrified. He tried his hardest to disguise it since he wished to please his father.  He was so young and completely innocent of the ways of the world. I was impressed by the gentle way that you handled him during that difficult time. He has done nothing but open his heart to you and he trusts you with his life, his heart and his very soul.  I did not ever think that you could be such a cruel and cold hearted man as you have proven yourself to be today. That is why I will not permit you distress Jun any further."

Sho's face had gradually lost its colour as Nino had spoken and his words sank in. "Nino, I -"

Sho's words were cut off as the bedroom door opened and a white faced and dishevelled Jun stood there swaying slightly as he said, "Nino, I thank you for your protection,  but I would wish to speak with my husband. Please allow him entry. And you need not fear dismissal.  I heard every word of your spirited defence of me and if my husband wishes you to leave then rest assured, you will not leave alone." With those last words Jun cast Sho a glance that told him clearly who would be accompanying Nino.

Nino reluctantly stepped aside saying, "I will be right outside this door if you require any assistance."

After Sho entered the bedroom and the door was firmly closed behind him Nino slumped down to sit on the floor with his back leaning against the door, his trembling legs no longer able to support him.

"And so the tiger protects his cub," Masaki said admiringly from across the room where he had just entered after removing his sand covered shoes.

"Masaki...I...I...what have I done?" Nino said shakily.

Masaki swiftly moved to sit on the floor next to Nino holding him tight and murmuring words of praise into his hair.


Jun shuffled across the floor slowly as if every step required more energy than his body could summon at that moment. He sat carefully on the chair beside the fireplace opposite the bed with his hand clasped protectively over his stomach in a purely instinctive gesture.

"You promised that you would stay with me forever," Jun said in an angry and  bewildered voice. "I do not understand what I said or did to displease you. What did I do that was so wrong? I will try to be stronger in the future for both you and for our child if that is what you require."

Sho had been standing with his back to Jun, staring sightlessly out of the window and after hearing the pain in his husband's voice his shoulders started to shake as a sob forced its way out from behind the hand that he had tightly pressed over his mouth.

"My husband? What distresses you?" Jun stood and touched his husband lightly on the back as he spoke.

Sho spun around to face Jun and knelt on the floor at his feet with unchecked tears running down his cheeks. It was the first time that he had cried in front of Jun; the first time he had cried at all since the death of his parents.

"You did nothing wrong my love. It is I who am weak. I am ashamed of the way I behaved towards you just now."

"Do you not wish to have a child with me?"

"More than anything my kitten, but I am afraid of the consequences if something were to go wrong. I am afraid for your health. You are so very young and I feared that you were not strong enough, but I realize now that it is I who am weak. My fears overwhelmed me and I fled, trying to escape my thoughts. I am ashamed of my cowardice.  I can only hope that in time you may forgive me," Sho said as he pressed his forehead to the floor at Jun's feet.

"There is nothing for me to fear, my beloved husband, because I could never be afraid as long as you are by my side, and nothing to forgive. This child is the proof of our love and I believe that it could never bring us unhappiness, only joy." Jun said as he bent and pulled his husband to his feet, touched beyond words by the depth of Sho's love and concern.

He had been completely devastated and confused by Sho's abandonment at first, but while awaiting his return he had dozed while Nino curled protectively around his body, and this had triggered a remembrance of when he was small, hearing the servants speak of his mother and her failure to produce another child after his birth. He vaguely recalled hearing his father crying after the healers had been called once again to attend to his mother in the middle of the night. He had spent that night curled up in Nino's bed until his father came looking for him in the morning.

For the first time in Jun's life he felt as if he was the strong one; since learning of his pregnancy and hearing of his husband's fears a feeling of calm surety had filled him. He knew deep within his heart that he now held no fear of the future no matter what it might bring.

No further words of reconciliation were needed as they embraced and their lips met in a chaste kiss.

"You should speak with Nino," Jun said gently after Sho had led him over to the bed once again and made sure that he was resting comfortably. "He fears for his position in our household."

Sho replied with a wry smile. "I fear what I may suffer if I neglect making amends with your fiercest protector. You are my dearest kitten, but he is a fierce mixture of fang and claws. His small stature belies a heart filled with courage. I will ask for his forgiveness and for his further protection of you my love."

With those words Sho bent and placed a kiss on Jun's belly and whispered "Please behave well while I am gone my little one."


Nino would have fallen backwards if not for Masaki's quick reflexes when the bedroom door that he was leaning on suddenly opened.

Masaki stepped to stand protectively in front of Nino as they both scrambled to their feet. Sho closed the door behind him and said, "Masaki you need not protect your fierce lover. I mean him no harm."

Masaki relaxed his protective stance and followed Sho over to sit in the chairs arrayed around the room.

"Nino, I must firstly apologize to you for my treatment of my husband.  We are reconciled and all is forgiven between us. I hope that you may find it within yourself to forgive me also."

"Lord Sakurai, I should never have presumed to interfere in your private affairs..." Nino began before Sho cut him off.

"No apology is necessary.  I admire your loyalty and courage.  That is why I wish for you to leave our household," Sho replied.

"Sho, why do you punish Nino so?" Masaki interjected clutching a white faced Nino's hand tightly.

"You do not allow me to speak," Sho said sharply. "I would wish for Nino to become your apprentice.  His depth of caring and love for Jun is unparalleled and I believe that he would make a skilled healer with the right tutelage. I want only the best treatment for my kitten throughout his pregnancy and I believe that the two of you are precisely what my Love needs."

"Even if we disagree with your opinion?" Masaki asked.

"Especially if you disagree. I have learnt today that my thoughts are not entirely rational when my Love's health is involved and I promise that I will heed your advice." Sho said looking surprisingly humble.

"But, Lord Sakurai, I do not wish to seem ungrateful, but I would not wish to be far from Jun when he needs me the most. I feel happiest when I am as close to my master as practicable," Nino said, plucking up his remaining courage.

Sho and Masaki exchanged a look that said that they were of one mind.

"Nino, I believe that Masaki will be content if you spend time with him, learning his craft whilst Jun is otherwise occupied. That way you can divide your time fairly between the two people whom you love the most," Sho said. "I may be called to the King's service at any time and I would be more content if I was assured that you would be there to support and care for my husband and our unborn child."

Nino stood and bowed respectfully towards Sho before replying, "It would be my greatest honour and privilege my Lord."

"And now that we are all friends once more I will retire to spend some  private time with my husband. Perhaps after the stress of today we should dine separately in our own chambers? I am sure that you two would appreciate some time alone in which to enjoy each other's company?" Sho asked.

"I think that after such an eventful and stressful day that sounds like the perfect suggestion, " Masaki replied as he stood and took a still slightly bewildered Nino by the hand and led him towards their end of the cottage.


Jun was unexpectedly not in bed when Sho returned, but instead was standing in front of the full length looking glass that stood in the corner of the room. He was completely naked and turning from side to side, closely examining his stomach.

"Do I look any different?" he asked as he ran a hand over his perfectly flat belly.

"You look beautiful, as always," Sho replied as he stood behind Jun and wrapped his hands around his waist.

"But soon I shall be enormous and unattractive," Jun huffed.

"No my kitten, you will be even more beautiful, because you are pregnant with my child, and that is a most wondrous thing." Sho said as he nibbled lightly on the side of Jun's neck as he lightly ran his hands over Jun's torso.

Jun sighed and leant back into Sho's embrace, feeling his cock stirring as his husband reached up and rubbed his fingers over his nipples at the same time as he nipped lightly on his earlobe. Jun felt his body jerk and respond as if a fire flowed through his veins. Just the lightest touch of his nipples made him moan, they had never before been so sensitive.

"Did you enjoy that, my love?" Sho asked as he turned Jun around to face him and bent his head to take Jun's left nipple into his mouth, working his tongue over the pink nub until it stiffened under his tender ministrations. To Sho’s great enjoyment this action made Jun close his eyes in ecstasy and bite on his lower lip in an attempt to suppress the desperate noises he was already making.

“Shall I see if the other is as sensitive as its mate?” Sho asked teasingly before giving Jun’s right nipple the same attention. The reaction he elicited this time was even more intense as Jun whined, his knees buckling slightly.

Sho continued his exploration of Jun’s torso, running his tongue over the smooth ivory skin, pausing nibble around his belly button, as he sank to his knees on the rug.

Jun’s eyes widened with surprise and his cheeks flushed with arousal as Sho took his half hard cock into his mouth. “S-Sho, what are you doing?” he stuttered. Sho had never before gone down on his knees before him to perform this act.

Sho pulled away from Jun’s cock with a soft pop before he said “Why, I am pleasuring you my kitten. I wish you to feel the depth of my love. Nothing will give me greater pleasure at this moment than making you feel cherished and adored.”

Jun could no longer contain his whimpers as Sho took him into his mouth once more and began to bob his head slowly up and down his length, pausing occasionally to swirl his tongue around the head of his cock.

Unable to restrain himself, Jun ran his hands over Sho’s head, gripping the ends of his hair and tugging lightly as a powerful heat began to build in his belly. His husband made no attempt to hold Jun’s hips still as he began to thrust shallowly into his mouth, willingly allowing his erection to slide deeper until it was almost touching the back of his throat.

Sho reached up a teasing hand and pinched Jun’s nipple once more. Jun was unable to control himself as he jerked his hips forward, forcing his cock deep down Sho’s throat, making him choke slightly before he pulled his head back as if seeking air.

Instead of being vexed, Sho laughed and hummed around Jun’s length as he took him back into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he increased the pressure around the cockhead.

“Sho, I feel close, I must…” Jun moaned as he tried to pull back, but his husband increased his grip on his hips, holding him firmly in place as Jun began to tremble.

Sho smiled around Jun’s cock as he reached around and slid his fingers between Jun’s buttocks and rubbed them lightly across his entrance.

This light pressure was enough the make Jun scream softly as he released down Sho’s throat, his cock twitching slightly as every last drop was milked from him.

Jun’s knees sagged and he would have fallen if not for Sho’s swift movement, as he stood and swept him into his arms and carried him back towards the bed.

“I can walk by myself,” Jun complained as he tried to wriggle out of his husband’s arms, “I am perfectly capable of standing upon my own two feet.”

“I know that perfectly well my love, but I would rather you save your strength for after dinner,” Sho growled in his ear.

“But what about now? Don’t you wish for me to return your attentions?”

“No, my kitten. I told you that I wished to pleasure you. There will be more than enough time later after you have rested,” Sho said as he tucked Jun under the covers once more.


“Masa, what just happened?” Nino asked dazedly between kisses. It was very hard for him to think when soft lips were roaming over his body as long gentle fingers began removing his clothing.

“You, my Nino, were so brave and so fierce in the defence of Jun that Lord Sakurai now esteems you even more highly than previously,” his lover said as he exposed a smooth white shoulder.

“But he wishes for you to train me in your healing arts. I am not a caring and gentle person like you. I cannot see what use I can be.”

“Sometimes, my Nino, a strong will is precisely what is needed. When a person stricken by illness cannot speak up for themselves they rely on someone to speak for them and to protect them. I believe that you would be ideal to fill such a role to perfection.”

Masaki steered Nino down onto the bed and continued his thorough attentions to his body before adding, “Of course this means that you must spend more time by my side than before. Perhaps it will aid me in my campaign to persuade you to consent to becoming my husband.”

Nino whimpered as Masaki’s teeth found a particularly sensitive spot, “I have told you before that I cannot marry you until Jun has been safely delivered of his infant. It is my desire to keep him under my close protection and I cannot afford to be distracted from my duty.”

“What if you were carrying my child? Surely you would not refuse me then?”

“I have told you before Masa I was not found to be a Carrier,” Nino said as he allowed the healer to remove the last of his clothing. “I do not wish for you to be tied to someone who cannot give you the children that you so desire.”

“My sweet Nino, most Carriers do not fall pregnant until they are at least twenty years of age, while you have only just turned nineteen, so do not fret about that just yet. But I hope with my whole heart that you do not make me wait for another year before you say yes to my proposal of marriage.”

"I do not understand why you are so willing to take your chances with me," Nino asked, breathlessly awaiting Masaki's answer.

Masaki released Nino's nipple from between his teeth and sat up to look at him clearly before he replied. "The reason is a simple one Kazu. It is because I love you."

Nino was in such a state of shock at the use of his given name and the sudden declaration of love that all he could do was murmur his response, feeling shy for the first time in his life, "As I love you, Masa."

To Nino's great shame felt a burning sensation behind his eyelids. Determined not to cry he tried swallowing hard and squeezing his eyes tightly shut, but he still felt warm liquid escape from under his lids and trickle down his cheeks. He tried to brush his tears away, but Masaki stilled his hands and instead bent down and gently licked them away with the tip of his tongue.

Nino looked up at Masaki with love shining in his eyes as his lover stroked his cheek with long fingers.

"I do not know this gentle Kazu. I am more used to my wilful Nino," Masaki said with a soft laugh.

"Less speech making and more kissing," Nino said with and embarrassed growl.

A still laughing Masaki was more than happy to oblige.


Sho was sitting at the small writing desk in the corner of their room catching up on his correspondence when there was a light tap at the door. After ensuring that the still sleeping Jun's naked body was well covered by the linens he bade the servants to enter.

They were carrying two trays of food and a small folding table along with a bucket half filled with cold water that contained cooled bottles of various substances to drink. Before leaving one of them pulled a small flask and a note out of their pocket and handed it to Sho with a small bow of their head. The envelope was in Masaki's handwriting and addressed to Jun.

"Jun, my love, our dinner is here.  You must be famished," Sho said as he gently shook his husband awake and handed him his robe to put on, "Masaki has delivered you this medicine with a note."

"It will be the tonic he promised me. He said that if I take a spoonful of it before eating it may lessen my nausea," Jun said with a determined look, "I must try my hardest to ensure that our child is well nourished."

"Then I am sure that you will succeed," Sho said as he pulled two chairs over to the table and uncovered the trays.

Each tray contained a plate filled with a large rare steak and an assortment of colourful vegetables. Sho was worried that the red juices seeping from the meat would make Jun queasy, but instead he took an appreciative sniff, exclaiming over the appetizing smell.

Jun pulled a face as he swallowed Masaki's bitter tasting medicine and sat down opposite Sho eager to taste the juicy looking meat.

"Are you sure that you wish to eat this? I can ask Toma's cook to prepare you something more easily digested," Sho asked, looking with concern at the bloody plate.

Jun clutched his plate protectively and glared across the table at Sho.

Sho couldn't help but laugh at Jun's fierce expression. "Worry not my kitten. I would not dare to try and separate you from your dinner. I fear that you would stab me in the hand with your fork if I did."

Jun chewed happily on his steak with a blissful expression, ignoring the vegetables beside it completely. When he was finished he looked over at Sho's half eaten meat with a yearning gaze.

"Would you like mine as well?" Sho asked even though he was still hungry.

"May I?" Jun said as he scraped his vegetables onto Sho's plate and snatched the meat up onto his own.

With a resigned smile Sho poured himself another glass of wine and sat munching on his plate of vegetables watching his husband devour his steak as well.


Later that evening as they cuddled together in bed, Jun lay on his side complaining that his stomach was too full.

"It is just because you have not eaten much of substance recently," Sho said as he spooned up against Jun's back and rubbed his hand over Jun's belly.

Jun sighed and rubbed sensually back against Sho's naked body. His own body felt full, completely content, and at ease for the first time in weeks.

“Would you like me to massage your back, my love? It will make you even more relaxed,” Sho said as he nuzzled Jun’s shoulder.

“Mmmmm,” hummed Jun as he rolled onto his stomach with his head propped on his arms, his smooth white back and buttocks exposed to Sho’s touch.

As Sho worked the scented oil into Jun’s skin he appreciated the feel of Jun's muscles rippling under his fingertips. Jun’s body was well toned from their regular daily exercise; something that had only ceased when the younger man had started to show what they now knew to be pregnancy symptoms.

Eventually he could not resist the lure of the rounded globes of Jun’s buttocks, kneading them between his hands, making Jun squirm as his awakening cock was pressed firmly into the mattress.

“S-Sho,” Jun moaned.

“Does my kitten like it when I do this?” Sho asked as he circled the tip of his oil slicked finger teasingly around Jun’s entrance.

“Please, more, now,” Jun cried, bucking his hips and pressing his buttocks back against Sho’s hand.

“Such a demanding thing,” Sho said as he slipped the first finger inside Jun’s writhing body.


Nino and Masaki had taken their dinner on the balcony overlooking an ocean that shimmered silver in the moonlight.

“Nino, it would please me greatly if you would promise me to at least seriously consider the possibility of marrying me,” Masaki said as he poured them both a cup of wine. “I do not mean to force my will upon you. I just long for us to begin our lives together as soon as possible. Seeing Sho and Jun together creating their own family I cannot help but to yearn for the same.”

“I can only tell you once again, that at this moment I am determined to put Jun’s needs first; but I do promise that I will think upon your words,” Nino replied, hoping that Masaki would be satisfied with his response.

Masaki smiled at him, “I can ask no more of you, my stubborn one.”

Much later that night Nino lay on his side with his head propped up on his hand watching Masaki’s eyelids flutter in his sleep as reached out and traced the outline of the birthmark on his lover’s shoulder with the tip of his finger.

Prior to this day he had never before contemplated that the Healer was serious in his declarations of his desires to take him as his husband. The idea of forming a family with the older man was appealing; he had always wished to have someone to belong to whilst growing up in the Matsumoto household.

He rubbed his hand across his belly wondering what it would feel like to have Masaki’s child growing within his body and whether such a thing was even possible.

Masaki stirred in his sleep, reaching out for Nino, pulling him close to his body. With a sigh Nino allowed himself to relax into the embrace, his breathing slowing as he fell asleep in Masaki’s arms.


“Sho, p-please take me, or else I shall already find my release before you are inside me,” Jun moaned as his husband continued to teasingly crook his fingers inside his body, brushing against the spot that sent tremors of pleasure running through him.

"If you do, my love, then I will just have to make you hard again," Sho said, earning himself a glare from his husband who scrunched his thick eyebrows together in disapproval.

"And perhaps then in future you may be forced to find enjoyment with yourself only?" Jun hissed at Sho, looking back at him over his shoulder from where he was kneeling on the bed with his top half propped up on a pile of pillows.

Sho merely laughed at the threat and slapped Jun's backside lightly with the palm of his other hand as he carefully withdrew his fingers, eliciting an uncontrolled squeak from his young husband, who then blushed deeply. It was impossible to resist capturing Jun's lips and kissing him until he forgot his embarrassment.

Sho's cock was painfully hard as he slicked it with extra oil and rubbed it along the cleft between Jun's buttocks before carefully starting to ease it into his husbands tight passage.

No matter how many times he made love with Sho, Jun always experienced a painful stretch when his husband worked his thick cock into his body. The feelings of fullness and joyful connection it produced soon outweighed any discomfort though.

Soon Jun was arching his back like an overgrown cat, allowing Sho deeper access into his body, causing them to both groan in unison as the sensations they were feeling increased tenfold as Sho picked up the pace of his thrusts.

"You are so beautiful and so perfect," Sho groaned before Jun clenched tightly around his length. "J-un stop, else you will make me come before you do."

"And then I would just have to make you hard again," Jun laughed breathlessly as Sho growled and snapped his hips forward hard enough to almost dislodge him from atop his pile of pillows.

"Let us see who will come first," Sho said as he pulled Jun more upright until he was kneeling with his back pressed against his chest. "What if I do this?"

Jun wailed as Sho slid both of his hands up to his chest and began to massage his nipples, rubbing the tips of his fingers over the sensitive buds.

Jun bit down hard on his bottom lip, trying to muffle his overly loud cries of pleasure as he came in a series of spurts as his husband continued to thrust upwards into his twitching body.

"Perhaps, my kitten,  I can make good on my earlier promise," Sho said as he withdrew from Jun's body and quickly flipped him over onto his back.

Jun whined weakly as Sho slid down his body and took his overly sensitive cock into his mouth as he pressed three fingers deep into his passage. Sho's relentless attention soon worked a miracle on Jun's body and he smiled around the stiffening member as it once again filled out inside his mouth.

"Please, husband," Jun whimpered. "Take me once again. I need to feel you inside of me."

Sho was more than happy to oblige as he folded Jun's legs up and thrust his throbbing member deeply into his welcoming warmth.  Even though it was painfully hard to hold onto his own orgasm, he moved more slowly, giving Jun time to once again work his way to full passion.

"I love you so much," Sho said as he kissed Jun's open mouth, lightly sucking on his tongue.

"Please fill me with your seed," Jun begged as he moved his own hips upwards to meet Sho's thrust for thrust.

"My love, come with me," Sho cried as he finally found his release, his cum flowing into his husbands demanding body.

"S-Sho I love you!" Jun grunted as he came once more, his cum spurting weakly over his own stomach.

Sho collapsed down heavily onto Jun's body, panting as he struggled to regain his breath, causing Jun to exclaim at the extra weight.

"Did I hurt you?" Sho asked, jumping away from Jun afraid that he had done some damage with the forceful way he had just taken him, "All is well with the baby?"

"I am perfectly fine and so is your child. You are just rather heavy," Jun replied as he brushed the hair lovingly back from Sho's sweaty forehead.

"Was I too forceful?" Sho was worried, he had never been so rough before.

"On the contrary. It was wonderful, as you are wonderful. I loved the feeling of you marking me as your own." Jun replied with a tired but satisfied sigh, "But now I must ask for your help in making me less sticky as I fear that my legs will not support me."

"As you wish, my kitten. I am your most humble and willing servant."

Sho tied his robe around himself and went to seek a servant to prepare a bath. To his great satisfaction the tub was more than large enough for them both. After dismissing the servants he returned to their room and wrapped Jun in a sheet before carrying him to the bathroom.

As they settled themselves in the enormous copper tub with Jun nestled between Sho's legs, leaning back against his chest, Jun spoke, bolder because he could not see his husband's face. "I understand why you were so disconcerted earlier when I told you that I was pregnant, and I appreciate that you were worried for my health, but please never do that to me ever again. I could not take being abandoned like that a second time. Nino was correct in his defence of me. I felt as if I was shattering into a thousand pieces and when you walked away you took those shattered pieces with you. I could not bear that again."

Sho felt as if his own heart was breaking as he heard Jun's heartfelt words. "Jun my love, I will regret my actions for the rest of my days, but please believe me when I give you my word that it will never happen again."

"I believe you my husband and forgive you and so does your unborn child and so we shall never speak of this again," Jun said softly as he took Sho's hand and pressed it to his belly.

Sho blinked back the tears that were welling at the back of his eyes and concentrated on massaging his husband's back so that he should not be too sore when he awoke in the morning.


The next two weeks were spent by both couples enjoying the pristine beach and the warm sunshine. Jun and Nino explored the coastline, examining sea creatures that were stranded in the rock pools while Sho and Masaki watched on fondly. Soon Masaki was also easily persuaded into Nino and Jun's enjoyment of paddling in the shallows and building sandcastles.

Sho was sitting on the balcony of the cottage watching the figures of Masaki and Nino chasing each other over the sand, when a pair of warm hands wrapped themselves around his neck and the voice of the one he loved said "What are your thoughts my beloved?"

"I think that there never was a luckier man in his choice of companions."

"Does that include me?"

"Of course my kitten," Sho said as he tugged Jun down onto his lap. "And our unborn child. You both make me happier than I have any right to be."

"You have every right. Do not dare think any differently," Jun said fiercely.

Sho hugged his beloved tightly, breathing in the soft scent of his hair.

"My love I think that we must return home tomorrow. I fear that King Ohno may require my services soon and I must get my affairs on order before then."

"Then we will return to our home, but I will not allow the King to take you from me when I need you the most."

"I fear we do not have the choice," Sho replied.

"There is always a choice," Jun replied with a determined gleam in his eyes.
Tags: c: aiba masaki, c: matsumoto jun, c: ninomiya kazunari, c: sakurai sho, g: au, g: m-preg, g: romance, p: aimiya, p: sakumoto, r: nc-17, t: no love match
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