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No Love Match - Chapter 1

Pairing: Sakumoto

Genre: AU, romance, m-preg (mentioned)

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi or any part of its members – this is purely a work of fiction and my fevered imagination

Summary: Wanting this whole farce to be over with as soon as possible Jun swallowed hard and turned to look Lord Sakurai in the eyes for the first time. He was surprised to see a handsome and strong face with pronounced cheekbones, large round eyes and plump heart shaped lips. He was looking back at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes as he bent down and pressed his plush but cold lips briefly against Jun's.

A/N: This was written just to amuse myself on a camping weekend when I had no contact with the outside world. Sorry to inflict this self indulgent flight of fancy on you guys but I had to get it out of my system somehow. Let’s just call this my mid Jun’s birthday month attack of insanity crisis which will never be spoken of again.

*Wow - the response to this was unexpected - due to popular demand I am continuing this story and will post further chapters down the line - no idea how many - it depends on how inspired I feel.

"Before God and these witnesses I declare the contract of marriage to be complete. Congratulations, you are now legally wed. May your lives together be filled with great blessings and very many children."

The assembled guests applauded and offered their best wishes, but Jun, who had managed to make it through his vows without crying, suddenly felt hot tears streaming down his face.

This was no love match, it was a match based on politics. It was decided by King Ohno that a marriage between the two families would ensure peace and prosperity in the region and shore up his support in area which had previously shown a rebellious side.

The thirty-two year old Lord Sakurai Sho was twice his age and Jun had not laid eyes on him until the marriage ceremony. Portraits had been exchanged a month ago as part of the final arrangements. He remembered that his personal servant Nino had been pleased with what he saw.

"He's not the wrinkly old man that we were expecting. He looks as if he could be quite the tiger in bed."

Jun refused to even glance at the portrait, trying to ignore the fact that in a few weeks time he would leave his home forever to spend the rest of his life with a man he was certain he could never love.

"We aren't all obsessed with sex like you are." Jun said blushing, referring to Nino's recent nocturnal activities with one of the kitchen assistants.

"You're only sixteen, I'm sure your desires will emerge soon enough." Nino replied with a smirk, speaking with what he felt was the wisdom of his two extra years, remembering exactly what he had done earlier that afternoon with his current bed mate when he went to fetch some of his master's favourite snacks from the kitchen.

It had been six months ago, shortly after his sixteenth birthday, when the King's official healer had arrived to conduct a slightly invasive physical examination and other various tests to determine whether Jun was a Carrier or not. Only a small percentage of males were capable of bearing a child, and because of this the lucky few were considered to be a precious resource and were valued accordingly.

To no one's surprise, the tests had come back positive. Jun had already shown some of the symptoms that appeared when Carriers became fertile. He had fainted while at his lessons when he was still only fifteen, and had suffered severe mood swings while adjusting to the new balance of hormones in his body.

His father was greatly pleased and hoped that his son would come to the attention of the King since at sixteen he was of prime marriageable age. In fact Jun's mother had been barely seventeen when she had given birth to him. Unfortunately, she had been a delicate woman who had been unable to provide him with further children.

If he could marry off his son to a strong man he could ensure that his land and property would remain intact even after his death. He knew that his sensitive son, so much like his mother that it was sometimes painful to look at him, would never have the necessary strength to defend what was rightfully his without the backing of a strong husband.

Jun had hoped that if his mother was still alive things might have been different, but she had been dead for five years now so there was no one to talk his father out of giving him away to a man he had never met, without any thought to his feelings or desires at all.

He was pulled out of his reverie by his father poking him in the side "Give your husband a kiss. The people expect it. Pull yourself together and stop crying. You are embarrassing me."

Wanting this whole farce to be over with as soon as possible Jun swallowed hard and turned to look Lord Sakurai in the eyes for the first time. He was surprised to see a handsome and strong face with pronounced cheekbones, large round eyes and plump heart shaped lips. He was looking back at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes as he bent down and pressed his plush but cold lips briefly against his own.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur of food, drink, and merriment, but Jun was unable to eat or drink anything, even though Nino brought him all of his favourites trying to tempt him to at least try a little bit of something. All he could think of was what would happen later and what Sakurai expected of him in bed that night. His new husband didn't eat much either but also only drank a moderate amount of wine, something that Jun was grateful for. He had seen what drink could do to a man, and had heard the cries of women as his father's men had taken them after a night of heavy drinking.

All too soon he was led to the bed chamber where Nino undressed him, bathed him and wrapped his body in a soft silken robe, offering him quiet words of encouragement before leaving him alone to await his lord's pleasure. This would be the last time Nino would perform these tasks for him as there had been no mention from his father of allowing him journey with Jun to his new home; yet another burden for him to bear. His heart began racing uncontrollably when he spotted the small jar of scented oil waiting on the table beside the bed. He knew what it was for and the very idea of it filled him with terror.


Sakurai took a deep breath as he took hold of the door handle and entered the bed chamber. He couldn't deny that he was pleased with the choice of husband that King Ohno had made for him. Jun, although young was already beautiful, with the kind of looks that would only improve as he matured. He had known Jun's mother many years ago and had found her to be a beautiful, kind-hearted and warm woman who he was sure would have done all in her power to make sure that her only child had been raised in her image.

Jun was perched on the side of the bed, chewing nervously on his bottom lip. He immediately leapt to his feet folding into a deep bow, before standing upright, his entire body trembling with nerves.

Sakurai sat down on a handy chair and tried to remove the shiny new boots that he had been forced to wear for the ceremony rather than the soft well-worn pair he usually favoured.

"Jun-kun could you please come over here?"

Jun dragged himself reluctantly towards him and stood in front of him bracing himself as if expecting the worst.

"Could you help me get these damn uncomfortable boots off?" Sakurai asked as he tugged at the left one.

Was it his imagination or did his young husband almost smile at the sight of him wrestling with the too tight footwear?

When his boots were off he went and had a quick wash in the bath that his husband had obviously used a short while ago as the water was still pleasantly warm and scented.

When he returned Jun was lying stiffly in the bed, the sheet pulled tightly and primly up to his neck.

Tired from what had been a stressful day and knowing that there was a long journey to be made to return to his own lands in the morning Sakurai slid into bed beside his husband, his hand accidentally brushing against his arm as he did so. Jun immediately tried to wriggle even further over to the far side of the bed, until he was barely holding himself up from falling on the floor.

Seeing that he was about to fall out of the bed and possibly crack his head on the stone floor, Sakurai reached out, grabbing his arm and tugging him back until he was safely away from the edge. To his dismay the expression on his young husband turned to one of terror as a frightened squeak came out of his mouth. To Sakurai he sounded like a kitten, scared of being separated from its mother.

"D-do you wish me to remove my robe?" he asked in a tiny voice.

"Do you usually sleep naked?"

"Sleep? Don't you want to...to consummate our marriage?"

"You want me to take you right now?" Sakurai asked, grasping Jun's hand and pressing it to his groin.
Jun emitted another mewl of fear at the feel of the thick length under his fingers, his eyes huge and his whole body shaking.

"Do you really believe that I am the type of man to take you by force? Do I look so much like a rapist?" Sakurai growled looking searchingly into his terrified eyes. "You don't have to worry, my kitten. I won't force you into anything. Your mother's memory is dear to me; I would do nothing she wouldn't approve of."

Some of the tension left Jun's body as his husband released his hand.

"Trust me; I won't take you until you tell me that you are ready. We are joined together for life, and I would prefer it to be a happy one. Now try and get some sleep. We have a very long journey tomorrow, and I don't want you to be overtired. And don't worry, I have spoken with your father and arranged for your servant Ninomiya to accompany you. I have been told that he is like a brother to you and I would hate to make you suffer further, since being married to me already seems quite distressing for you."

He gave Jun a chaste kiss on his forehead, before rolling onto his side and soon falling into a deep sleep.

Jun lay staring at the back of the man he was married to, wondering if it wasn’t going to be such an ordeal as he had imagined after all and feeling guilty for treating him like some sort of molester.


They had been riding for some hours already and Jun was beginning to feel the effects. He was not used to riding for such long distances and even though they had stopped regularly, he was beginning to ache. He was almost starting to feel envious of Nino who had found himself a comfortable spot sitting on the front of the luggage wagon.

As they rode along a narrow path through the woods Jun’s mind drifted back to that morning two days earlier.

When he awoke Sho’s (as he now thought of him) side of the bed was already empty and cold. He was surprised that he had been able to sleep so soundly that he hadn’t even awoken when his husband left. He chose to ignore the tiny twinge of disappointment that his husband hadn’t tried anything this morning either after leaving him untouched last night.

He was sitting up in bed when Nino had arrived shortly after, carrying his breakfast on a tray.

“You look remarkably well. I thought you might have been too sore to sit up, since your husband ordered me to bring breakfast to you here in your room.” he commented as he placed the tray on Jun’s lap.

“What do you mean?” Jun asked, puzzled by the comment.

“Well, I would guess by the bulge in his trousers that your husband is hung as generously as his stallion.” Nino responded with a leer.

“I….we…no. I mean, we didn’t do anything like that.” Jun spluttered, feeling as if his whole face was on fire.

“Oh, he really is as much of a gentleman as they say then.” Nino said, looking disappointed.

As Jun made his way outside to begin the journey to his new home, it seemed as if Nino wasn’t the only one speculating about last night’s activities, if the whispers that seemed to be following him were any indication.

Sakurai had surprised him with a wedding gift of a beautiful grey mare, an almost exact replica of the stallion that he was riding, but only half the size. Sakurai passed him the reins saying “Her name is Beauty. I thought that you two would make a fine pair.”

“Thank you Sir, um My Lord Sakurai.” Jun said haltingly looking down at the ground.

“You are my husband; to you my name is just plain Sho.” He replied holding Jun’s chin between his fingers and pulling his head up for a brief but tender kiss.

Jun didn’t know why, but that brief touch had been enough to make his heart beat faster.

He couldn’t help noticing what a fine figure his husband cut as he sat relaxed and confident on the huge stallion, controlling him with ease.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that when a bird suddenly took flight under Beauty’s hooves, he had no time to react.

As the mare reared up in fear he was flung off her back, his right foot trapped in the stirrup. He felt a sharp pain in his ankle and then everything went black as his head made contact with the ground.


Sho, who was riding ahead talking to one of his men, only realized what had happened when he heard Nino’s terrified scream.

He turned and saw Jun being dragged on the ground, his foot still caught in the stirrup. He immediately leapt off his own horse and grabbed the reins of the startled mare, holding her still as he struggled to free his husband.

To his horror, he realized that Jun was unconscious, blood flowing from a cut on the back of his head.

An ashen faced Nino was panicking about the place until Sho took him by the shoulders and gave him a hard shake.

“Go back to the supply wagon and fetch me some clean cloths to use as bandages and bring a bowl of water as well so we can cleanse the wound.”

Nino nodded and ran off to do his bidding.

In the meantime Sho ran his hands over Jun’s body. He was relieved to discover that apart from the knock to the head and the damage to his ankle, he appeared to have no other injuries.

They were still almost two day’s ride away from his Manor House, so he decided to treat his young husband’s injuries as best he could, using the limited amount of skill he had gathered on the battlefield, before slowly resuming their journey.

He dispatched one of his men on a fast horse to ride ahead with all haste and return with the local healer, who was also a good friend, hoping that by meeting along the way they could lessen the amount of time before Jun could receive proper treatment.


Jun felt as if he was swimming through warm mud as he fought his way back to a fuzzy consciousness. He seemed to be somewhere safe and apart from the pain in his head and ankle he felt as if he was in a place he never wanted to leave. Gradually he came to the realization that he was nestled against a strong, muscular chest. He breathed deeply enjoying the sweet but manly scent as he nuzzled his face against a smooth neck. He shifted position slightly until he found a pair of soft lips and began to explore their taste and texture. He felt himself being kissed in return, the tip of a tongue exploring between his lips, seeking entrance to his mouth. With a sigh he allowed the tongue entry where it tangled with his own in a passionate kiss.

As something was pressed to the wound on the back of his head, the sharp sting suddenly brought him to his senses. He jerked backwards, pulling out of the kiss as he realized that it was Sho who he was kissing with such enthusiasm. He felt as if he had dozens of butterflies in his stomach and his entire body was tingling.

"Stop moving around or you’ll make this worse than it already is." Nino said as he cleaned the cut on his head, his voice sharper than normal, as he tried to compensate for his earlier panic.

"Please hold still, while Nino cares for your injury." Sho agreed, holding him tight against his chest again. "I don't want you to feel more pain than necessary, my love."

Jun's dazed feeling wasn't just because of his head. Did he really just kiss his husband with such abandon and did Sho just say the word he thought he did?

Under Sho’s careful instructions Nino bandaged his damaged ankle, being careful not to move it around too much in case it was broken, while his husband held him still, rubbing a soothing hand across his back when he flinched at the pain caused by Nino’s touch.

Realizing that once again he was nestled against his husband’s chest, he struggled to try and stand up by himself, wanting to try and separate himself from him and sort out these new and unexpected feelings he had seemingly developed for the man who had only ever acted as a gentleman towards him since their first meeting.

As he tried to balance on his good leg, Jun was overcome with a fresh wave of dizziness and would have fallen to the ground if not for Sho, who swept him up into his arms saying “No standing up or walking around for you, my kitten, you are too unwell. Just ask, and I will carry anywhere you wish to go.”

Embarrassed at being treated like a baby and appearing to be so weak, Jun tried to argue with his husband, but soon found himself overwhelmed by his dizziness and fell unconscious once again still lying nestled in his arms.


Sho reined his stallion in and called for a rest break, as he returned to the wagon that carried his husband. He had been unsuccessfully scouting ahead, trying to see some sign that his friend the healer was making his way to meet them.

Nino had been caring for Jun nonstop as he drifted in and out of consciousness, the fever he had developed after the accident wracking his slender body and making him weaker with every passing hour. He lay almost naked as Nino wiped his body with a wet cloth, another on his head in an attempt to bring his temperature down.

Sho could see that the servant was almost at the end of his strength as he hadn’t slept and refused almost all food since his young master had fallen ill.

“Nino, we have stopped for a while. Go and rest while you can.” He said passing him some bread and a cup of water.

“I can’t leave Jun when he is like this My Lord. It’s my job to care for him. It’s been my duty for the last ten years….I….” Nino’s voice faltered as he swayed with exhaustion.

Sho held him steady and helped him down to the ground, leading him over to a shady tree and propped him up against the trunk before reassuring him “Nino, he is my husband, I will do my best to care for him while you rest. I may not be as diligent as you, but I hope that you can trust me with him for just a little while?”

Nino could only nod his head in agreement, astonished that a great lord such as Sakurai would speak to him as if he was an equal. It made him even more convinced that Jun had been lucky in King Ohno’s choice of husband for him. He could see that if given the right chance a great love could blossom between them.


Sho was sitting beside Jun pressing a damp cloth onto his face in an attempt to make him more comfortable. He looked impossibly young and so unwell. Sho’s heart was filled with guilt. If only he had been paying closer attention before the accident. He knew that Jun was not completely confident on a horse to begin with and his unfamiliarity with the mare had made the chance of a fall that much greater.

When he’d heard the scream and had seen Jun on the ground his heart had almost stopped beating.

Even though they had known each other for such a short amount of time, the younger man had already stolen his heart. Jun’s ready smile, his willingness to try his hardest, his composure despite his youth and after being thrust into a situation not of his own making; the respectful way that he treated all of the servants, not just Nino who Sho was amused to see treated Jun like a younger brother most of the time, had made him realize that his husband was a real treasure who deserved to be cherished.

Of course there was also a sexual attraction towards him as well. Jun’s body was slender but well muscled; the slim hips balanced by shoulders which Sho could tell would broaden and strengthen as he matured. His eyes were large and luminous and conveyed every fleeting emotion and when paired with his luscious lips dotted with three beauty marks, it made for a devastating combination.

Sho hoped with all his heart that the kiss they had shared after the accident hadn’t just been a product of Jun’s confusion, but had instead been an indicator of true feelings that had been hidden beneath a mantle of shyness.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of riders approaching at speed. At last help had arrived.


Nino jumped to his feet as a tall thin man with shoulder length light brown hair approached, carrying a bag in his right hand and with a sack slung over one shoulder.

When Sho appeared, the man leapt upon him pulling him into an enthusiastic hug almost knocking him off his feet.

“Sho, my friend, why do you look so sad? You can stop worrying, I’m here now and soon this husband of yours will be as good as new.” The stranger said with a smile bright enough to dazzle.

“Masaki, please help him. I don’t know what I would do if I lost him. We haven’t even had the chance to get to know each other properly yet.”

The smiling man responded by hugging him even tighter before heading off to commence his work.


Nobody quite knew how Aiba Masaki had acquired his skills in the healing arts. He spent much of his time wandering through the forest seeking medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Such was his affinity with animals that some said he could speak with them and that he could diagnose a person's illness by reading their soul.

Five years ago Sho had returned from doing a service for King Ohno with Masaki in tow. He had installed the healer in a cottage on his land and allowed him to work as he willed. There was much whispering about their relationship, and nothing was ever proven, but the two men seemed to be particularly fond of each other. Everyone knew that due to his position at court, Sho would never be able to officially acknowledge his relationship with the slightly younger man.

There was much speculation when Sho announced his impending marriage that Masaki would leave his lands, but it was not the case. He continued to visit his friend daily, but no longer spent his nights at Sho’s manor. Nothing else about their friendship seemed to change.

In fact Masaki was greatly pleased for his friend and had great hopes for his future happiness. They both acknowledged that their relationship was more one of friendship and mutual comfort, rather than romantic love.


Masaki spent ten minutes alone with his patient before emerging to report on his findings. He handed an eager Nino a small pouch filled with dried herbs, telling him to go and brew then into a cup of tea. When he had scurried off, he turned to Sho saying “Don't fret. It's not too bad at all. There is no lasting damage to his head once his current dizziness passes, and luckily his ankle is not broken, but merely badly sprained. He really is much stronger than his looks would suggest.”

“But what about the fever?”

“I think that emotional strain from the last little while is at its root. The tea your servant is preparing should restore him to health quite rapidly.” Masaki looked at his friend fondly “You are very fortunate in the King's choice for you. I think he will suit you much better than I ever would. Plus, he will be able to provide you with an heir, something that I never could” he added with a hint of sadness.

Sho reached out and brushed Masaki's cheek lightly with his fingertips saying “You know that you prefer to animals to humans anyway.”

Masaki laughed in agreement, his dogs were much easier to deal with than his sometimes short tempered friend.


By the next morning Jun's fever was almost gone and Masaki deemed him to be well enough to complete the journey to his new home.

The building, though large and imposing, had a warm feeling, perhaps because it was built from mellow golden coloured stone bricks, and also because it was surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens which had been designed by Sho's mother when she had first arrived as a young bride. Both of his parents had passed away ten years ago, his mother seeming to simply fade away after her husband's death.

Jun had hardly any time to admire his surroundings before being swept up into his husband's arms and carried into the building. He was gently deposited onto a comfortable bed in the middle of a sunny and beautifully decorated bedroom.

“This was my mother's room. I hope you like it.”

Jun nodded, feeling very at home in the lovely room.

“My room is next door, just through this doorway.” Sho said almost looking shy.

“W-we aren't sharing a room?” Jun asked, surprised by how disappointed he felt at the thought.

“My lovely kitten, you can join me any time you wish. I just thought that you would like to have your own private space. There is a small room just down the hall for Nino to sleep in. I know he likes to keep a close watch on you.”

Jun was so surprised by his husband's thoughtfulness that he had to pull Sho to him for a kiss.

Sho was greatly pleased. It was the first time that Jun had initiated contact with him apart from when he was dazed from his fall and not fully in control of his senses.


For the first few days, Masaki insisted that Jun remain in bed. Sho spent as much time as possible with him keeping him company while telling him about his parents and his happy childhood in this very house. Jun was discovering that his husband seemed to be a warm and caring man who according to Nino was very popular with his staff and with his men. Much to his surprise Jun began to rely on Sho’s visits and felt very lonely when his husband was forced to leave his side and attend to his duties.

While Sho was otherwise occupied with catching up on estate business Masaki kept Jun enthralled with stories about Sho which revealed a whole different side to his personality.

Jun couldn't help giggling the next time he saw him, remembering Masaki's tale of Sho falling head first into the fish pond, or the time he tried his hand at cooking and almost set fire to both himself and Masaki.

Sho, sensing his husband's frivolous mood, leapt upon him, tickling his sides and turning his giggles into full on laughter, both of them rolling around on the bed until they ended up with Jun pinned beneath his body, panting slightly and gazing up at him, his beautiful eyes sparkling with mischief. He couldn't help but to be drawn to the three tiny moles dotted around Jun's luscious lips. Bending his head down he placed a light kiss on each of the beauty marks.

Jun's eyes darkened in response as he tilted his head to one side, allowing Sho access to his neck which he nibbled his way down before sucking on a delicate collarbone.

Realizing that he was resting his full weight on his still recovering husband, Sho flipped then over so that Jun was on top. He grabbed the younger man's pert buttocks, pressing their groins together. Jun stiffened slightly at the feel of Sho's semi erect member, but soon relaxed as his sides were lightly tickled once again, causing him to wriggle against the older man's muscular body.

Soon they were both lost to pleasure as they continued to rut against each other showering each other with breathless kisses. Jun's eyes opened wide with surprise and a small gasp left his mouth as he came in his night clothes, Sho finding release shortly after.

Jun rolled away, blushing furiously “I'm sorry....I didn't mean to...”

Sho gently pulled him back to his side, kissing him on the tip of his nose. “My love that was nothing to be ashamed of. It was an expression of our feelings for each other.” he said as he cleaned them both up with a handkerchief and some water from the jug beside the bed, his heart singing as he realized that his feelings were slowly being reciprocated by the shy young man.

+ + + +

When Nino came into the room later, he knew immediately that something had happened. The room still smelled of sex and Jun was dozing lightly, his hair in disarray, his cheeks flushed, and a small bite mark visible on his neck. He was looking more relaxed that he had since he had found out about the marriage.

Nino was sorely tempted to tease his young master, but for one decided to hold his tongue, not wishing to impede the progress that was being made towards their ultimate happiness.

Instead he went to report his findings to Masaki knowing that he would be pleased to hear his update.


A week later Masaki declared Jun to be fully recovered and since his presence was no longer required he decided to undertake one of his regular ventures into the woods. His supply of medicinal herbs was running low and he also realized that the couple needed time together alone without any outside interference. There was one last thing he could do for them though, and after making arrangements with Nino he asked Jun to accompany him on the first part of his journey. Jun who was keen to learn more about Masaki's skills and sick of being confined indoors readily agreed to accompany him.

They had walked for only fifteen minutes when Masaki said “This is where our ways must part. If you follow this path it will lead you to a small lake. At this time of day you should be able to spot some interesting wildlife,” followed by a very poor attempt at a wink.

Sad at parting from his new friend so soon, but intrigued by what he was hinting at, Jun waved the healer goodbye until he could no longer see him before eagerly heading towards the lake.

Hearing splashing as he approached, he hid himself behind a bush not wanting to frighten away whatever creature it was that was swimming in the clear waters.

To his surprise it was no wild creature, but his husband instead. Sho was revelling in the feel of the cool water upon his naked skin. Jun's breath caught in his throat as Sho stood up in the shallows and slicked his hair back before once again diving under the surface. His body was magnificent, strongly built and heavily muscled, faint scars from old battle wounds tracing across one shoulder and down his right side. Jun found himself walking towards him as if he was being pulled by an invisible string, overcome by the urge to run his fingers over these marks of past pain and make Sho whole again.

As he headed towards the lake he felt a twig snap underneath his foot, the loud crack making Sho turn towards him with a startled expression. Jun felt his step falter a the first sight of Sho's manhood as it lay long and heavy against his thigh, swallowing hard as he realized that Nino's quip about him being hung like a stallion wasn’t far from the truth.

“My kitten what are you doing here all alone?”

“I am not alone, because I have you.” Jun replied feeling quite bold. Summoning up all of his courage he slowly began to undress under the unwavering stare of his husband.

Sho was spellbound by the sight of ivory skin slowly being revealed until Jun was completely naked. He could feel desire pooling low in his stomach at the sight of the flawless skin and perfectly sized cock that the young man was unsuccessfully trying to shield with his hand as he waded into the water until it was deep enough for him to swim over to join him under the shade of some overhanging willow trees.

Sho waited, motionless, not wanting to do anything to break the spell that seemed to overtaken his usually shy husband. As Jun approached his face was suddenly illuminated by a mischievous grin as he swept his arm across the surface of the water, splashing Sho's face, before turning and swimming away. Sho responded with a pretend growl as he pursued him across the lake. They chased each other until they were breathless, ending up lying in the shallow water near the edge, kissing each other passionately.

Plucking up all of his remaining courage Jun hugged Sho tightly around his neck whispering in his ear “Take me. Make me yours.”

Feeling Sho stiffen and pull away slightly, Jun's mood changed in an instant; digging his nails into his upper arms in an attempt to push the stronger man away “You don't want me....” he said with a stifled sob “I'm sorry that you don't find me desirable.”

Sho grabbed his hand to stop him from inflicting any further damage, unable to control his amusement as he laughingly replied “My kitten suddenly has the claws of a fully grown tiger.”

Jun, tears of anger and humiliation burning his eyes, hissed as he tried to free himself, but as Sho once again claimed his lips, he felt his body go limp against his will as he found himself moulded to this still chuckling husbands irresistible body.

Sho pulled him upright enough to be able to look directly into his eyes “My love, I was not rejecting you outright. You didn't give me the chance to finish.”

Jun was looking at him with a confused expression.

“I want to make love to you, my sweet, but we don't have the necessary items here. I want your first time to be one of pleasure, and if I took you here and now with no lubrication I'm afraid that you would be sorely hurt.”

Jun understood this but his body was telling him otherwise as he began to rub himself against Sho, their bodies sliding against each other in a sensual way.

“My love, there are other ways to achieve pleasure without penetration.” Sho said as he reached down and began stroking Jun's cock, enjoying the way that it swelled under his touch. Jun moaned, writhing helplessly caught up in the never before felt sensation.

Sho, struggling with the desire to throw Jun down and fuck him senseless managed to control his baser urges “Touch me.” he groaned.

Jun only hesitated for the smallest moment before wrapping his hand around the heavy thick length. It was the first time he has ever touched another man's penis and he was unsure about what to do. He hesitantly began moving his hand up and down, feeling more confident as Sho moaned in response, thrusting into his hand.

They continued to stroke each other sliding around in the shallow water, biting and sucking any available skin until they both came almost simultaneously, strands of white cum mixing together in the water.

They held each other tight until their breathing returned to normal. Only when Sho felt his lover shiver against him did he realize how much time they had spent in the water. Not wanting his recently recovered husband to relapse into a fever, he lifted him out of the water and carried him to the bank before rubbing him down with the cloth he had brought with him for his own use.

Jun looked at him with a satisfied smile “So I may come to your bed tonight?”

Sho was overjoyed that their marriage was to finally be consummated but slightly apprehensive of the unquenchable energy of youth. He had thought that Masaki was the most energetic lover he could have had, but was beginning to think that Jun could outdo him. It was something he was looking forward to finding out.


While the couple was still downstairs at dinner, Nino snuck into his Lordship's bedroom, eager to follow Masaki's parting instructions.

He set down a bowl of warm scented water with rose petals floating on top and a small bundle of soft cloths, before carefully placing a small crystal bottle filled with sweetly scented precious oil down beside them. Keen to add his own romantic touch, he scattered a handful of rose petals across the bed as well, before retreating downstairs for his own dinner, and the tryst he had arranged with his latest lover.


Jun retired to bed first after dinner. He had been unable to eat much anyway, his stomach buzzing with nervous anticipation.

It was the first time he had ventured into Sho's bedroom which was even larger than his own, but decorated in much darker colours, which meant that it lacked the warm brightness that he enjoyed so much. This room seemed more sensual, dominated as it was by a huge four poster bed. This time as he noticed the bottle of oil beside the bed, his stomach clenched with excitement rather than with fear.

When Sho entered the room a short while later it seemed as if his wedding night was repeating itself.

Jun was perched on the side of the high bed, wearing the same silky robe as on that first night, his feet not quite able to touch the floor, looking small and helpless and Sho was beginning to worry that Jun would change his mind and flee back to his own room.

As he sat down to remove his boots, all of his fears were dispelled as Jun hopped down to the floor and walked towards him, hips swaying sensually as he let the robe drop down on one side revealing a soft shoulder. He stopped just out of Sho's reach, turning his back to him as he slowly let the robe slip down his body allowing it to pool at his feet. The perfect mounds of his buttocks were exposed to Sho's gaze as he teasingly looked back over his shoulder as he slowly walked back to the bed.

Jun hoped that what he was doing was right. He had shyly questioned Nino on the subject of first time sex, but the answers he'd received had make him want to block up his ears. The graphic descriptions had made him only more nervous. Nino, sensing that his master didn't understand his sense of humour upon this subject had asked Masaki to come and speak to him instead. He had been left much calmer after hearing the gentle man speak. He understood that if he relaxed and put his trust in his husband he would find a whole new world of pleasure. Such was Jun's generous and open nature; he didn't even find it uncomfortable to receive such advice from his husband's former lover.

So much was different this time as Sho undressed and followed his love to the bed. Jun arranged himself sensually across the sheets, not hiding his nakedness, a far cry from that first night when he had wrapped himself up so tightly in the linens as if to protect himself from attack.

Already just the sight of his young lover lying there so trustingly vulnerable before him had caused Sho’s cock to awaken.

He slid onto the bed claiming Jun’s lips in a possessive kiss before beginning a thorough exploration of his body.

He worked his way methodically over every square centimetre of skin, memorizing the taste, the texture and every reaction to his nips and kisses.

He was excited to discover two moles on the right side of Jun’s neck and one next to his left nipple that he had somehow missed noticing before, happy to hear the sighs of pleasure brought forth from his lover’s lips when he gently ran his teeth across them.

Jun’s cock was beginning to stiffen as he continued his exploration, but he deliberately stayed away from it for the moment, choosing instead to concentrate on his nipples, sucking them until they stood proudly erect from his chest.

When Jun was fully erect and whimpering for more, Sho reached for the oil, noting the flicker of apprehension that played across his husband’s dark and dilated eyes.

He pulled away slightly asking “Are you sure, my love? We don’t have to do it if you aren’t ready.”

In reply Jun reached for Sho’s erection, sliding his hand along it while saying “Please, I want this so much. I want to feel you inside me.”

While Sho was warming some of the oil between his hands Jun was thinking that when he had first been told that he was to be married he had never imagined that he would be saying these words, or wanting this so badly. He had recently realized that he had fallen deeply in love with his husband. It had happened so naturally that he couldn't even pinpoint an exact moment when his feelings had changed. He only knew that he had never before felt so safe or cherished. And then it was very hard to think at all as Sho slid down his body and a warm, wet mouth suddenly engulfed the tip of his cock. The waves of pleasure flowing through his body made him forget his fears as a slick finger probed his entrance.

Sho took his time, carefully loosening the small pink hole, gently working his way inside, and caressing Jun’s sides in a comforting way with his free hand until he felt the tight ring of muscles relax under his touch.

Not wanting Jun to come too soon, he had stopped sucking his already dripping cock, and was instead licking and sucking the sensitive skin between the top of his thighs and nibbling on his hipbones.

He waited patiently for Jun to show him that he was ready for more, and when he began to rock back against his fingers he knew that the time had finally come for them to seal their union.

He carefully withdrew his fingers before saying “My kitten, it would be best if you were on your hands and knees for this first time.”

“No. I want to see your face.”

“My love, it will be less uncomfortable for you this way. Next time we can do it any way you want, but I want to make sure that this is the best possible experience for you.”

“I’m sure that I’ll be fine…”

Sho pulled Jun to him, holding him tightly against his chest, sucking on his neck lightly as he massaged his buttocks “Do you trust me?”

“I would willingly trust you with my life.”

“Then trust me in this.”

Jun reached out his hands and clasped Sho’s nape, whispering “Do with me what you wish, my beloved husband.”


Jun knew that Sho was larger than most and was prepared for it to be painful, but he wasn’t anticipating the wonderful feeling of fullness he began to experience as the blunt head of his cock continued to press inside him.

He tried his best to relax and soon Sho was in as deep as he could go, hips pressing against his ass. He couldn’t help the tears that were leaking from his eyes, which were partly from the burning sensation he was feeling and partly from the overwhelming emotions he was experiencing.

“Are you all right my kitten?”

“P-please. I want to feel you m-move inside me.”

“Don’t worry, my love, soon the pleasure will outweigh the pain.”

Sho withdrew slightly and rocked back again. Jun was so tight around him, wrapping his cock in such a wonderful heat that it was hard to control himself, but he moved slowly, only increasing the pace when he felt that Jun was fully relaxed.

Jun soon had no control over the sounds that were issuing from his mouth as Sho began to thrust harder and deeper inside him. When the angle changed slightly he couldn’t help mewling loudly as he felt as if an electric current was passing through his body.

“That’s it my love, be as loud as you like.” Sho panted as he continued to repeatedly pound the same spot.

“Un..feels..so g-good.” Jun managed to gasp, almost collapsing onto his face if not for Sho’s strong hands grasping his hips and holding him steady.

Soon, sensing that Jun was close, Sho pulled him more upright against his chest as he began to pump his cock in time with his thrusts, biting down on his shoulder at the same time.

Jun screamed and came without warning, cum fountaining down over Sho’s hand and across the sheets, his body shuddering and convulsing. Sho held him tight as he continued to fuck up into him for another five or six thrusts until he followed, pumping more cum inside him that he would have ever thought possible.

They collapsed together back down onto the bed, both struggling to regain their breath. Sho was feeling an indescribable sense of satisfaction and pride at the sight of his seed trickling down his young husbands thighs.

“I love you, my kitten.” He said, smoothing the sweaty hair away from Jun’s forehead.

“And I love you, my handsome husband.” Jun replied, taking his hand and kissing his fingers one by one, sucking them into his mouth and swirling his tongue around them while staring deep into Sho’s eyes.

Unbelievably Sho felt his spent cock stirring again at the sensation.

Jun noted this with satisfaction as he removed Sho’s finger from his mouth and headed much further down, his tongue seeking the freshly swelling member.

“Remember you promised me that next time we could do it any way I want.” he said eagerly just before taking Sho’s cock into his mouth.


When morning came they both slowly stirred, finding themselves entwined in a warm tangled mess of limbs. Sho had not been wrong to worry about Jun’s sexual awakening and his stamina. They had made love twice more before finding themselves unable to remain awake any longer and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Jun sighed, wincing slightly as he stretched, feeling an unaccustomed pain in his lower back and hips.

“Are you alright, my love?” Sho asked as he rubbed a hand down his husband’s spine.

“Mmmm, just a bit stiff,” Jun replied as he arched his back like a cat, stretching each of his limbs in turn.

Sho was almost embarrassed to find his cock beginning to stiffen at the sight of silken skin stretching over muscles as Jun yawned and flexed his hips in an attempt to loosen the muscles.

Jun wasn’t slow to notice and deliberately arched his back once more, showing off his body to its best advantage as he looked coyly over his shoulder at Sho with inviting eyes.

“No, my kitten, I won’t make love to you again right now. You will be too sore afterwards, your body is unused to it,” Sho said.

Instead of acquiescing to Sho’s wishes Jun seemed to take this as a challenge as he began to rub himself up against Sho’s body, pressing small kisses and nips on any patch of skin that took his fancy. Sho did his best to appear indifferent to Jun’s attack only to be betrayed by his cock as it further stiffened under his young husband’s ministrations.

Jun slid down Sho’s body and licked his cock from base to tip, tracing the prominent vein running along its length before looking at it with a critical eye “I think your manhood would disagree with you my husband,” he said with a teasing laugh.

This was more than Sho could take as with a groan he grabbed Jun and tossed him onto his back amongst the nest of pillows adorning the bed. Jun sighed with pleasure as Sho began a thorough and possessive exploration of his mouth. Sho’s thick erection was poking into Jun’s hip as he sucked lightly on each of his nipples in turn, enjoying the sight of them stiffening under his tongue. Jun mewled in pleasure as he wriggled beneath Sho’s heavier body, ensuring that their lengths ground against each other.

Surrendering to the inevitable Sho flipped Jun over so that their positions were reversed so that Jun was lying prone on top of him. Jun immediately began sucking on the side of Sho’s neck as he recommenced rubbing up against his muscular body. Sho reached out and took up the small bottle of oil and warmed some between his hands before gently slipping the tip of one finger inside Jun’s body.

Preparation didn’t take long as Jun’s muscles were still relaxed from their earlier bouts of lovemaking and soon Jun was gasping and begging for Sho to be inside him.

“Since you seem to be in charge at the moment, this time you can do all the work,” Sho said as he lifted Jun’s hips until he was hovering over his cock which was glistening with the warm oil.

With a gasp Jun slowly lowered himself down, impaling his body on the thick member until he was resting on Sho’s hips.

“Are you in pain? Should we stop?” Sho asked; worried by the wide eyed expression on his husbands face and the way he seemed to be struggling to catch his breath.

“S-so big,” Jun stuttered as he tried to adapt to the feeling of Sho’s cock inside his body; it seemed to go deeper than it had been in the other positions they had tried earlier.

Sho caught up one of Jun’s hands and pressed a soft kiss to the palm “Just relax and breathe sweetheart,” he said encouragingly.

Jun experimentally wriggled his hips, unable to supress a moan leaving his lips as Sho’s hard cock rubbed up against the spot inside him that made him feel warm all over “Oh!” he exclaimed as he tried another movement, clenching tightly around Sho’s length, making him groan in return as he pulled Jun down towards him for lengthy kiss.

Jun tentatively lifted himself upwards slightly and slid back down, gradually increasing the scope of his movements until he was practically dancing on Sho’s lap.

Their bodies moved in a synchronized rhythm as they forgot the outside world, wrapped up as they were in each other, seeking their ultimate pleasure.


Nino hovered outside the bedroom door juggling a large tray filled with breakfast even though the time for that meal had long passed.

He was about to put down the tray and knock when he heard sounds from inside the room filtering through the door.

It certainly seemed that Aiba’s plan had been more than successful as the noises that he could hear the couple making were almost enough to make him blush.

Backing away quietly he decided to take the food back to the kitchen and return some time later with dinner instead, along with a pot of soothing balm that Aiba had left with him before his departure for exactly this use.


Somehow it took six months for Masaki to return to them.

After wandering in the woods for a fortnight he was called to aid a distant township which was suffering from an outbreak of a mysterious disease. This had led to another job which led to another, each one taking him further away from home.

Realizing that he had been gone for too long, he refused the next offer of work and made his way straight back to his cottage. He was surprised to see that it was clean and aired with a fire already made up in the grate, only needing a match to bring warmth back to his little home.

He walked to the main house the next evening to dine with the happy couple, where he discovered that it was Jun and Nino who had ensured that the cottage was ready for his return at all times. Jun felt that he owed his present happiness to Masaki, who had lured him to the lake on that summer’s day, which had led to he and Sho finally becoming as one.

After dinner Masaki stood to one side of the room watching the way that the couple interacted with each other. They had spent most of their time during dinner feeding each other tasty morsels from their own plates and now Jun was looking across the room at his husband with such an adoring expression. He seemed to be lit from within by some rarefied inner glow that made his skin blushingly luminous.

As he noted this Masaki turned to Nino, who as always was lurking nearby in case his master needed anything, saying “Do you have any experience with babies?”

Nino was puzzled but couldn't help being his usual smart mouthed self “If you were planning on trying to get me pregnant I'm afraid it won't work as I'm not a Carrier.”

Aiba’s smile was unreadable “I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about those two.” he said, gesturing towards the other side of the room where Jun was now whispering in Sho's ear while squeezing a plump buttock.

“Jun's not pregnant.” Nino said dismissively.

“It's too soon for it to show, even to Jun, but I can sense a change taking place deep within his body and a special look in his eyes. It will be some time yet before he even suffers any symptoms but I think that we should do our best to look after him even before then,” Aiba said as he ran a hand up Nino’s spine, adding “And about you not being a Carrier, I think the tests may have been wrong, and I would very much like the opportunity to find out.”

Nino could only nod his agreement with a stunned expression; for the first time in his life finding himself lost for words.

Note: Congratulations if you made it this far and thanks for sticking with this story to the end. Next week will be a smutty Juntoshi as purple month celebrations continue. See you then 💜
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